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Messages from our viewers-- Sir, I had enrolled 11 members and forwarded forms and Pay in slips by regd post, the names do not appear in the list so far. Pl confirm receipt of the packet.This was around 10 weeks back. Thanks Wg Cdr Rajeeve Lochan; Dear Sir, Please find attach the IESM membership form. The rank has wrongly shown as Sgt instead of Lt Col. I have transferred Rs 1001.00 on line having reference number 165002989A1 dated 17/06/2009 from my HDFC acct including donation of Rs 501.00. Request confirm correction of rank and fwd Registration number, Please acknowledge. Regards, Lt Col (Retd) S K Roy Lt Col Shakti Kumar Roy; It is good effort.My humble suggestion is we should ask CDA(P) to issue fresh PPOs as was done in the case of th Pay Commission as different banks are interpreting the govt letter differently. For example SBI has not credited the arrears and pension in the case of most officer whose acts are in SBI. Colonel Param Jit Singh; A good beginning.Best wishes for the website! Joy Koruthu; This is a very good interactive site and is good means for all ex servicemen to keep abreast with the activities under the banner of IESM.Let us all work for the rally on 12th April and make it a big success.VK Gandhi Gp Capt VK Gandhi; This is a good beginning. My best wishes for the site to develop into a \'one-stop-destination\' for all matters concerning ESM welfare. Wg Cdr C Ravishankar; It is nice to see own web site which contains more relevant information which are benificial to all Ex service men. Please include more information of all general nature and specific issues which will be help ful for all veterans, as we donot have access to any relevant information after retirement.I wish this maiden venture a great success and hope and appeal that each one of us to become a part of it.regards and keep going.ic 40475 M Maj C Bhaskaran MAJOR (RETD) C BHASKARAN; please change my Email ID shown in my previous message. MAJ (RETD) C BHASKARAN; It is a very good effort. I wish the IESM should grow and reach two million members by the end of this year 2009. My sincere appreciation for your all out efforts to unite the under one umbrella. We will definitely achieve our demand OROP. May God bless all the team members of IESM. Ex.Sgt. C.Muthukrishnan; I as Sr.Vice President All India Defence Brotherhood MOHALI here by request all the veterans of India to join the IESM for the protuction of our rights which are being curtailed by the Babu\'s (IAS)Thanks SGT JAGDIP SINGH; Excellent initiative by IESM.May I take opportunity to appeal all visitors to inform about activities and programmes of IESM to all known ESM and encourage to join the movement. JWO RB Singh; I am happy to know the formation of the IESM. Congratulations. IESL has failed to achieve the objects and has become a non effective. I suggest that IESM should welcome all the large or small associations functioning in India and go formation of the State Units. The agitation mmust be conducted in all the State and Districts. Welcome all the Associations to join the movement except IESL.I am the founder National Ex-servicemen Co-ordination Committee and now the General Secretary of Mili Ex Hav/Clk ASC (SD) P.V. RAMACHANDRAN; CONGRATULATION, IESMIT IS VERY GOOD EFFORT AND I WISH IESM SHOULD GROW WITH FLYING COLOURS. IESM MEMBERS SHOULD INFROM THE POLICY AND GREAT CAUSE OROP TO ALL ESM ATCSD CANTEEN, ECHS POLYCLINICS AND ZILA SAINIK BOARDS, WHERE LARGE NUMBER OF ESMS ARE VISITING. THANKS EX SGT LALIT BHARDWAJ; FOR K.A.OF GEN R KADYAN, CHAIRMAN Sir, Congratulations on the successful conduct of the Maha Rally on 12 Apr 09, which I did attend and got myself registered. Sir, my suggestion to you is for having an IESM Flag which should flutter on all future rallies/events and which will eventually enhance the members commitment towards the organisation and the banner. Subsequently we can add on lapel badges as well. Best Wishes to you and the IESM. Lt Col Narendra Behl; Kudos to the Executive Committee. What was unthinkable about 6 months before, has happened in the last few weeks. Pray God gives best health and happiness to all members of the EC. Lt Col(retd) GV Sreedhar; By well est principles and universally accepted parameters, :- The majority,Public opinion,The best possible decision/action,Right approach &action and Wisdom are with IESM. I,totally support everything done by IESM ,particularly \"advisory on voting\" & \"return/deposit of Medals\". In any human activity there would be voice of dissent -that should not effect IESM. Col A B G REDDY; Dear Sir, Ihad forwarded Rs 500/- as membership fee on 09 April,09 to Col Rajan, at Bangalore by post.The four forms were duly filled up.I am yet to recieve the acknowledgement.Kindly confirm the receipt as the cheque sent was payable at par by ICICI Bank.If already acknowledged ,please ignore this message and fwd the membership number. Thanks J Ramaswamy (12866) Gp Capt J Ramaswamy; Participation of IESM(in multiples of millions) as citizens , in democratic processes-political activity is in National interest besides legitimate welfare activities of OROP,parity and Ijjat. Col A B G REDDY; Should pre-2006 Defence pensioners expect to get revised PPOs from PCDA(PENSION)in due course with endorsement of family pension therein Lt COl (T.S.) Manjit Singh Khurana; It follows that the Commissioned Officers should also get the benefits of pay parity of OROP concept b\'coz they have immensely contributed to the struggle. Naik Balakrishna; We are small group of around 30 ex-servicemen in the out skrit of Mumbai(Uran Area)and would like to join and support the IESM. Please advise how to go about. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; Wg Cdr (retd) Sridhar Y S wants to join the Military veterans group. Can an invite be sent to him? He will become a member of IESM as well. Wg Cdr (retd) CAV Murthy; Well Done IESM! I would like to make IESM international. I would like to open an office of IESM in North America in USA.The goal will be to network all Ex defense personals in North America & create a support for the main movement of IESM in India. Major Gurjeet Singh; Dear Sir, While scrolling down the membership list I came accross following entry--\"Life Membership NK BAWINDAR KAUR WIDOW OF NARINDAR KOUR Army MECK-26 \" The particulars need checking for correct entry Brigadier C P JOSHI; Sir, Please intimate how to check the list of members as some of the JCO/OR\'s are enquiring and awaiting their receipts also since long time. Regards Lt. CDR BAL RAM; I feel that the site is good but could you consider the following 1.We should have a short form only for those who wish to donate having become members already.I for one may like to donate once some cash actually comes my way. 2.Cab we have a querry link so that one can download list of members either state/Town/Service wise Cdr R W Pathak; Dear Sir The members list on site is very muchoutdated.I understand the task is huge but may be outsourcing to a few of us would be possible.I do not mind doing a few data entry for the IESM if application details are mailed to me.Even me who has sent so many applications is not on the list Cdr R W Pathak; I did not find my name among the LIFE MEMBERS even though I became a LM almost in the begining. I wonder if my membership is hidden between serial numbers 45 to 100 among Life Memebers, not reflected in the table herein? Commodore Anil Kumar Dhir; Many of the names of members from Tamilnadu are not in the List of Life Members. What action is required to be taken? Col TN Raman; Today, I registered myself online. while doing so I noticed that the Rank coloumn has commaon ranks of three services hence I also selected my rank as CPO but when I saw the list of members they were having the actual rank instead of common rank. I suggest that we should have one option at the bottom to select the actual rank one held as PBOR for better clarity Master-At-Arms IB Singh; A friend had sent me an artical, which I found to be interesting and full of information. We need to organise ourselves into a potent force. Regards Col(Retd) DK Chandhok; this site must have a chat box where discutions can be done and information can be interchanged. sergeant lokesh gahlot; Today only I came to know about this website through Indian Express News paper. I will register through online soon. I am very happy that now all of us are together as a family to help each other and as a whole to support the Nation. Ex-Sgt Prasantha Kumar; Dear Sir,Along with my registered post for membership,I enclosed another draft alongwith membership form for H/Capt Uthaman A.From the site I could find my membership no.008953L.What about another one.I asked about the same but no response from u so far.Shall we forgotten the basics to answer such mail.Is anybody responsible for members submit. With regards MAJOR SUSEELAN K; Sir, I am a Ex-Service men worked for Indian Navy During 1974-1985, retired on completion of bond tennure, then i didnot get permanent solution with the Govt,& come out with out Pension suport from Defence, presently with childerns care living at Pune, I will be greatful if you can get me benefits of retirement as Ex-Servicemen from the defence services for my livelyhood. regards Leading Seamen(India Anjaneyulu Talluri; I have sent a number of membership applications, including mine. I do not find the names in the membership lists. Col NK CHAUDHRY; i wish good luck to new govt and hope it will solve our problems sub maj kc tripathi; Girte hain shah spwar hi maidan-e-jung mein. Woh kufar kya girenge jo ghutno ke bal chale. keep it up Col Yogi; I just wonder as to why there is a long list of unconfirmed members ? What is required to convert from so called \"unconfirmed \" member to \"confirmed \" category ? Wg Cdr (Retd) Sushil Kumar Sudan; When trying check my record oone gets the message please enter your full name corrctly.The question is is it surname first or on any sequence? After Login i am not able to view members.When it is under Members area one should be able to see the list. Similarly if View feed back is under members Area one should be able to see the feed members area are not yet useable and they are not in RED. For checking ones record there are two links on under Members area which says\'Search Your Rec Cdr Ravindra W Pathak; iesm is the necessity of the veteransof the time. congratulations to the founders. We must now act fast since the new govern,ment has sat on the chair with the support of our votes also. the veterans community have been devided into many pieces and as elephant we do not know our own strength. I am the President of Military Pensioners Association Kozhikode and we had once advanced an option to other associations to frame a common platform to voice our demands. No other organisations had them H/Capt (Retd) K Velayudhan; I have paid the sum of Rs.2000/= into the IESM account in HDFC bank through their branch at sarjapur Road Bangalore and the same has been debited from my account. This was on 22 dec.2008 as soon as the jantar Mantar Rally commenced. I informed Gen Satbir through his Mail ID. To this date I have not recieved any Menbership number nor reply. please do the needful to confirm my membership. W.Cdr V.Sampath; Unable to view list of members evan after following procedure given in the web site. Please advice. Wg.Cdr. V.Sampath; Now the elections are over and we must thank our core committee who worked to bring us togather. In my view there are number of laws governing the rule of pension for PBOR and authorities are contradicting their own say. I have been corresponding with MOD last from two year and even asked information under RTI for waiving the condition of 10 months in the last rank held for pension benefit of last rank for pre-96 pensioner and retaining the same condition for post- 96 and furhter now the pensio Master-At-Arms IB Singh; ( Contineous of above comment)Now the pension for those who retired post-2006 will be calculated on the basis of last pay drawn. I want to send my documents to support our say. please advise whom i should address. same time i request that we must invite other members also if they have evidences to prove disparity in pension and collectively put with the reasoning. this will help if we are taking legal process process in future. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; ( Contineous of above comment)Now the pension for those who retired post-2006 will be calculated on the basis of last pay drawn. I want to send my documents to support our say. please advise whom i should address. same time i request that we must invite other members also if they have evidences to prove disparity in pension and collectively put with the reasoning. this will help if we are taking legal process process in future. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; I am IC-17560H Lt Col(retd) GV Sreedhar. I sent my application for Membership on 13th Mar 2009 along with Pay-in-slip zerox of HDFC Bank(Bangalore JP Nagar Branch) direct transfer receipt for amount RS/-500.00 by registered post. Receipt of the same was signed on 18th Mar 09 and received by me on 22Mar09. I donot find my name in the list of Members. Lt Col GV Sreedhar; It is suggested that whereever surname is listed before the first name of a member, a comma ( , ) must be inserted after the surname. E.g. in my case it should be \"Grewal, Kirpal Singh\". Also \"Singh\" should not be treated as surname unless preceded by initials only, such as \"S. K. Singh\". This will ensure uniformity in the members list for search and sort operations. Thanks. Brig Kirpal Singh Grewal; Dear Sir, I enrolled as a life member at Jantar Mantar site in Jan 2009(Cheque No 595865 ICICI Bank,Cashed on 24/01/09).I donot find my name in your list. COL T R BHATIA; Respected Sir, We wish to introduce our organisation. We at Creative Placement are working exclusively for ESM resettlement. Our Creative Computers is empaneeled Institue with DGR - MOD - Govt Of India since 1994. We wish to have a meeeting with your Chairman for the resettlement of ESM. We offer 100% FREE Service to ESM. Hope to hear from you. Thank you Dhiraj Dharod - Director Creative Placement Web Site : Civilian Dhiraj Dharod; how do i locate my name in the list.Is there any order in which the names appear colonel n.viswanathan; I joined on 26Dec08,paid vide Axis Bank,amount Rs 5000(five thousand only).My name is not there in members list. Cdr N S Chauhan; 1.Please add Signals against my name at Army Ser 79 sheet 2.Listing may be done as per rank for fast search Col Malaiappan K; dear sirs, pension payment of officers has been increased but the the pension payment of ORS not yet , what is the progress on this behalf, kindly inform. thankyou h capt B. B. BHATT s/m. h capt b b bhatt; Excellent, it is a goog idea to open site for editing their own data themselves. But I find that it is not fully functional and I could not updaye my data/rofile. my nahe in members list figures at two places i.e. wti id no. 0000036L having name JWO RB Singh and other without any no. with name JWO Rajbahadur Singh. I tried to edit but could not. Further, if possible one more column may be added to post present Status (in case of re-employed veterans) which will be usefull in integrating all vete JWO RB Singh; I do not see my name in the members\' list !!Also, on page 4 of Navy members list, I see a Gp Capt Behl. Is he a Capt or should he be moved to IAF list ??Regards..........K K Punchhi Cdr K K Punchhi; My name does not appear in the list>Cant find membership NumberDohelp Brig.(retd) M L MEHRA; Dear Sir, I had applied for membership of IESM in Jan 2009. I had deposited a sum of Rs 5000/- in HDFC bank A/c no- 06162000001330 on 27th Jan 2009 in BRS Nagar, Ludhiana Branch. Also I had sent an application duly filled to your Gurgaon address. Rs500/- was requested to be adjusted against my life membership fee whilst Rs4500/- was donation made by me to the IESM. To my dismay I find that my name has not yet appeared in the member ship list. Moreover, since I do not have the login ID I am COLONEL DEVINDER ; IESM wesite is under development .Kindly bear with us for few more days. jwo hg ingh; Please update and post online the list of members with contact details. It shall also help us to find our old collegues. List of articles/MOU of the IESM may please be made available on line. Lt ColRetd) sk sharma; I find a duplication in my membership details with two IDs as under: ID 628 Col K MOHANDAS CHITTUR/Palakkad ID 1904 Col Mohandas K Palakkad I am based at CHITTUR?Palakkad and to the best of my knowledge there is no ther retired Col with the name K Mohandas at Palakkad. You may recheck and correct. Regards, Mohan Col K Mohandas; Ref my comment in guest book in 17/06/09.Confirmation regarding correction of Rank awaited.Regards,///22/06/09.. Lt Col shakti kumar roy; My rank has been shown as Cmde Please have it corrected as Air Cmde. Will be obliged for a confirmation... Air Cmde JNP Bhatt; Adm Ghosh has talked about IESM Presetation.It would be good if this/draft could be put on this website for all to see.We hope the issue of disparity in rates of Disablity pension of pre2006 retirees is included,there will be no second time for projecting this as being contemplated by some core gp members.This is very much a substantive OROP issue & not an anomoly!! brig as kahlon; Sir I am active member of IESM and also volinteer of ELEN education Trust. Sir Tremendous, illegal act has been done by banks by denial of ex serviceman quota after written and interviewin OBC and IOB exam to me and other ex men.Sir something to be done other wise fate and futture of ex men not safe. What the Resettlement board is doing I can understand. sgt MANOJ KUMAR; As mentioned by Brig Kahlon Sahaab, about disparity in disablity pension. I also request our core gp to kindly consider in the presentation the anomoly of holding rank for 10 month in the last rank. Maximum Airforce and Naval personnel retired as PBOR are effected. For post-2006 retirees PPO are revised based on last pay drawn. Whereas for pre-2006 retires condition of holding rank for 10 month still exist. Hence many PBOR are not getting pension of last rank. I request that it should be include Master-At-Arms IB Singh; Membership No is still awaited. Expedite Lt Col Xavier PA; Views of Col K Jespal as put on web on 8 jun-paras 1 to 35 , needs to be persued by org/ass ,i e by IESM.We should not leave it to individuals to persue ,as it happened in past by NAKRA,DHANAPALAN,Maj Gen case..etc. Enforcement/implementation of LAW OF LAND already pronounced in regards to OROP by diverse approaches and methods such as APEALS,PERSUATIONS,MEDIA PUBLICITY,AGITATIONS,PROTESTS,POLITICAL ACTIVISM....AND JUDICIAL APPROACH should continue. Lt Col A B G REDDY; I had sent a substantial amount of contribution amounting to over Rs 10,000/.No repeat NO receipt or acknowledgement has been received.Also the Membership acceptance and details have NOT been received till date.Request an EARLY response and action. Maj General JS Talwar,AVSM,Retd; My record shows Rs 2000.00 as membership fee.It should read Rs 500.00.Rs 2000.00 was remitted as donation amount in addition.There is NO response to emails addressed to Maj Gens ,Satbir singh & PK Renjen in this regard.How long would it take to get membership number allocation? I had registerd on line on 05 May,2009. Wg Cd (Retd) Sudan Sushil Kumar; My application for life membership was forwarded through AIR FORCE ASSN PALAKKAD. But, I don\'t find my name under air force list. Could you clarify? SERGEANT R.R.UNNI; I enrolled myself as a member vide my application dt 22 Dec 2008(IESM membership form submitted in manuscript); enclosed a chq No 275294 Dt 22 Dec 2008 for Rs 500/- drawn on SBI Defence Colony N Delhi 110024 May I pls have my id no/Regd Number etc as I am unable to locate the same on your website. Thanks Lt COl (T.S.) Manjit singh Khurana; All the members are requested to login and see their profile detail in member area. JWO HG SINGH; IESM should fwd their paper on OROP to all -COS,cab secy,RM,PM,PRES ...etc with endorsement that those auth nominated by the Govt have not called IESM in those meetings and they have not heared you. Later , we have the justification for blaming those for doing anything short of OROP and cotinuation of the agitation. heared IESM Lt Col-retd A B G Reddy; OROP is well explained in the land mark recent judgement of supreme court, hence there shall not be any thing more or less. it is fight for principle or values. Now is the time to remian united. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; It is recommended that the lists of members could be published in spread sheet format(windows/open office) state wise. This will facilitate mutual contact and interaction with members.Also this will help in bringing in more members who can help and assist the org in many ways. Col RP Gopalan; Have twice earlier queried about the confirmation of the receipt of membership fee of Rs 500/- paid on 13 Aug in Noida & of the contribution of Rs 5000to Maj Gen Satbir but till date have yet to receive any response. The members\' details showed only Rs 200/- against my name. Would appreciate a confirmation of both amounts. Maj Gen Inderjit Kashyap; Dear Sir, under \"Login\" I have registered number of times. The message I get is that registered successfully but after that whenever I try to log in it says Id or password incorrect try again. This time I noted both things in my diary and inspite that it says Id or password in correct pl retry. Pl solve the problem Wg Cdr Rajeeve Lochan; Dear Sir, I read with great satisfaction the effort by ECHS Cell towards streamlining the ECHS procedures. Towards this I feel the policy decisions taken at the meeting are over delayed in promulgating down to Polyclinics. For example the reimbursement of NA medicines is yet to reach down the line. This may please be sorted out in next meeting with ECHS HQ.In addition Polyclinic at Jabalpur MP is not even aware of forming of ESM committee to oversee smooth functioning of Polyclinic.Can we h Lt Col Madan M Sharma ; Sir,I had send a life membership form along with DD for Rs:500/- on 22 May 09. Till date no information received. Sqn Ldr M Abdul Rahim; I do not find my name in the list of registered members. I had personally given a cheque for Rs 500/- to Maj Gen Satbir Singh at his residence in Sector 23. This was around the time the first lot of medals was deposited. Kindly check if my name is there. I may be intimated the ID, if my name has been registered. Maj Gen VK Singh; Nothing to celebrate on FM budget speech about OROP for PBORs (not clear what he had understood with OROP)and leaving Officers. This is old Divide & Rule Theory. We should not allow these tactics to succeed and stand unitidly against this. Jai Hind. Ex- JWO RB Singh; I am confused with the statement made by FM, As stated in his speech that all pre-97 will be brought at par with post-97 and all pre-2006 retirees with post-2006. Enhance pension will be effective from July 09. If all pre-2006 retirees will be brought at par with post-2006 retirees and there is no arrear of pension than why specific mention of pre-97 to post- 97 and again pre-2006 to post-2006. It should be only all pre-2006 retirees will be brought at par with post-2006 retirees. This is very Master-At-Arms IB Singh; As two earlier views expressed,there is nothing of OROP in that sp by FM -it is evade,confuse,deceive,devide and rule.It was out of compulsion after SC judgement. Therefore,awake-unite and arise . focus on issues and standup united. Lt Col Bala; Sir In the budget speech FM has mentioned the OROP scheme only about PBOR at the cost of 2100 crores. The same was reported in the news papers too. What about the officers? rajnath Lt col(retd) Rajnath Kumar; Sir, I intend to become life member of the IESM, I shall be much thankfull,if you be kind enough to intimate me application form or Website to download the form, Thanking you sir, Ex Hony S/LT(MCPOR(T Bachan Nagiyal; Kindly include the Date of commission/ enrollment in the Membership application Form. Colonel Raman TN; Dear Sir i have registered online. I am neither able to view my record nor able to log in after having created userID through the website. Yoy are requested to intimate user ID and log in details for email also. Thanking you. Major Subhash Chand Sharma; i have seen few mails from the officers asking to be united only to officers. we all ESM are togather for this cause and there are enormeous annomolies in the case of PBORs also. we must fight togather for this common cause of OROP till implemented accross all ranks also request our core committee to invite suggestion where the conditions are contradicting even in the same rank. I quote few example as army has system of Hon. Nb subedar promotion system which is not in other services. post-2006 Master-At-Arms IB Singh; u have achieved a very gud result for our veterans but ther govt it seems have not accepted our demand of OROP. means still we have to go little more. let us not sleep on it H/Capt K Velayudhan; The near OROP for JCOs & ORs have been accepted and announced in the Finance Bill for 2009 -2010. What about the same for the officers? There seem to be no comment form the IESM nor from any of the other service Foundations and org. How it is perceived and what action plan for the next level, have not been posted at all by any of the leaders or the IESMovement. Has the Movement lost its gas? Can somebody please let us know what is the next action being planned? Col Shiv Rana; My id No. is 2139. and deposited membership fee in HDFC on 9-6-09. (No receipt No. available). No membership details are received. Kindly check at your own time with regards Unni Tharakkal JWO Easwaran Unni; Can I have the list of Members from Tamilnadu? Col Raman TN; The date of Commission/ Enrollment is NA in the Application Form published in the WEB. I am NOT refering to on line Registration. Col TN Raman; It will be a great welfare site for IESM Sub Maj Mohmad Shafi; Iam proud to inform you ,ibecame a member in IESM ,and efferts onto encrese the strength of IESM members from PALAKKAD KERALA under the leadership of sqn ldr RAJAN wo K chandrasekharan; Dear Sir, G of I , M of D Depa/Department of exserviceman welfare letter No. 1(8) /2008D (Pen/Policy) dated 12 June 09 provides for notional fixation of pay for the purpose of pention only for Hon ranks given to Havildars to Hon rank of Naib Sub which is a welcome and highly appreciated decision. A similar provision notional fixation for the purpose of pension only could have been made in the case of a subadar granted Hon rank of sub Maj, a sub Maj granted Hon rank of Hon Lt, and Hon Lt grant Sub Maj/Hon Lt. A.Unni Krishnan Nair; Sir, As mentioned above by Sub Maj/Hon. Lt AU Krinshnan Nair, I would like to know why this facility of honorary promotion from Hav to Hon Nb Subedar does not exist in the Navy and Airforce or the provision of this regulations are kept isolation by the Naval and Airforce authorities. There are number of ESM who are not getting pension of the rank they retired who has not completed 10 month of service in the last rank. In addition the pension of present retirees are consider on the basis of the Master-At-Arms IB Singh; (in continuation of above comment) last pension drawn. Therefore by system itself the present retirees are taken care of last pension previllages. In the context of present condition where we are fighting of OROP some of the ESM from Navy and Airforce are not even getting the pension of the last rank they served. I request core committee to kindly take up this issue in the interest of PBOR who are deprived of their legitimate right. I have raised this issue in my previous comments also. I hop Master-At-Arms IB Singh; I am unable to check my record even after clicking \" Check your Record\" How can I overcome this problem? I registered myself as a life member through Col T N Raman, State Convenor, Tamil Nadu Lt Col R Subramanian; Dear Sir, with reference to the remarks by Master at Arms IB Singh it is mentioned that in the Vith Pay commission the rank for the purpose of pension means the rank last held and not the rank in which pensioned. it should be clear now. Sub Maj/Hon Lt A. Unnikrishnan Nair; sir, Further to my earlier comment on the view expressed by Master At Arms IB singh Please refer to Note 1 of annexure 3 to G of I M Of D letter no, 17(4)2008(1)/D/(Pen/Policy) dated 11 Nov 2008 refers to para 16.3 which reads\" Rank means rank last held and not he rank for which pensioned\". So contention of Master at arms IB singh that personnel are not getting pension for last rank held by them is not according to pension policy. Sub Maj/Hon Lt A. Unnikrishnan Nair; My date of commission is 30 Aug 1964. Kindly enter this in my profile Secondly, membership no has not been received. Thirdly, how to check my record without logging in? Lt Col R Subramanian; I express sincere thanks for the views of above comment. My simple querry is all pre-2006 pensioners are entitle for pension of last rank only if he hold that rank for 10 month prior to retirement, weather the same condition is applicable to those who are retiring post-2006. I have seen PPO of post-2006 retirees based on the last rank held only for 4 months. i simply request weather the condition of holding 10 month exist for post-2006 pensioners. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; As outlined by H Lt Nair Sahaab, Note 1 of above letter is with reference to family pension only. MOD letter 17/(4)2008(2)D(pen/Policy) dt 12/11/08 for post-06 Table at para 3.1 calulate pension on the basis of last pay drawn. but the condition of post-2006 for retaining the period of holding 10 months in the last rank is not waived off. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; It is seen that some members appear twice on the list.May be a recheck would bring out this.For instance Lt Cdr D M Purohit has two ID\'s Cdr Ravindra Pathak; 1.After Login when i access my profile it is showing profile of Lt Col Y R Puri. 2.Refer my feedback earlier.There are double entires for many members. Cdr Pathak R W; Please read parac (c) of the latest blog on OROP by Maj Navdeep on Lt Col (Retd) Sandeep Pandit; A draft of Rs. 500.00 towards my membership fee sent on 06 July 09 but I have not received any acknowledgement or membership card. Lt Col Ranjit Sinha; Am unable to login even after fresh signing up thus the membership record cannot be checked. Recommend this link be checked for its functioning Maj Gen Inderjit Kashyap; My name is spelt wrongly in the members list My correct name is NARAYANAN and not repeat not NAYAYANAN my email id is also wrongly shown correct e mail id is kindly do the needful BRIGADIER NARAYANAN V A; My Mem.No. is NOT visible in view mem.categorywise gP.CAPT. `J.Sivaraman; Dear Sir, 1..Kindly check my membership number Website is giving my membership number as AFGP.CAPTKAR00 2.Kindly confirm at my email id if this membership number is correct or not? Thanking you, Regards, JSBhinder Gp.Capt.(Retd) Gp.Capt. JSBhinder; I tried to check my membership details but despite entering my name in various forms, could not check the details. pl advise. Lt Gen SK Bahri; My name is not in the list. I became member on 13 Aug, 2008 at NOIDA. regards IC 6834, Col Shivraj Kumar Signals COL SHIVRAJ; I loggedin but when I wanted to view my profile it is showing blank format with no information. Please let me know when all info is likely to be updated so that I can view and edit my profile if required. Thank you Col T N Baba; Sir, my name is spelt incorrectly in the members list. My ESM membership number is AF1-KA002576L. My name is spelt MOHALANOBISH. Could that be corrected ? Wg Cdr US Mohalanobish; Dear Friends, After registering in I could not sign in with the same user name & id? My Particulars in the list of members are correct. Thank you and God bless you. Love,regards & best wishes. Jugal Lt.Col. J.K.Barry; Refer remarks of Maj Gen Talwar.His membership details are 1540 AY1HAR001540L Maj Gen Talwar JS Panchkula .He should see the site after login Cdr Ravindra Pathak; I do not find my name in the list of members. I had given a cheque of Rs 500 personally to Gen Satbir in his house many months ago. It was around the time we returned the first lot of medals. If required, I can get the details from by bank. Maj Gen VK Singh; I am not able to log in although I have given my correct user name narayananva and correct password BRIGADIER V A Narayanan; Sir, I am already a member. I am trying to check my records at the web site but i am not able toaccess it beyond where i am asked to fill my name and there after i amm asked to select id , Army number and name but it does not respond. Kindly advice as to how to check my records. Regards Lt Col(Retd) SC Bali, SM; I am widow of Spr KPS Tomer got my family pension last year but till now I did not get Insurance of my late husband. Can you help me? 1471459 SAVITA W/O kRISHANPAL SINGH TO; I am widow of Spr KPS Tomer got my family pension last year but till now I did not get Insurance of my late husband. Can you help me? 1471459 SAVITA W/O kRISHANPAL SINGH TO; Dear Sir, I am widow of Spr KPS Tomer got my family pension last year from PCDA Meerut but till now I did not get Insurance of my late husband. Can you help me? Thanks Yours truly 1471459 SAVITA W/O kRISHANPAL SINGH TO; I just now verified the list of members. I find that my name is not found in any of the alphabetical lists of the Army--- Rao, Gadepally kameswara. or Rao GK, or Kameswara Rao,G, or Rao G Kameswara, or Gadepally Kameswara Rao, or iany other form. My personal No. is MR 03194Y. I had sent a bank draft for Rs 500 life membership quite a few months back along with the application form. In fact Brig M JayaRao--ser No 161 membership No AYBRIG.AND0001,MR 01919, Secunderabad Army , had applied a l Lt Col G.Kameswara Rao; I had send the Life membership Form with DD for Rs:500 on 23 May 09.Till date no response from IESM Sqn Ldr(Retd) M Abdul Rahim; Ref 1033 AY1UTT001033LKindly amend Personal No to read;IC 12806 Col NK CHAUDHRY; While checking my membership details online, I have found the following discrepancies :- Amount deposited is 500/- Against ID 3499, Payment details are not shown, wehereas I had keyed-in as thru SBI vIDYARANYAPURA Bangalore 560014 Electronic Transfer vide UTR SBINH 09222736176 dayed 10 Aug 09 Wg. Cdr. SACHAR VED PARKASH; My date of birth is 13 feb 1938 I am not able to update same n my profile kindly update BRIGADIER V A Narayanan; Kindly allot the membership no., membership sbscription of 500/- has been remitted to-day thru SBI VIDYARANYAPURA, BANGALORE 560097, THRU ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSER AND THE DETAILS SENT TO YOU. THANKX WG.cdr. sachar ved parkash; I am yet to be alloted a membership no though i have paid the subscrption fees & alos a deposit.I did receive an email from Gen Renjen regarding some queries.though i had answered the quey, i find no follow up action there after.The way many people\'s queries indicate. the memebrship registartion process need improvemnet Col VT Venkatesh; Hello Sir! I had requested for opening a \'Cell\' for helping the old veterns e.g. veterns of World War II vintage etc. My mail was acknowledged by Brig Kamboj yesterday i.e. originated at 10.20 PM on 10 Aug 09. Could you please confirm whether the request is under consideraion and whats\' the likelyhood of this request being agreed to? Thanks, Wg Cdr S.C. Bhutani (Retd). Wg Cdr S.C. Bhutani; I was info that pay scale of re-employed offrs (Post 6th PC)is available on this site,however I could not find. Could you please guide me on the sbject? Thanks & regards Col Pramod Kumar; Since I am living in US,would like join IESM how do I deposit and what amount in dollers to HDFC bank,Thanks Sergeant Ram N.Sajnani; sir, i have registered in IESM in the month of feb 09, when i was in delhi visit. can i confirm my registeration if pls send me my id by Email .what am i next to do 4 IESM>. Ex POME melbin xavier; sir, i have registered in IESM in the month of feb 09, when i was in delhi visit. can i confirm my registeration if pls send me my id by Email .what am i next to do 4 IESM>. Ex POME melbin xavier; What is the total membership of IESM. Break up by services and officers/JCO\'s/OR\'s be furnished? Brigadier R K Mehta; I always poen and see the in box of my mail and finds the details of calculation of pension is always given or circulated for officers only.There are PBOR\'S Also who need this.Who Will...??? Sgt (Retd) I.A.F. Jagdip Singh Sr,VP. AIDB Mohal; i want details about one rank one pay latest news.i was refered in podhikai tv.sent me feedback nk sankarraj .R; I have seen a mail where it is mentioned that banks have been instructed to accept voters ID card as proof of age for pensioners above 80 years of age. I see no necessity of this as your date of birth is mentioned in your PPO. If I remember correctly the mail has ben sent by Maj Gen Renjen. Kindly elucidate Col VK Diddee; Unable to login, even after registering. Unable to know availability of username and no of charactors required for password. Also no official news, latest status, about one rank one pansion availsble in the site. Site is responding too slow. No memership no received or visible in the site, username can be the unique mambership no. expect reply to mail id. Sgt Manoj Kumar VA; IESM IS SURELY GROWING DAY BY DAY. I AM CONFIDENT IESM WILL TAKE THE LEAD ONE DAY FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL EX-SERVICE COMMUNITY OF THIS COUNTRY. KINDLY TRY AT THE EARLIEST TO GET RECOGNISED BY THE GOVT/MOD SO THAT WE CAN SEND OUR MEMBERS TO ALL THE FORUMS WHERE EX-SERVICEMEN MATTERS ARE TAKEN PLACE TO GET OUR DUES CORRECTLY. WITH WARM WISHES SGT SRINIVASAN R; I had sent the membership form along with SBI ,Ridge Rd,Jabalpur cheque No 523382 for Rs 500/-in Dec 2008. The amount has also been debited from my acct on 02 Jan 2009.I ,however,could not find my name in the list of members recently put up on your portal.I am fully aware of the constraints under which you work without any staff to help you ,so I only request that some one goes thro\' the records and corrects the omission that has taken place.Rgds,IC-29986 Lt Col DS Walia (Retd)Signals, Lt Col (Retd) DS Walia; There is another website:; whats the difference/similarity between the two. At times, I find myself on the wrong site for looking what I need and I cant find then. Wg Cdr Raj Kumar Poonia; This is great beginning , I am looking forward to greater heights of this forum. This will not only bring us together but also will build the nation even after our retirement from the Armed forces through us. I would like to say my thanks and best wishes to the team who had this inspiration of moving towards this cause of EX Servicemen EX SGT P.Thomas; In my personal opinion, the registration could be made free and donations asked for specific events or for expenditures incurred. As it is there are enough number of forums which are claiming to represent ex-servicemen. Some of them are competing with each other instead of working together. There are internal conflicts too in some of the forums because of personality or ego clashes. Wishing you all the Best to succeed in your efforts. Thomas Wg Cdr (Retd) Thomas Verghese; I am the President of Military Pensioners Association which is at Kozhikode in Kerala. We are helping veterans to sort out their post retirement problems to maximum extent. All veterans can contactr us our Tele No 0495-2725508. We have experienced staff to do it. All veterans can contact on the above number. Our moto is SERVICE TO VETERANS at their expense H/Capt (Retd) K Velayudhan (Retd); Dear Sir, I have come to know of this site very late. However i am following the activities of IESM through TV and other media. I am planning to attend the 30-8-09 veterans meet. wish the event every success. Regards. Suri Leading Aircraftsman sriramamurthy suri; sir, today I have been deposite of membership fee in HDFC Bank sarjapur bangalore branch code-354,Iex-Hav mahendra kumar already filled the form on line pl necessary action hav mahendra kumar; Hello Gen /Hi! Navdeep-What is the LOGIC behind OROP? When OLD PENSIONERS are getting PRESENT DA, MSP, then How can they DEMAND PRESENT DAY BASIC PAY? 26 Aug 09, 09:48 Red Indian: Hi! Navdeep - What is RATIONALE behind OROP? When PENSIONERS are getting CURRENT DA, MSP, How can OLD BASIC PAY can be equated to PRESENT BASIC PAY ? Col Red Indian; Respected si, you have not alloted the id no,we have deposited the membership fee by have also confirm it. thank you sir hav mahendra kumar; I am keen to be part of this movement. Can i deposit the subscription of Rs 200/- directly in IESM Acct as given in the site writing my name etc on the back side of the cheque. This will save time and cost of courier. The account details as given in the site are :- Indian Ex Servicemen Movement(IESM)Account No: 06162000001330Name of Bank: HDFC Bank, Palam Vihar BranchBank Code:110240109IFSC Code No: HDFC confirm. I reside in Ghaziabad and work in Noida.RegardsPr sub prem goswami; SIR, I would like to draw your kind attention,that police sub inspector and commissioned officer with three year service exp. for same post can be offered one of the post advertised by ITDC ie intention of this issue is that comm. offr. status parallel to si of police. CHAM (CPO) aryaprakash awasthi; For wide circulation Dear All, Natural therapy for heart vein opening Please pass it to your colleagues or friends. For Heart Vein opening 1) Lemon juice 01 cup 2) Ginger juice 01 cup 3) Garlic juice 01 cup 4) Apple vinegar 01 cup Mix all above and boil in light flame approximately half hour, when it becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it for cooling. After cool CHAM (CPO) Arya prakash; sir, my father who is also retired from ary is not getting intital of above 80 year binifit due to not mention of date of birth in pension book only age at the time of joining army. kindy let us know about further procedure. thans nk jasbir singh gandhi; I do not find my name in the members list.I had sent my enrolment form and the cheque to Gen Kadyan and even read my name in a mail as an enrolled member. Lt Gen R I S Kahlon; I was retired from Corps of EME on 01 Oct 2008. Till date I have not recieved any arrear of pay not even 40% arrear. Ex man from Signal, Armd, Inf and all other Arms and Services get first istallment of arrear in Apr May 2009 and now they are awaiting for second installment. Govt has announced that second installment will be paid in the month of Sep 09. Till date Ex man from EME have not recieved even first installment. You are requested to take up a case with EME Records to forward both install Hony Sub Maj Ravinder Kumar; what is in brief of OROP decision of the government announced by Finance minister on 6th July09 ? what a MWO is expected under the new announced ? Master warrant offic MK Gangadharan; Membership Fee of Rs.500/-deposited in I E S M Account vide Cheque No 239237 dated 13 Aug 2009 and responded by I E S M Team same day by e-mail. Req issue me Membership/Registration NO. Very best wishes for I E S M Team . Wg Cdr (Retd) H C Vidyarthi Wg Cdr H C VIDYARTHI; Request contact details of Col IJS Lamba, EME (Retd), IESM Membership no 3416. We were college mates. I am a LM(AF1KAR000020L) Wg Cdr Ravi Mani; Dear Sir, Is IESM is having any office in Kerala. If so, please give me the address. Or any plan to open office in Kerala? regards Moses HM JWO Moses HM; The problem that I was having wrt the login has been resolved by informing me of the login ID & Password. Thank U so very much, I have updated my profile by completing colns that hadn\'t been filled up. Maj Gen Inderjit Kashyap; Financial Rules/Regulations are missing from the provisions/particulars detailed on the web under \"Rules\", or any other link for that matter . If there are such rules these should be available to members on the web-site. Brig R N Awasthy; In up most of zila sainik kalyan adhikari posts snatched by sdm, ao,audit officer & etc. unable to run office creating corruption in office dirctor also knows but not showing +ve attitude.MOST corrupt organisation run in up ie up purva sainik kalyan nigam ,big cheaters some place it is presented as govt. organisation,somewhere as private organisation,exmen due lack of awarenessbeing victimised by this org. Most of them retd. army officers nk somnath; Design of system needs a little correction to make it more user friendly for editting certain fields before the membership no. is allotted.Membership no. should be allotted only after all the fields have been correctly filledup. Thankx wg cdr vp sachar; My compliments,A very good site. Brig JS Sawhney; May I request that means of contributing funds to0 IESM be clearly displayed on the site. I want to do so but can\'t find how to do it and I don\'t want to do it online. Sending a cheque/DD would be best for me. xxx harri; Apart from my initial contribution ,I had mase a donation of Rs 500/which is not reflected in my profile.My membership No is 003493L.I had made it under ref 6056A1(HDFC Net transfer) on 07/08/2009 Col VT Venkatesh; I have paid the Life Membership fees Rs. 500/- vide cheque No 266105 and same has been debited on 08 Aug 09. Please let me know when I will be receiving my Life Membership Number. Regards, Lt Col K R Rao Lt Col K R Rao; I enrolled as a member in Jan 2009 at JantarMantar New Delhi and have a receipt for Rs 500/-.My name does not appear in the list.I had gone there with Gen Satbir. IC-10577N COL T R BHATIA COL T R BHATIA; I deposted Rs. 2000/= into the ECHS accunt as early as on receipt of the first email message anouncing opening of the accountint and calling for funds. this was during the begining of the relay fast at jantar mantar. i followed it up with a detail email to Maj.Gen. satbir requesting for my inclussion as a life member. i have sent the details then. subsequently have followed up with similar messages to Wg. cdr. SK sharma too. In fact i did complain about not finding my name in the list for which Wg.cdr. V.sampath; How do I get my membership number Col Shivraj Kumar; The web-site of IESM needs a professional touch. Lt Col Anand Prakash Singh; I have sent my subs through HDFC bank cheque in Mar 09. However, am unable to trace my name and number. Plse help. Col Dipak M karnik; 1)I have donated INR 5000/but not reflected in my profile.2) how to become a life member? Lt.Col. Vijay Kaushik; I have learned about the selfless service to promote ourselves. I am from Bangalore and I wish to register with IESM. capt william; Congratulations to Gen Renjen & his team on completing the Registration platform. Thanks & Regards Maj Gen BS Keron; I have applied for membership on 01 Jul 2009 and had paid the amount of Rs. 600/-on 30 Jun. I donot find my name in the list of members. I know the problem of updating due to lack of manpower, so waited for some time. Every one as office bearers are doing a wonderful job. with regards Col. S. Srikantha; My membership No. 000017L.My profile is blank; Hence I filled up various columns in order to edit my profile. Next clicked the \'SUBMIT\'. I repeatedly got the message \'ERROR\'. So, how do I update my profile? GP CAPT BV RAO; I was enable to enter your box to veiw what should be my pension. It says \'no PPO \' ISSUED FOR dDE JONAS, 10131. AVM D E JONAS; I had paid Rs 500/- in cash on 13 Aug 2008, at the mtg held in Noida,towards the Membership subscription but in the member\'s profile this is indicated as 0, this may pl be corrected. Maj Gen Inderjit Kashyap; Had remitted Rs 500/ as membership fee thru HDFC Bank Vasant Kunj, ND, on 09/07/09 vide ref no 583730. FT 06162000001330,Indian Ex Servicemen Movement, refers. Rqst confirm receipt of amt & fwd membership no. Thanks Maj virendra sareen; Well done so far IESM(.) must keep on pressing hard till we get to the aim. We have to be a bit more aggressive now. Next time we org a Maharally, we should olan a road hold up for 12 Hrs and Train Hold up for 6 hrs to start with. Unless we don\'t behave foolishly we will no be heard. What are your views Lt Col K K Choudhary; today i paid rs.1000/=to ur hdfc bank a/c 406345 dt.23/9/09.drawn on hdfc bank,shanti van,borivali(E),MUMBAI,400066 conf,n my id no.(rs500/membership+rs500/donatin) wg.cdr K.S.S.RANA.; I have enrolled as a Life Member but I have not been allocted any membership number. Other names have membership numbers. Why not mine? Gp Capt VK Vidyadhar; ECHS issue of medicines require improvement/change. As at present, if the prescribed medicine is not available an in lieu medicine is issued.Further this in lieu brand medicine is changed every time you visit again. Many times,pills of exact dosage are not available.So one is told to break the tablet into two to reduce streangth.NOW THIS IS NOT ALLOWED FOR COATED TABLETS, BUT THE ECHS AT AHMEDABAD INSISTS IT IS OK. It is recommended that cost of original prescribed medicine be re-imbursed AS Gp Capt KP Sharma; Ref my msg of sep/07.Cfmd website checked and data updated.Thanks .... Wg Cdr H C Vidyarthi Wg Cdr H C VIDYARTHI; Dear Sir, I want to join as a member and and want to deposit medals as well.I cannot find the Application Form on sight.Right now I am in Canada, coming to India in mid october for three months.I will send the subscription by Citi Bank Cheque. Kindly advise action. Jaspartap Bath Major(Retd) Jaspartap Singh Bath; Sir, I have transferred Rs. 500-/ from my HDFC A/C to your A/C No. 06162000001330 on 22 Sep 09 as Membership Fee. Kindly acknowledge and advise me further action. SAM Wg Cdr M K Swaminathan; How to quickly access any name of a member? How do we access details of a member,using his name or rank? Is it possible to select a goup of members from a particular region, say Gurgaon? If they are ther, please advise how to go about it. If not,U may please consider building the system keeping these in mind Brigg YS RAO; I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY MEMBERSHIP NO. MY NAME APPERS AT 259 COL N S BHINDER; I could not see my profile. Perhaps it is still to be entered. I will wait and check again after couple of weeks. From the Army list I saw that there is lack of uniformity in that some names are in all capitals and others in running letters. More glaring is the way the Unit name is spelt. For example Sikh LI is spelt as Sikhli, SikhLi, Sikh li and so on. Similarly Mechanised Infantry is spelt as Mech or Mack and so on. May be these can be corrected even without waiting for editing by the indivi Colonel T N Baba; I viewed my profile and found some mistakes. I tried to correct them through edit profile but error message came. Kindly note the folowing corrections. 1.Date of Birth- 11 Feb 1944 2.Date of Commn- 25 Dec 1965 3. Adddress: U 26C/11 Ground Floor, DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon- 122002, Haryana 4. Contact Number: 9899692649 5. E mail: 6.Unit : SIGNALS 7. Donation: Rs 5000/- 8. Membership Amt : Rs 500/- Thank you for making these correction at your earliest. T N Baba Colonel T N Baba; Membership no not recd till date. Paid Rs 500/ thru HDFC bank in July 09 maj virendra sareen; I feel that old or outdated news should not reflect under flash news. Recent breaking news only should appear under such provision SGT R.R.UNNI. BA,LL.B; My name in the Army Names appears twice as under 003111L IC20761 Lt Col Gulra Jani R J 1360, Golder Colony Mogapair Road Chennai Tamil Nadu 600050 001213L 20761 Lt Col Gulrajani RJ 1360 Golden Colony, Mogapair Rd, Chennai Tamil Nadu 600050 Please remove the first entry (as it has my name split in two) and retain the second one. Thank you. Lt Col Gulrajani RJ; Dear Sir, I had enrolled as a member on the day I returned my medals in sector 37 opp ECHS. I see my name not appearing in the list of members. It should have been close to Commodore P K Jain G75 sector 25. My address is D25 sector 41 and the receipt for Rs 500/signed by Cdr SS Ahuja is held by me. Kindly update list and give my ESM No. MyP NO. 01158F Mobile 09818332085 commander IN Pavan Kumar jJain; I had sent my membership fee in cash thru a team sent from Gujarat for Dharna at Jantar Mantar.on 30 Jan. My name is not included in the list of member. Pl verify from Col. Kirit Joshipura and action. Sqn.Ldr. Bankim Sutaria; My name does not appear in the list of members. May please reconcile. Brig Rakesh Chander; The website provides a platform to share one\'s views about the problems the ESM fraternity are facing. There are lot to be done, to make the site exhaustive. I think, blogs are given undue importance. Instead, we should give a seperate section for \'official news\' from the IESM rathene than clubbing it with blog. My one suggestion, please include the list of office bearers or contacts in states so that one can contact them for associating with IESM. For instance, I have been searching somebod SUB ANILKUMAR; Dear Sirs, While all the anamolies for LT COL(TS) has been atken care of by clubbing them in PB4.But what about majors and below who would have put in 24 years of service before they came out. Any suggestions pl. Regards KK Tiwari Major KK TIWARI; Sir, My name appears in the membership list. But membership No. is not allotted. I have filled up all details. But it shows at places\'nil\'. How do i inform the discrephancies in the profile? When I go to \'Edit profile\', it does not correct. Same\'oooo\'reappears. Kindly reconcile. Thanks, Sam Wg Cdr M K Swaminathan; Happy Diwai to all the veterans.Let the light present outside inter in our hearts and enlighten us. JWO HG SINGH; IESM made unity among the ex- servicemen keep it up all the support all support from palakkad kerala wo kc sekharan; My membership details not yet updated. App. was sent by Sp Post on 5.7.09, Cheque for Rs 200/ sent with my application credited to your a/c on 12.10.09. In my opinion the office staff need to take much quicker steps in acknowledging the recpt of application and updating the membership.If IESM has to make a niche for itself to be heard and be prominently visible, a corporate like work culture much diff. from the government days has to develop. It is my suggestion not a criticism. MCHEARII(MCPOII) Vijoy Krishna Ambasta; It is commendable effort to organize such a huge number of people and bring them under one ambrella. It would be better if the name of the personnel listed can be arranged in either ascending or descending order. Nevertheless appreciable job. MCEAA RCYADAV; I have sent 3-4 mails already.My name does not appear in the list though I became a member last year at Jantar Mantar COL T R BHATIA; I had deposited Rs 5500/- in A/c No 06162000001330, HDFC Bank, vide cheque No 489655 also of HDFC Bank, on 08 Oct 2009. The amount included Rs 500/- as membership fee and Rs 5000/- as donation. I have not received any receipt or communication from you. Col Ajay Pal Gupta; Ref registration no 002181L my correct no and adressis IC-23181H Lt Col j k puri D-401 Shalimar Hill Park, MITHANAGAR ,KONDHWA, PUNE ,411048 PLEASE CARRYOUT THE NECESSARY AMENDMENT .THANK YOU PURI Lt Col J K PURI; respected sir, i am leaving indian navy on 31 jan 2012 after completing 15 yrs of SSC and central govt jobs we can apply with in one year of remaining service but rajasthan govt (RPSC) says that only those ex service men can apply who had been duly discharged from defence serivce on the last date of submittion of application form. is it right? why is it so?. can we take the legal route to fight against it? or whom to approach for this issue? i will be thankful to you for comments o poa(ph) lala ram choudhary; A Form received from a fraind for additional gratuity to after 1996 retirees in accordance in pursuance of the Hon'ble Superim COurt Judgment and GOI Office Memo no. 45/96/97 Part-I dated 01-12-04 and GOI min.fin.'s DO no. 648/EV/2001 dated 29 Oct 2011. Sir what is this and what action we should take as I confirmed from my record CABS (Navy-Sailors), Mumbai and at present there is no information on subject? Please tell me whether is applicable to me who took retirment on 31-12-2000. Thanking SPO Bhanwar Singh; I had applied for a life membership soon after making at deposit of Rs 5500 ( Rs 500 as subscription and Rs 5000 as donation to your HDFC A/C in the Dehradun branch of HDFC Bank on 22 Sep 09. I regret to find that even after more than a month, I have not been intimated my membership number other than an auto computer generated response that I received immediately. Please confirm my membership at the earliest. Lt Col (Retd) Vidut Dutt Saklani; Membership No; UP-02630. IC19590,Punjab Regt. I m not seeing my name in list,kindly advice. wbr,Bhushan Maj Bhushan Kohli; do you really think surrendering medals will serve the purpose let us all not draw our pensions,till our legitimate demand is met,it is a shame to see from the web site that some one from the presidents secratariat is there to collect the medals, pse,get in to more effective methods to make these goongs to make understand, sorry sir my way and means may be harsh untill it is pinched nobody feels the pain pse amend ur ways of protest, sgt ganapathy ramesh; My name is there in the \"View STATS\" but no membership no. is yet allotted to me. My cheque has been debited from my a/c on the 12th Oct 09. I wonder what is holding allotment of the membership no.Can I get a feedback from the managing committee? MCPOII Vijoy Krishna Ambasta; My name has appeared at two places by clicking at Member’s List Army on the home page of IESM site with two different membership numbers i.e. 00542L and 00564L. Please make necessary correction and inform me about my correct Membership Number - Thanks – Lt Col K K Choudhary,SM (Retd) Lt Col K K Choudhary; Please insert logout in this website. It will be very easy to find out the names in the list of membership if it is in alphabetical order starting with first name as we are generally known by our first name. Office bearers are requested to keep in touch with the members by sending email or talking with them over phone or sending letters/circulars etc by mail. Promt communication will help IESM to grow further in a stronger way. Please avoid discrimination in ranks and files as we are all ve Subedar Mathews Chacko M; Sir, I have intrested to join your IESM, Please intimate the following :- (a) Payable at_____ (b) In favour of_____ Thanking you Hav Vincent.P; Sir, We are established a Star Ex-servicemen Welfare Association at Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu(Regn No 181/2009). we are intrested to join your org, therefore you are requested to intimate membership fee of org. Ex-servicemen SEWA; Please intimate my Membership Number as it is not in the profile either Brig Ramendra Kumar; The suggested name as stated by Admiral Arun Prakash -ARMED FORCES VETERAN movement/association,is better than what i suggested earlier.the point is the name, iesm has to be more appropriate and relevant . Lt Col a b g reddy; Dear Sir, Kindly let me know the registration status.I had forwarded the D D for Rs 200.00last month. Regards Muthappa SUB MAJ MUTHAPPA M M; DEAR YOU MAY FIND THIS INTERESTING WRT ONE RANK ONE PENSION. 1 CENTRAL INFORMATION COMMISSION Complaint No. CIC/WB/C/2007/00175 dated 20-4-2007 Right to Information Act 2005 – Section 18 Complainant: Lt. Col. Kartar Singh, Dehradun Respondent: Min. of Defence (MoD) Facts By an application of 13-12-06 Lt. Col. Kartar Singh of Dehradun applied to the Defence Secretary seeking the following information: “(a) After the Supreme Court’s judgment, the issue of one rank one pension was take MAJOR S K SING; We welcome your views, suggestions and queries that you might have about IESM. Kindly fill the form below and submit to us. General Sumoman; I am not able to login using my id and pass word. Long back I sent donation and membership fee (total Rs4000/-)and till date I have not received its acknowledgement and a thanks letter in a good gesture. I don\'t know anything about the present status of my membership. This website seems to be not a friendly user. Kindly look into my feedback and send me a reply. Thanks. Subedar Mathews Chacko M; in iesm,MILITARY is missing.adopt rightful and proper name.instead of ex,retd .thus,retired military svc (men) mov (MSM ) .there are wide choices with basic identity of mil ,def,sena,army navy airforce.let there be due delibirations and arrive at the best. Lt ColAa a b g reddy; transfered rs 500/-to iesm a/c no 06162000001330 on 13 feb 2010 through hdfc bank sangrur-148001 to be member of org. no response .request info current status . lt-col tarsem lal dulal; SIR REQUEST AFFECT ON LINE REGISTRATION, ON LINE PAYMENT FOR NEW MEMBERS. THANKS AND HAPPY JORNEY FROM COL ROY LT. COL. P G ROY; I had been looking for on line registration for two years. Lt Col a b g reddy; respected sir,i am residing at secunderabad and retired from eme on 1999. first of all let me know the membership proceedure and here some csd canteen and echs are treating hony rank as pbor i would like toknow is there same policy adopted at haryana , punjab and delhi, pl kindly inform usw ith any authority available with you. sub/maj honycapt g.d.naidu; sir my correct no. and addressis as given below IC No is 23181H address is D-401,SHALIMAR HILL PARK,MITHANAGAR,KONDHWA ,PUNE411048 hope the neccessary amendment will be carried out thanks a lot PURI Lt Col J K PURI; Dear Sir, I think this guest book has become a complaint cell, with no action only views expressed and finding self satistaction, PBORs think that putting a mail in IESM will sort out their issues, what is required is that IESM should take up the challange and take up the issues of PBORs, becuase an oranisation which takes cares of the interest of the personnel of are low income automatically the higher income group will be considered by the authorities at its own merits of each case, PO, IN Sherin Kumar; sir its a great job being done by iesm for veterens, but why is the delay in implementing the much awaited so called orop/apip, my dod is 30 apr 2006 still i am not in possesion of my corregendum ppo it is almost 40 months if it is delayed no problem but we should get it with intrest . some of my entry mates have already got their corr ppo for 50% what is the yard stick which is followed by cda for despatch of corr ppo pse intimate me regards..... ramesh ex sgt ganapathy ramesh; Sir, 1. I am quite satisfied the way IESM conducting its affairs and have attended its meeting at NOIDA. Thanks to Gp.Capt. V.K Gandhi and others for all the help rendered to me including accommodation. 2. I had paid Rs. 1000 as donation & 100 as membership fee. I will be happy if i get the receipt for the same. 3. I am a disability pensioner Ex-Group 1 LAC(with Service+disability element of 20%) and drawing Basic of Rs.4628+Disability of Rs.620 and DA. I Want to know whether the latest order LAC Sriramamurthy Suri (S. Suri); Good news for pre 2006 Hony.Nb.subedars about 26 of them filed the case at AFT chandigarh based on the judgement of this Tribunal dated 8-2-2010 passed in OA. No.42/2010.All these are from PANIPAT distt.Fresh Corr. PPO,s of of half them are issued by PCDA Allahbad. Their pension is fixed for RS. 7750/- for all Groups Hony.Lt narsingh; Pleaseref govt of India MO No45/86/97-P&PW(a) dt 04 Dec 2004.Pre 96 retirees are now entitled to additional gratuity.Also ref ministry of fin letter UO.No648/E.V/2001 dt 29.20.2001 Lt Col Kunjo tshering; Dear Sir, I have paid membership fee and am yet to find my name in the Air Force list. Kindly do the needful.Regards, Suri. Ex-LAC Sriramamurthy Suri (S. Suri); 1. Gen Kadyan has welcomed Brig Chhikara to IESM and felt grateful that he has donated Rs 4500/-. But he has forgotten to do so in my case. Leave aside welcoming, I have not even received acknowledgment for my donation and membership fee. Are the vetrons still run by Rank hierarchy ? 2. Does IESM have a constitution ? If so why not post it on the web site. If not, is there a plan to frame a constitution and who will comprise the committee for the same. 3. Are any elections scheduled/planned fo Col Ajay Pal Gupta; 3. Are any elections scheduled /planned for the executive committee or have the founding members declared themselves as its life time members. 4. There seems to be no response from IESM as my earlier communication went un-answered. Col Ajay Pal Gupta; I request all veterans to exercise restrain in commenting/doubting IESM Team\'s intensions.Its limitations be understood through COMMON SENCE. Wg Cdr H C VIDYARTHI; I deposited Rs 500 in IESM account vide HDFC Ch No 000000286564 on 23 Nov 09 and registered online the same day, but no intimation so far. Regards, Cdr r giani Cdr Rajinder Giani; I am sorry to say that no one is paying any attention on the feed back or comments or grievances or suggestions whatever. If there is no communication how IESM will grow further? There should be some one in the committee atleast to keep in touch with the members. Ex.Sub Mathews Chacko M; Sir,there seems no progress on implementation of new rate of pension for the people who retired in 2008.Kindly take the matter up with concerned aurhorities regards JWO HG SINGH; The home page of the Website may have to be taken care. Messages og querries of the month of Jun 2009 almost 6 months old are seen on the scrolling. There is no mean to acknowledge the new joiners who have sent their application and the Draft for the sid amount. The members list takes lot of time for updating. Since the total members as stated in the home page is only 4568 updating via data entry should hardly take couple of days but unfirtunately only the list of members enrolled till 06 Warrant Officer R.N.Thiruchelvam; who is the General Secretary or Secretary of the organisation. Pleass include the Secretari\'s particulars, the prime post of any organisation in the website\'s home page please WO R.N.Thiruchelvam; Misuse of canteen previlage by serving & retired ALL CATAGORY PERSONAL on climax which may hamper over a period ,CANTEEN CARDS also may randomly checked specially in DELHI LUCKNOW KANPUR AGRA BARAILLY MEERUT CIVILIANS ALSO ENJOYING OF FACILITY EXCESSIVE RUSH FORMED IN CANTEENS. XXXXX XXXXXX; Sir, what is the latest posn of the OROP. Is the govt completely denied or still working on it.will write more when I hear on these two questions ex hav k kurup; I am the President of Military Pensioners Association Kozhikode. There is a strong rumour here that the Karnataka Govt is assigning 10 acres of land to ESM. To register they have to go to Karnataka and contact a person whose phone number is also spreading rapidly. ESM has to reach there with 3 copies of photos and copy of Discharge Certificate. The registration fee is only Rs 3/, Is there any fact in this rumour. can anybody throw some light on it for the benefit of ESM H/Capt(Retd) K Velayudhan; My humble submissions (a)Shed Ego Inculcate mutual respect in Rank and File.(beware divide and rule amongst offrs/PBOR) (b) Avoid character assassination. Promote civil/military brotherhood, both are indispensible for National growth and well being (c) Put accross all views forcefully and still maintain thedignifiedapproach,befitting to service traditions. (d)Refrain and avoid E-Mail War.Trust each other. (e)Be very careful while addressing mixed crowd/audience specially the Press. LET US Lt Col HS Dham; My correct address is 436, Sector 2 , Panchkula-134109 and NOT Sector 21.My IESM Registration No is 001723L Brig HC Malhotra; I ,Anita Prasad wife of late Lt Col subodh Prasad had applied for membership on line by sending Rs 500 by NEFT on06/11/2009 from my account in Bank of India,but there has been no response from your side. Lt Col( late) Subodh Chandra Prasad; How do I search the veterans from Army Ordnance Corps and living in Pune? Hav Prafulla Patange; Ref Lt Col H S Dham\'s views of Dec 12. I fully support his views and expect all veterans to implement w i e . Wg Cdr H C VIDYARTHI; i want to register. where do i get the forms.this should be on your site. brig sudhirchopra; i want to be life member kindly let me amt to be pain and mode of pamnt done lcdr. sunil kumar talukdar; i want to be life member kindly let me amt to be pain and mode of pamnt done lcdr. sunil kumar talukdar; Why not aproach CAT(defence)for implementing OROP JWO RN NAIR; I m aed in Delhi. IESM may explre if Iam of ay help to it in anywy. Ex Sgt Unmesh Pahade; great to be in military services....... Hav Nanaiah B M; Subject: Huge Difference Amounting to Almost double the pension between Lieutenant Colonel and Major, a Difference of Rs 14,169/- incl DA. Major Pension incl DA Rs 18370/- and Lt Col Pension incl DA Rs 32539/- ,both retired before 2006. Money is power status. Majors have been belittled economically. Honorable Sir A meeting od retired Army officers Pre 2006 was held at Panchkula on 04 Jan 2010 on the above mentioned subject. A letter as appended below was Faxed to the Joint Secretary, Ex Major Subhsh Chand Sharma; Going through blog I read the rules. IF A MEMBER DIES HIS MEMBERSHIP SHOULD BE PASSED ON TO HIS WIDOW Maj Gen(Retd) Satish Chandra; I had submitted my application form for membership along with a cheque for Rs 1500 during March 09. However, I never got any Membership No or any confirmation/intimation about the same. How could such a slip take place in our organisation? Some others may have also experienced such a lapse. Could this be checked by the concerned member of the committee for avoiding such lapses in future. Thanks Col Anand Lalit Kumar; Dear Sir, During my visit to the Lodhi Rd Polyclinic this morning, the OC of this clinic told me that the management of ECHS is thinking to de-list all vitamins and isabgol etc. to cut down costs as majority of the overall cost goes into procuring these. If this materialises, we may have to procure vitamins etc from outside. This is for your information and action, as deemed necessary, to pre-empt any such move by the authorities as this will hit the senior veterans very hard. lt col s chandra; dear sir, you may like to consider netbanking and other electronic options for depositing joining fees and filling the form online. sgt pd roy 293219 sgt pd roy; Dear Sir, I would like to join the esteemed 0rganition so kindly let me know all the details. Thanks Corporal Rajinder Kumar Mehta; Of late there has been a lot of anger exhibited and correspondence exchanged among the IESM fraternity on the dubious, even negative role, played by many sections of the media as regards the armed forces and the veteran community. How about opening a Media Cell at IESM to look after the welfare and honour of the military personnel, guardians of national security, who currently feel neglected and consigned to the doghouse? This Cell may prove very useful in the long run. Thanks and warm reg wg cdr (retd) sc kapoor; May I request for the contact no. and email address of Lt.Cdr. Avtar Singh IN. Thanks. Sqn.Ldr. A.K. Agrawala; Recently a fake colonel AK BAJPAI SEND BEHIND THE BAR IN UP,WAS GM UP PURVA SANIK KALYAN NIGAM SERVED MORE THAN 10 YRS BUT RETD OFICER DARE TO IDENTITY HIS FAKENESS BUT USED TO TROUBLE EXSMEN UNDER THEM, MATTER OF ASHAMED AWARENESS LEVEL BLUNT. xxx xxx; MD ECHS had promised more than two months ago, that he would see to it that ECHS web site is updated to reflect- list of Empanneled Hospitals for Delhi- and that web site will duly reflect the date up to which said empannelement was valid in each case. MD ECHS had assured Lt Gen Sapru of the same as well as me on telephone. Alas,the same has not been done to date. ECHS web site continues to show as empanneled hospitals - facilities that are no longer on ECHS- current approved facilities.Will Wg Cdr ( Retd) Vijay Kumar Magoo; This is with regard to the reduced membership fees. the problem faced by us is lack of numbers. Let us learn from political parties.They have a primary membership scheme at a very low fee. the congress party\'s fee is only RS 3/- !. We should also adopt some such method and welcome large Nos of EXSM.We should also open a bank account in SBI and publicize widely. Pensioners will find it easy for remittances. Don\'t underestimate. Men have a large heart. Once the movement picks up I am sure there Col RP Gopalan; I have sent my application for membership by e-mail and have also deposted Rs. 500/- to ESM account during Jul 2009. Neither I have got ack for receipt of the cash, nor my name is in the list of members. I had written about it couple of times and nothing seems to have happened.???!!! With regards Col S. Srikantha; it was really great to know that there is some organisation who is really working for the ESM . Today when i heard from cdr RW Phatak i was really impressed and decide to join. Even subimitted my form . But i would like to know more about how we work in this org. do we really get some responsibility or just we become member pls let me know. I am even member of National Human Right. spo suresh k pal; 1. I am going to USA in March 2010 for personal reasons. Would be there for 4 to 6 months as per plan. In case I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me before or during my stay. I will be mostly in New Jersey and would be some times visiting Washington DC and Chicago. Contact by . Phone # I can intimate after I get one locally. 2. Help Needed. I have been drawing medicine as a routine from Delhi Cantt., ECHS pharmacy for my permanent set ailments over a ye Col S K Adya; my correct perticulers are as under IC-23181H LT COL JAGDEV KUMAR PURI D-401 SHALIMAR HILL PARK,MITHANAGAR,KONDHWA PUNE-411048 REGISTRATION NO-002181 PLEASE MAKE NECESSARY AMENDMENT PURI Lt Col JAGDEV KUMAR PURI; Member profile has a column for date of birth. When you wish to edit the profile, the edit mode does not show date of birth column. Ltcol P N Krishnan; Sir, With due respect I wanted to know the name of the state convener\'s name and contact No.of West Bengal, please. Thanking you. Sub Dilip Kumar Bhowmick; Can i make on line payment or directly deposit the membership amount in HDFC branch at nagpur there is no seletion for these in the membership form agaisnst modeof payment kindly add Ex Sgt N.V.Bonde; VITH CPC- MUCH INJUSTICE TO PRE -2006 PBOR PENSIONERS- THE BENEFITS OF NEWLY INTRODUCED MILITARY SERIVICE PAY AND GRADE PAY HAVE NOT REACHED THE PRE 2006 PBOR PENSIONERS THOUGH 50 PERCENT OF ABOVE ELEMENTS ARE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR CONSOLIDATING THEIR PENSION WHEREAS THE REVISED PAY STRUCTURE (PAY BAND) IS SO INDEGIONESLY FIXED THAT THESE BENEFITS DO NOT REACH PBORS, WHERE AS IN CASE OF OFFICERS THEY ARE BENIFITED BY THIS BAND PAY AND MS PAY FOR PRE 2006. Sub Maj Retd A. Unnikrishnan Nair; IAM REALLY PAINED TO POINT OUT THAT A COMPARISON OF SCALES AS PER V CPC AND THE REVISED PAY STRUCTURE AS PER VITH CPC WOULD REVEAL THE FACT THAT THE TOP OF OLD SCALE AND MINIMUM OF THE NEW PAY BAND FOR THE CORRESPONDING SCALE FOR PBORS IS VERY NEGLIGIBLE AND IN CASE OF SUB AND SUB MAJ IS EVEN LESS WHICH IS INJUSTICE WHEREAS THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH OFFICERS WHOSE INTEREST HAS BEEN PROPERLY PROJECTED IN THE VITH CPC AND RELECTED IN THE VICPC Sub Maj Retd A. Unnikrishnan Nair; IT IS HIGHLY FELT THAT SUB AND SUB MAJ SHOULD HAVE BEEN BROUGHT IN PAY BAND PB3 INSTEAD OF PB2, AS THEY ARE THE TOP MOST RANKS IN PBOR. IAM SURE THAT IESM MAY STUDY THESE CASES AND TAKE UP THE CASES OF PBOR TO BE A MOVEMENT OF MASSES. THE ABOVE ASPECTS WOULD HAVE BEEN PROJECTED TO THE ANOMILITIES COMMITTEE OF THE GOI FOR CONSIDERATION, WHICH IAM DON’T KNOW IF DONE OR NOT, THESE POINTS ARE TO BE SOLD BEFORE ONE RANK ONE PENSION.DENIAL OF 50 PERCENT OF MS PAY TO PRE 2006 PBOR PENSIONERS WILL NOT Sub Maj Retd A. Unnikrishnan Nair; DENIAL OF 50 PERCENT OF MS PAY TO PRE 2006 PBOR PENSIONERS WILL NOT MEET THE ENDS OF JUSTICE AS THEY HAVE EARNED PENSION FOR MILITARY SERVICE ONLY. THE SO CALLED PROTECTION VIDE ANNEXURE 3 OF THE MOD LETTER ON THE SUBJECT IS NOT GIVING ANY PROTECTION TO PBOR. Sub Maj Retd A. Unnikrishnan Nair; DENIAL OF 50 PERCENT OF MS PAY TO PRE 2006 PBOR PENSIONERS WILL NOT MEET THE ENDS OF JUSTICE AS THEY HAVE EARNED PENSION FOR MILITARY SERVICE ONLY. THE SO CALLED PROTECTION VIDE ANNEXURE 3 OF THE MOD LETTER ON THE SUBJECT IS NOT GIVING ANY PROTECTION TO PBOR. Sub Maj Retd A. Unnikrishnan Nair; THE METHOD ADOPTED FOR REVISION OF PENSION DATED 11TH NOV 2008 IS THE SAME AS APPLIED TO THE CIVIKIAN BUT MSPAY IS APPLICABLE FOR ARMED FORCES ONLY SO THE ELEMENT OF MS PAY THAT IS 50 PERCENT OF MSPAY SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE PENSION CONSIDERED VIDE PARA 4.1 IN THE CASE OF PRE 2006 PBOR PENSIONERS WEF 1ST SEP 2008. SIR I HAVE GIVEN THESE POINTS FOR PERSUAL OF IESM LEADERSHIP ONLY AND IF FOUND WORTHY,KINDLY TAKE UP THE CASE WITH DEPT OF EXSERVICEMEN WELFARE,AFTERALL WE HAVE A DEFENCE MINISTER WHO I Sub Maj Retd A. Unnikrishnan Nair; THE METHOD ADOPTED FOR REVISION OF PENSION DATED 11TH NOV 2008 IS THE SAME AS APPLIED TO THE CIVIKIAN BUT MSPAY IS APPLICABLE FOR ARMED FORCES ONLY SO THE ELEMENT OF MS PAY THAT IS 50 PERCENT OF MSPAY SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE PENSION CONSIDERED VIDE PARA 4.1 IN THE CASE OF PRE 2006 PBOR PENSIONERS WEF 1ST SEP 2008. SIR I HAVE GIVEN THESE POINTS FOR PERSUAL OF IESM LEADERSHIP ONLY AND IF FOUND WORTHY,KINDLY TAKE UP THE CASE WITH DEPT OF EXSERVICEMEN WELFARE,AFTERALL WE HAVE A DEFENCE MINISTER WHO I Sub Maj Retd A. Unnikrishnan Nair; SIR THESE POINTS MAY BE TAKEN UP BY THE IESM LEADERSHIP AFTERALL WE HAVE A DEFENSE MINISTER WHO IS SYMPATHATIC TO THE PROBLEMS OF EXSERVICEMEN AND HAS THE \"WILL TO RESOLVE THEM\" Sub Maj Retd A. Unnikrishnan Nair; Since am the Convener of IESM.,Mysore,and personal details of around 26 life members out of 32 members identified need editing.Suggest Editing facility as per L.Membership identifying the peers through namewise is very confusing and cumbersome.Also suggest the service No. to be the search button rather than by name,since in many cases the sequence of names (alphabetically)mentioned on the application form is not followed and is very confusing to locate at our end. Sgt Sunil Rao.M.R; My iesm membership no is 002154L.My email id has been hacked/stolen,I am NOT using it.New email id is amend your records & confirm Brigadier Dharam Prakash; Sir , I send a group of twelve application for iesm life time membership with a draft of Rs.240/-to the name of vice chairman and same hasbeen send through email to the address according to your instruction on 15th and 14th of January 2010. But I did not get any remarks from your side. So please I wanted to know your kind replay. Thanking you. Sub Dilip Kumar Bhowmick; 1 SEND is a better word than SUBMIT. 2 steering committee sounds better than GOVERNING body etc Maj Gen(Retd) Satish Chandra; I have paid for life membership as per details below: Please note this transaction number for future reference: IR02563501 Debit Transaction Status : Scheduled for 22-Feb-2010 Debit Account Details Account No. Account Type Branch Amount Transaction Type 00000011209083082 OD Account IND FINANCE BRANCH, MUMBAI 100.00 NEFT Credit Account Details Account No. Bank Branch Transfer Type Amount 06162000001330 HDFC BANK GURGAON - PALAM VIHAR NEFT 100.00 Thankyou Cpl Tank Sunil T CORPORAL Sunil Tank; Sir I registerd my name for IESM life member on line on 15 jan 2010 and the enrollment fee cheque of Rs 200/ (chq no 923981 sbi indiranagar bangalore dated 15 jan 2010 to Indian exservicemen movement ) sent through normal post but so for the chq has not been honoured as per my bank statement, sir I request you to confirm the reciept of my Cheque. regards Hfl V Vallikanthan Hon Flt Lt V Vallikanthan; i want to be pmnt.member of the org. kinly advise,fees amnt.cheque to be drawn in favour of pls. pls reply lt.cdr (retd) s k talukdar; I HAVE BEEN SHOWN UNDER ARMY LIST-SEE NO 003209 L. PLEASE SHIFT ME TO THE NAVY LIST PLEASE THANK U BAPAT CDR BAPAT ULHAS PADMAKAR; What is the rate of payment of DA from 1st Jan 09, 1st Jul09 and ist Jan 2010. Thanks Lt Col Ranjit Sinha; Age Limits relaxation to PBORs The present age limit relaxation is not beneficial to PBORs who complete full tenure in service.So please take up the matter to the concerned (a) A candidate must have attained the age of 21 years and must not have attained the age of 30 years on 1st August, 2010, i.e. he must have been born not earlier than 2nd August, 1980 and not later than 1st August, 1989. (b) The upper age limit prescribed above will be relaxable: (i) upto a maximum of five year CPL SURESH M B; Two important suggestions: 1. The Regt/IC No should be displayed under view stats 2. Henceforth, when online regn is done the membership number should be allotted immediately and displayed on the screen immediately Major P M Ravindran; Presently the age relaxation for civilian posts are only applicable for Group C & D MILITARY SERVICE + 3 years.This is not applicable for applying GROUP A & B posts filled by competitive examinations.Please take up the matter at appropriate level.Ex CPL Suresh M B +971503233479 Abudhabi.UAE. CPL SURESH M B; I sent my registration details by E mail on 22 Feb2010 after depositing Rs 500 in youra/c through HDFC Bank zirakpur.please send me my registration No etc Brig Gurdip Singh Brar; IESM is extremely doing well. I had the pleasure of taking part in the rally at jantar mantar on7/8th Mar 2009.the org must be further strengthened. Lt col Kunjo tshering; REF AGENDA FOR 14 MAR MTG.OPTION OF ALIGNMENT WITH BABA RAMDEV,S SWABHIMAN ANDOLAN & LATER POLITICAL PARTY TO BE FLOATED BY HIM COULD ALSO BE CONSIDERED. brig autarsingh; The comment at needs to be considered seriously as the web site of the Hon\'ble Supreme Court of India still shows the status of the case as \"pending\" whereas the main post on the Blog states the judgement has been delivered. There is indeed a need for reconciliation. wg cdr ak sarda; I am delighted to hear that Brig. CS Kamboj is making a contribution of Rs.1 Lakh to the movement. His steadfast contribution to keep every member informed and his continued efforts to broaden our base has been a salutary effort and continues to be so. I convey my sincere thanks. Warm regards, Hirak Nag Cdr. Hirak K. Nag; widows,hony.commissioned officers &reservist are not happy with so called orop wef. 1.7.2009 award.These cat. are totaly neglated. of post i.i.2006 & viceroy com.officer will be paid as follows: LT -15465 CAPT-16145,but pre-2006 will be paid only LT-13500 CAPT-13850. Hony.LT Narsingh; Good effort by IESM. jwo arvind ; Sir, I paid Rs. 500/- for membership. What is my life membership number please Lt. Commander BAL RAM; My member ship no is 000128. Kindly refer my comment dated 14-3-2010.¶ 5.1&5.2 of govt. of India,MOD.Dept. of ex-servicemen welfare letter no.PC 10 (1)/2009-D(Pen/Pol)dt.8-3-2010. 1.Table no.133 in case of Viceroy commissioned officer granted rank of Hony. LT &Hony Capt.(1-6-1953). TABLE.133 Hony LT =15465 Hony.Capt=16145 2.Table no.71&76 -MCPO-1 ofGP.(A)&GP.(X)=13690 3.Table no.124-MWO of GP(1)&GP(X)=13590. 4.Table no.41- HONY.LT NARSINGH; To further continue my comment:-Table no.41-SM of GP(A)&GP(X)=13450 Note;-Pre 2006 MCPO1&MWO will be getting more than HONY.LT and SM will be getting only 50/-less than HONY.Lt(post2006& Viceroy comm. officer will be geeting 15465/-&16145/- respectivly. )Is it justified. HONY.LT NARSINGH; One rank one pension is accepted and implemented by the Govt. as per PCDA pension Allahabad circular No. 370 and Ministry of Defence letter No.PC 10 (1)/2009-D (Pen/Pol) dt 08-03-2010. A Subedar of group A/X retired after completing of 28 years of service will get pension of Rs 13105 (Table No.36) as per above letter. Whereas a Subedar retired on 01 Oct 2008 after competing same service in same group is getting Rs 11535. It means the pensioners of post 2006 will get less pension then pre-2006 pe Sub (Hony Sub Maj) Ravinder Kumar; The fight for rights and sacrifice by our military veterans after retirement is really appreciable. Thanks and best wishes to all the members of IESM. EX-JWO SIBA PRASAD NANDA; I just read the MOM of the core group that met recently.I have 2 suggestions a) At least 5-6 members need to be from the Ex JCOs or below ranks from all services. b) Taking support from Pol. Parties like BKS will not help. Can understand the sentiments of the ESM who are from the farmers fraternity. For effective action a party that is vociferous and who has a hold in the parliament with at least 10 like minded MPs can only voice the opinion of the ESM on the floor.The parties who are more caste M.ChEARII( Ind. Navy Vijoy K Ambasta; The problem is not only from politicians and Banus but also from our own service headquarters who needs to implement the GOI letter in the sprit it speak. GOI letter dated 11 Nov 2008 made it very clear that pension more beneficial from Annexure I and III shall be allowed. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; Continuation of above comment: The holding of rank for 10 month very clearly removed in the above GOI letter dated 11 Nov 08, i wrote several letters but no reply i recieved from NHQ. I see no major difference with the politician, Babus and also our own headquarters. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; Continuation of above comment: The holding of rank for 10 month very clearly removed in the above GOI letter dated 11 Nov 08, i wrote several letters but no reply i recieved from NHQ. I see no major difference with the politician, Babus and also our own headquarters. Master-At-Arms IB Singh; Could you please give me the name & contact number of ECHS Help Cell With warm regards Cdr Rajinder Giani; The new membership form looks neat,but the bottom reciept portion could have included the letterhead as the previous form.As a convener of Mysore, photocopying of the same for distribution would have carried more value, since the reciept portion would be retained by the member. Sgt Sunil Rao.M.R.; Please include a link prominently to download application form for membership. Col RP Gopalan; This is in response to the “APPEAL” issued by the Secretary, AICC, Capt Praveen Davar. The pension is very personal and not a “Charity”. It has been earned. If one recalls, this was not even accessible to one’s spouse till the other half is alive and therefore the “Pension Account” in the bank was always a single account and not a joint account. However this has changed in the past few years and now one can have a joint account. However, I shall like to mention that as long as the pension is p Sub Maj AK Banerjee; Dear Sir, !.Resently I have noticed that I am not getting circulars and news signals. 2.My name wrongly spelled in list of IAF no.002298L.Pl correct. SGT SARASWAT BHAURAO; Does the IESM have its chapters in other states? If yes, where are its chapters in Jharkhand and West Bengal? Lt Col Ranjit Barkakoty; IESM should commence e-mail facility either its own or through groups managed by a team. Lt Col(retd) GV Sreedhar; Sir, I want to become life member. However I could not any form on the website. Kindly help. Lt Col CR Jayawant; Veterans should thank the PM for having finally given his nod for pension parity to PBOR. As an ex-PBOR, I also convey my gratitude to the veterans who tirelessly fought for it and won. But, in the process we should not forget our ex-Officers who stood by us in the agitations. Will Government consider their plea too? B’coz, the issue of OROP is somewhat unique to the Defence Services, whether it is PBOR or Officer rank. I would also like to mention here one of the major career anomalies faced Ex-Nk Balakrishna; Veterans should thank the PM for having finally given his nod for pension parity to PBOR. As an ex-PBOR, I also convey my gratitude to the veterans who tirelessly fought for it and won. But, in the process we should not forget our ex-Officers who stood by us in the agitations. Will Government consider their plea too? B’coz, the issue of OROP is somewhat unique to the Defence Services, whether it is PBOR or Officer rank. I would also like to mention here one of the major career anomalies faced Ex-Nk K.P.Balaji; With reference to PC10(1)/2009-D(Pen/Pol) Dated 08 Mar, 2010 Table no.124.Pre 2006 MWO of X Group 28 yrs & above Pension is fixed to 13590/- where as Hon Fg Offr granted to MWO of same Group is fixed for 13500/-.By getting Hon. Commission he is degraded. Also refer NON APPLICABILITY 5.1 of above quoted letter. Hon. Fg Offr AR Sapre; In continuation to my previous message to the GOI MoD Letter dated 08/03/2010.Refer Table no.133 which gives the revised pension in respect of Pre 01/06/1953 Honorary Viceroy Commissioned Lt. & Capt. Revised to 15465/- & 16145/- respectively. Request is made that this must be projected for Justice to PCDA (Pension), Allahabad Hon. Fg Offr AR Sapre; I really appreciate Ex Naik Balakrisha and Balaji for the generous comment, My pesonal opinion ,I think some officers may comment regarding MS pay which is 6000 for them and 2000 for jawan and JCO when both are doing military servie. Again appreciate Balaji and Balakrishna. God will certainly be with you. Ex PO Sherin Kumar; I am a soldier and I will remain as one through out my life. There is no dearth of dedicated leaders in IESM.May God bless them all major KP Sreedharan(Retd.); iesm should clearly indicate the new pension benifits tothe members,at least in the web-site jwo k.c.sekharan; Dear comrades of IESM, My humble question is whether we should treat the retirement from active service as the end of the road...and spend the rest of the life fighting the babus for more peanuts as pension? Is it wrong to think of a second career in the civil? If not, why shouldn\'t we join together for reservation in promotion in civil jobs as it is given to other reserved categories? Kindly place your esteemed comments Ex-Nk Balakrishna; Dear sir, Kindly forward the anomalies to the concerned Dept. reflect in GOI,MOD letter no.pc10(1)/2009-D(Pen/pol dt8-3-2010 regarding revision of pension (PBOR) of pre 2006. 1.Refer para 5.1 & 5.2, widows, HONY.comm. officer & Reservists are totally neglected. 2.Pensions of Hony. viceroy.comm. officer granted Hony. rank of Hony LT & CAPT. ( PRE 1-6-1953) is revised as follows:- Table Rank 1-1-06 1-7-09 Diff. 133 Hony. LT 13500/- 15465/- 1965/- 133 HNY.CAPT. 13850/- HONY.CAPT. MANGAL SINGH; Dear Sir, I had submitted my register form alongwith a cheque for Rs 100/- arounf one year back. But, Neither I have received my registration No nor any confirmation from your end. It is requested ti please mail me the reason so that i can take the action accordingly. Thanks & Regards Nk Roop Sedhra; Table 133 hony. capt. 13850/- 16145/- 2295/- 3.Pensions ofMCPO1 & MWO (pre2006) is more than Hony.LT. Table 71&124 of group A/1/X (PRE2006)is raised from 11526/- to 13590/- ,which is more than than HONY.LT . IS IT JUSTFIED? HONY.CAPT. MANGAL SINGH; I would also like to mention here one of the major career anomalies faced by ex-service men. People have a deep rooted notion that we are fit for nothing other than security jobs. The re-employment in Civil is open to us at the lowest rung of the ladder bcoz by the time we come out of the Service, we cross the age limit for middle level entry, even thru competitive exams. The situation resembles a snake and ladder game where we can’t reach a level on par with our age and experience. Once re-empl Nk (Ex) Balakrishna; Once re-employed, the masters find us most reliable and competent to entrust more and more work bcoz they can’t extract work from the youngsters. But when the question of promotion and career prospects arises, we are placed at the far end of the queue merely bcoz we joined later!. While in Service, we are always in ‘queue’ and when we come out, we find ourselves at the end of another queue!!. I am afraid no OROP can make up this loss. Jai Hind!!! Nk(Ex) Balakrishna; It is suggested that the exact anamolys of 4th Pay Commission be communicated and IESM can take up the issue with the Govt quoting the orders of the Supreme Court on Major Dhanappan\'s case. Thank you Lt Col Ranjit Sinha; I will feel obliged if the address of Major Dhanappan is communicated. Thank you Lt Col Ranjit Sinha; My Membership registered in Oct 2009 is not available in the list available. Please confirm my membership Warrant Officer R.N.Thiruchelvam; Dear Sir,I enclosed two drafts in Apr\'10 ,including one against Hon Capt Uthaman A for your Registration towards Permnt Membership Vide SBI Kayamkulam Draft machine No.493650 for Rs.200. My membership/Id has been activated but no trace of another application and the Draft.Kindly check your end and confirm pl.I have not received any official confirmation even after 3 months. MAJOR SUSEELAN K; I have sent life membership form along with a cheque for Rs 1550.00 by DTDC courier on 12 may 2010 .Kindly confirm receipt on my e-mail . COLONEL Amal krishna sarkar; Sir, Who bestows the Emeritus appendage for a Lt Gen? I had never read about it and nor can I find it elsewhere in the armed forces. Thanks Air Marshal (retd) S.Y. Savur; I have read the thought provoking excellent article \'why India is not a great nation\' published in IESM website written by Major General Mrinal Suman a highly decorated person. My salutation to him and IESM.I am very much impressed with this article and feel this should have widercirculation Atleast to all press, senior politicians, bureaucrats and well known social workers in the country. If funds and logistics permit for IESM they may even print in a small booklet not only this article and f Ex-LAC S. Suri, Founder & Chairman, N; I received the membership card. Thanks Wg Cdr SC batra; Hello! I am Wg Cdr Subhash Bhutani from NOIDA but am out of the country at present. I am not getting \'RMS\' mails regularly. \'RMS\' mails are the ONLY contact point for me to remain updated on day to day developments.Could you please look in to the matter and get me these mails sent at my registered e-mail ID which is Thanks, Sincerely yours, Wg Cdr Bhutani. Wg Cdr Subhash Bhutani; It is hurting to learn that cards of Membership are issued by the IESM but I registered in Oct 2009 is still left in the dark about the membership. Please clear WOI R.N.Thiruchelvam; We should learn to respect the Govt of the day. By criticising the Party in the saddle all efforts of thousands of Veterans will be in vain.Those in high up in the IESM should show high maturity while expressing IESM problems. Alienating power centers is sure us take farther away from our aim. The core group should understand that each one of you are there to further aspiration of ESM not to utter or pen what you feel like. Be worldly wise do not harm the cause of the Movement, note this is a ca Lt Col GV Sreedhar; Now as there are only two groups (x&y) for PBOR wef 1-1-2006 and minimum pension for SEPOY of group Y is Rs.4603/- wef 1-7-2009 (refer table no.2)as per letter no.pc10(1)/2009-d(pen?pol)dt.8-3-2010.The floor ceiling of Rs.3500/- is to be increased to Rs4603/-and thi benefit is to be given to the Family pensioners,Reservists pensioners and Pensioners in receipt of disability element. HONY.LT NARSINGH; MY disability was 30%. Without medical examination, it was reduced to 20% vide CORR PPO NO. M/DIS/202/1998 dated 27 AUGUST 1998 (a photocopy of which was supplied to me only on23 Sep 2009, when I went personally to the office of the PCDA,ALLAHABAD, to resolve the matter).With that I have become ineligible to draw disability pension vide PARA3 OF PCDA ALLAHABAD CIRCULAR NO429 Dated4March 2010.Iwas not sent for RESURVEY MEDICAL BOARD and request being made is not being entertained by PCDA nor any Lt. Col.(RETD) JC JOSHI; Sir! Could I know the latest update on the movement of the SC on its orders in favour of the anomaly on the Rank Pay as announced in the 5th CPC. Wg Cdr Subhash Bhutani; Earlier, till a few weeks back, all important circulars ans letters issued by Govt used to be conveyed to members and others courtsey \"Report my Signal\" which is no more so. Even messages fron IESM chirman and others were relayed through that channel. As of now there appears to be no regular arrangement by which members are kept informed of all important communications. This can be done only by email service such as was that of \"Report my signal\" which shold now be done by IESM as an organis COL PK GARG; At edit profile there is no way one can add/edit the date of Birth. Ltcol P N Krishnan; 1.The Service numbers do have provision for prefix and suffix. 2. What are the rates of Subscription for Hony ranks. It is not mentioned anty where. Ltcol P N Krishnan; Please intimate IESM number of Ex WO SS Anand IAF,application form with Bank Maharastra CBD Belapur, DD 233228 of 15 jan 2009 Rs 200/- was sent from Navi Mumbai in jan/feb 09.Also when can receipt be expected? Brigadier Dharam Prakash; None has so far talked about equation of farmer ranks of Lt,Capt,Maj and Lt Col with present ranks of Capt,Maj , Lt Col and Col (incl Navy&AF );consequent to situation arising after abolition of rks of 2nd Lieut and redesignation of appointments of platoon,coy and unit cdr with revised ranks.All those armed forces officers who have struggled through those wars of 1948,1962,1965 and 1971;and on whose sacrifices the AF and the NATION are enjoying every thing of today. THOSE SUBSTANTIVE CAP Lt Col A B G Reddy; None has so far talked about equation of farmer ranks of Lt,Capt,Maj and Lt Col with present ranks of Capt,Maj , Lt Col and Col (incl Navy&AF );consequent to situation arising after abolition of rks of 2nd Lieut and redesignation of appointments of platoon,coy and unit cdr with revised ranks.All those armed forces officers who have struggled through those wars of 1948,1962,1965 and 1971(retd in rks of Lt Col and below);and on whose sacrifices the AF and the NATION are enjoying every thing Lt Col A B G Reddy; sir, The AFT chandugagh passed orders for grant of OROP. months passed. Since the govt has not applied for any stay, can it be constriued as that the govt agrees to it. Kindly advise us as to what is ur point on this thanks. havildar k kurup; Why does the site need compulsory payment? This restricts its reach. It should be opent oo the world. Then the pathetic letters to editors etc will get public notice. There will be no need to get them published in the paper. The articles can be promoted by Facebook and Twitter., Group Captain Kapil Bhargava; Thanks .I have received my life membership card along with receipt . However, address written on envelop is not correct address . It should be Barasat and not Barsat as written . Pin code is kolkata-700124 .rest ok . COLONEL Amal krishna sarkar; My Membership is 003593L.Are you issuing Membership Card to all members ? I have not received any.Kindly do needful as deemed fit. Also advise all on policy.---Wg Cdr H C Vidyarthi Wg Cdr H C VIDYARTHI; Your website leader reads \"The Indian Ex Servicemen Movement, hereafter referred to as IESM is an All India Federation of Ex Servicemen\'s organizations.\" May I know the ESM organisation in Tamil Nadu so that I may contribute to it. Air Marshal S Y Savur; Sir, I have taken the work of orop on IOB banks around Thanjavur (tamilnadu) and completed pension work for all pbors. On, this I could notice some discrepancy and pension could not be done proper for only disablity element pensioners as software provided by the bankers are not capable to handle it correctly. Disability given before 2004 are not updated as on 1986,1996.2004 and 2006. so the least low amount only is being paid as pensioners are not aware of this.What could be done. ex sgt P.JAGANNATHAN; Respected Sir,I have registered the application form being sent by courier 09-06-2010 DDNo-964215 union bank Naik S..Albert john louis; Could I have a copy of the approval for the IESM being an ALL INDIA FEDERATION OF MILITARY VETERANS\' ORGANISATION? Air Mshl S Y Savur; Dear Sir, Please refer to IESM OBJECTS AGAINST USAGE OF \'\'DEMEANING\'\' TERMINOLOGY PBOR ‘A person holding position of authority or trust, especially one with commission in armed forces; policeman or policewoman; president, treasurer, etc of society etc’ is how the word ‘Officer’ defined in the Oxford Dictionary. In the context of the Indian Army an ‘Officer’ is only a commissioned officer and not the junior commissioned or non commissioned officer. I find the term PBOR a convenient shor Lt Col (Retd) Avinash Karnik; My dear Avinash, Appears you served and retired in the Victorian era, that\'s why u refer to the Oxford dictionary to define non-commissioned or junior commissioned officers. It is the mis-deeds of the parents that one has to join the Service as a jawan, not the lack of brains. mind it. When a major General could relish this fact, what the hell are u born with the colonial genes? Naik Balakrishna; Dear sir,Our retired PBORS and JCOs have received their dues in respect of the new hike. What about the case of retired pre-2006 OFFrs and when can I expect the same be implemented ?Thank U MAJOR SUSEELAN K; Sir, My Membership is 0056691,I have not at recieved my membership card. HFL VV Kanthan HFL V Vallikanthan; I submitted my application form with the necessary amount in cheque through a letter to Gen Kadiyan some 2/3 years ago.Till date I have received no ack nor does my name appear in the list?Can I have the status please. Lt Gen R I S Kahlon; Dear Sir,I sent Bank Draft of Rs. one thousand (Rs.500 membership fee & Rs.500 donation) in Ist week of Sep 2010 by Regd post.Not finding my name in membership list or no info received.Kindly reconcile. Lt Col Avtar Singh Nanda; I sent an Email to Gen Rajkadyan on Jun 29 and posted a cheque for Rs.5000/- to IESM at 543,Sec 23Gurgaon. I have heard nothing. Pl confirm receipt of cheque. Thanks and good wishies. CPO WRITER KARNAIL GREWAL; this is just a humble suggestion. could we keep this site slightly more updated? THANKS AND WARM REGARDS. wg cdr sc kapoor; I am life member of IESM. Membership No.002298L. My Correct name is \" SARASWAT BHAURAO \"PL CORRECT & OBLIGE SGT SARASWAT BHAURAO; Did IESM notice any special mention on Armed Forces or Ex-servicement and their welfare by the Hon\'ble PM or President of India on this year independence day. Any comments please. LAC Suri. S; membership fees instead of sending draft suggest it can be paid on line using credit card, can be tied up with iesm bankers regards brig d kuberoy; Suggestions Search option in view stats possible to add date of birth and cell no in profile thanks Col S K Jain; I live 20km. away from the ppolyclincs.Ihave to report sick I have to spend 125to and fro. My addressis as under what is the solutions... Kumar Sohoni Q 401Pinnac memories ph2 KOTHRUD PUNE 411038 Sergent ExAirman Kumar Sohoni; in continution of the message I wish to state neither I get medical allowance nor this facility since I live too far away form th clinic. Somany of the people live here in Kothrud and othe places who cannot awail this facility... This is the fact and what can be done??? SGT Kumar Sohoni; Very well Done by IESM for we war ex.war warriors for recognition to a common man who is totally blank about Armed Forces services & people involved like we all. I wish to join this & dedicate to raise the this organisation in Mumbai. DALJEET Ex.Sgt IAF Daljeet Singh Anand; Is is permitted to credit the member ship fee on line in IESM Bank Account. Will be lot easier to make payment of membership fee by net banking Lt Col Madan M Sharma; Dear Sir,I sent Bank Draft of Rs. one thousand (Rs.500 membership fee & Rs.500 donation) in Ist week of Sep 2010 by Regd post.Not finding my name in membership list or no info received.Kindly reconcile. Lt Col Avtar Singh Nanda; I had filled up the membership form and attached a local cheque of Rs 500. Same was sent to the address given in the form 10 days back. Can I have an update about my membership please. Col Col KK Sharma; Sir Today a Hindi news paper PATRIKA Jabalpur edition on page 14carried statement by RM Shri Anthony that the SC has not directed MOD to form a separate pay commission for Def but Govt has decided to form a separate pay commission for defence pers in future. Lt Col (Retd)_ MM Sharma; Dear ex-servicemen, I am also an ex-serviceman from Indian Army, Corps of Military Police; retired wef 01 Sep 1998. I have firm evidences that SBI dishonored existing legal rights of ex-servicemen for 14.5% reservation in Banking Sector. If we check SBI initial recruitment advertisement NO. CRPD/CR/2009-10/04 of 23rd July 2009, we find it that they advertised different percentages of reservation for ex-servicemen category in different state with different yard-sticks. They advertised l Ex Combatant Clerk Prakashbhai Thakrar; SIr, Please refer member no 008966L In my profile the following amendment may please be made (a) Against address in place of exiting geddata Halli ammend to read geddalahall. (b)Against Pin add 560077 (c) Retirement date amend as 31 05 2000. (d) Against Nok add the name Mrs kanthimayee V, before the word wife Lt Col (Retd) BK Viswanatha; It\'s a matter for ECHS.My application for upgradation of smart card sent to Regional centre Delhi cantt on 20 Sept 2010 by Polyclinic Lodhi Road New Delhi has not yet materialised.The above application also contains a request for change of my polyclinic from Lodhi Road to sector 37 NOIDA; where i am shifting shortly in my own house at sector 21 Jalvayu Vihan Noida. All my efforts to ascertain status of my application from Lodhi Road; the Regional centre via e- mail /telephone proved futile.The LT COL (T.S) Lt Col Manjit SinghKhurana; Mem.No26 L. I paid Rs. 5000/- on 19 oct10 as donation. Till date no receipt has been received. Gp.Capt J.Sivaraman; Referral system from parent polyclinic or service hospitals should be done away. Parent polyclinic rule be abolished.ESM be given free hand to choose polyclinic for treatment or empanelled hospitals. L/Nk Praveen Singh; There is no representation of JCOs/OR in your working committee. If you give representation to one member in your working committee, it will strength your org. good feeling among the JCOs/OR as their voice is being heard. L/Nk Praveen Singh; My IESM membership No is 001723L.There is a mistake in my address.I live in Sector 2 , Panchkula and not Sector 21 as shown.Please correct BRIG HC MALHOTRA; My medals were handed over to Maj Gen Satbir Singh at his residence on 12 Sep 2009 by my son Vipul Malhotra.However my name does not appear in the medal returned list on this site. This may be clarified BRIG HC MALHOTRA; Earlier my name in the veterans list was included twice and i was allotted Nos 0542L and 0564L However now my name has figured only once with Membership No 0542L but all other details of my address, Station,telephone No and even Email, all are missing in front of my name in the list. All details should be provided like in the case of other members Lt Col K K Choudhary; My membership No. is 826L. I visited the site to view my profile and find there is no information. I clicked on Edit Profile and filled in the boxes which the system allowed and then clicked on \ Col T N Baba; Dear Sir, I am an Ex-serviceman from IAF.I served from 10-06-1961 to 09-06-1970 and I was on reserve till 30-06-1976.I signed for 9 years plus 6 years reserve.30-06-1976 I got my final discharged.Air H.Q.send me a pension forms at my address in Canada.I filled up pension forms and sent to Air H.Q.Pension Dept.After few weeks I got reply that You ( I )left beyond the limit of India.Air H.Q. gave me permission ( N.O.C.)to Immigrate to Canada.I wrote many letters to AFRO and higher author Cpl..Service No.2370 Ganpatbhai C. Patel; I am an Ex-Cpl.I served 1961 to 1970 and on reserve for 6 years.My final discharged 30-06-1976.I filled up my pension forms and sent to Air HQ but they never paid my reservist pension.My reservist pension is due since 30-06-1976.During reservist period I came to Canada.Air HQ gave me N.O.C.letter to Immigrate to Canada.They refused my reservist pension because I left beyond the limit of India.Why they gave me N.O.C. letter, I should have not come to Canada.Now they say I left beyound the limit o Cpl.237021 Ganpatbhai C. Patel; latest welfare news for exservicemen havildar v.sekar; I, JC-754347 M Sub (Hony Sub Maj) Ravinder Kumar (Retd) wants to draw your attention on some observation of latest pension policy. One rank one pension is accepted and implemented by the Govt. as per PCDA pension Allahabad circular No. 370 and Ministry of Defence letter No.PC 10 (1)/2009-D (Pen/Pol) dt 08-03-2010. A Subedar of group A/X retired after completing of 28 years of service will get pension of Rs 13105 (Table No.36) as per above letter. Whereas a Subedar retired on 01 Oct 2008 after co Sub (Hony Sub Maj) Ravinder Kumar; KINDLY MAKE PROVISION TO SEARCH A MEMBER BY NAME,IC NO.,ARM WISE ETC TO FACILITATE THE SEARCH. COL A P KHANNA; I have not received the membership card till date. My membership No. is 2485. Wg Cdr CAV Murthy; Procedure for becoming a member of IESM may be simplified.My log in efforts have not succeeded despite Wg Cdr Sharma\'s advice Lt Col vishnukmehrotra; I had sent a DD for Rs.500/- on the Punjab National Bank, Sainikpuri Secunderabad, sometime in November 2010, towards Membership. So far I have not received any acknowledgement from you. Please look into the same at the earliest and allot me some reference no. Colonel S K Murthy; Dear friends ,I have neither yet received the arears of the" same rank same pension award" nor received enhanced pension under the said award.I have written to many powers that be to help me receive the same.No conducive success has yet been achieved. One of my friend told me about this movement yesterday and I am with you today.I have downloaded the registration form and will send it duly filled to the required address alongwith requisite fees within a day or two. I congratulate all the memb Craftman VM(MV) Dayadhar T. Sharma; I paid Rs 500.00 as Life Membership Fee to Coordinator, IESM, Punjab vide Receipt No. IESM/Pb/M/ dt 05/03/09 but my name has not yet been added in the list of members. May I know the status pls. Maj Gen BPS Virk; I had paid Rs.600/- on 30 Jun 2009 and applied for member ship on line. Till today I donot find my name in the list of members, nor I can log in. Of course I am getting all the mails. Couple mails to has not resulted in generating any reply !!. I do know that every on in the org are doing an excellent work, hence never thought of writing on this subject often. With regards Col. S. Srikantha; Am an ex serviceman who left NAVY on expiry of my tenure of 10 years. I am holding a Smart Card and an Ex- serviceman card from ZSB. I am appalled to know that am not entitled to take a car through CSD,cause I have n`t put in 15 years service Ex-Chief artificer ( S.V.Rao; Sir can any one tell & take up the matter with higher ups why the csd quota of liqour & grocery items are reduced and also other asspect are not considered for honorary lt,hony capt.are they not the member of armed force and also like to know why they are treated like this either they are counted as jcos/officer after putting 35+ year of honourable service they are been grantted honorary commissioned rank pls do not degrade them. Hfl Vallikanthan; 1. Is it possible to have the trailing flash news to trail a little slower? 2. Could you pl. post any news on likely date of the implementation of recent judgment on Majors/ Sqn Ldrs/ Lt Comdrs pension upgradation? Regards Srinivasan Sqn.Ldr(Retd) Sqn.Ldr(Retd) H.Srinivasan; Repeating querry,Hope to get an answer: Sqn.Ldr(Retd) H.Srinivasan 1. Is it possible to have the trailing flash news to trail a little slower? 2. Could you pl. post any news on likely date of the implementation of recent judgment on Majors/ Sqn Ldrs/ Lt Comdrs pension upgradation? Regards Srinivasan Sqn.Ldr(Retd) 2010-11-03 04:24:11 Sqn.Ldr(Retd) H.Srinivasan; I do not find my name in Members List.Kindly revert Lt.Col. Ramesh Kumar Saini; I am indeed very happy to see this Web site. A lot of hard work. sweat and toil has gone into into it to create the data base. My compliments to the team and the leader for doing this great job. Well done. Heartiest congratulations. Balbir Maj Gen Balbir K Kataria; Sir, Fwd a very disturbing mail received in my mail box today. You may like to issue rebuttal if considered appropriate Madan Dear Veterans, 1. Beware of Gen Satbir & party. They have Lost 1st Court Case. 2. Stay order on their Mtg & Rally dt 27 & 28 Nov 2010, is in progress the court case filed. Copy being issued on 15/11/10. 3. Generals have lost the Court case No 1 ( ie Mallfunctioning of IESM Gen Gp) and told to hand over charge to newly elected IESM Governing Body, ie Col Bhardwaj, She Lt Col Madan Sharma; Respected sir, Is there any privilage for ex servicemen living accmn who is serviceing in central govt or public sector nk ksrinivasarao; my email and phone no are wrong in my profile mem no1406L kindly correct them ab joshi brig AKHIL BANDHU JOSHI; I would like to fill the online registration form and make the payment through HDFC online banking. I did not find any online registration link. Could you kindly let me know the procedure for filling the online registration form. Major Ramesh Ramachandran; I have not received my lifemembership number and card. Lt Cdr G.S.Beniwal; sir if hony niab sub is granted pension of regular niab sub why hony sub maj and hony sub has been considered for this benifits . hony sub kanwal jit singh gill; SIR,WHY EX-SERVICE MAN NOT ELIGIBLE FOR TRITMENT IN ANY ECHS WITHOUT TAC SIR PLEASE HELP OR TAKE UP THIS MATTER TO HIGHER ECHS AUTHORITY.BECAUSE WE SREVE IN ALL INDIA LEVAL. SIR, PLEASE HELP FOR THIS MATTER. WITH WARM REGARDS S K SINGH BILASPUR (C.G) NK SUNIL KUMAR SINGH; Sir,Ihave not received my life membership number I have registered in 2008 at pune EX SGT BHARADWAJ S S; I had submitted an application for membership with a draft for Rs. 500/-, about two months ago. I have not yet received my membership details/ any intimation Col K Mohandasan; Pl Send procedure for officers living abroad. To get your point through the Govt - chase bureaucrats and not the politicians - bureaucrats run countries not politicians. Lt Col (Retd) K B Mehta; Data of IC-25754A Col Bajwa Saranjit Singh was uploaded by me on 2010-12-17. His cheque on HDFC, Phase 7, Mohali (No. 220811 dt 2010-10-10) was deposited in HDFC, Sect-32, Chandigarh on 2010-12-11. Kindly intimate his membership status. His name doesn\'t find mention in the January 1 list. Brig Kiran Krishan; Need more clarification Regarding the jobs available for Ex Servicemen in Central Railways Mumbai. Captian P.Ramdass; I am having a GROUP formed in the GMAIL GROUP and also planning to donate WEBSITES few ex=servicemen associations. If any associations are there with out websites, please ask them to send the details of the association to my email. In this connection please refer the conditions to get the website in my website Ex-Sgt Sethuram KS; Sir , I had requested that we adopt the link for on line payment through net banking/ debit card/ credit card as well as filling membership Form on line , this will help many overseas ESM to remit payments / donations and become members of the excellent org. Thanks & regards Jai Hind Lt Col MM Sharma; DRAWAL OF GENERAL STORES BY ESM Sir Because of a strange but trueTUGLAQI FARMAN issued by HQ Madhys Bharat Area Jabalpur to all Station units The ESM community of this station have been debarred from drawing general stores from any other canteen but from the Station Canteen known as Cobra Canteen. The unfortunate and mindless order has put the ESM community to uncalled for hardship as they are being forced to travel longer distances to draw the grocery stores. The said unethical order has Lt Col MM Sharma; u are doing great service to us all ex u believe that the present form of rallies will get us anywhere?or will taking to the street draw better attention.up gradation of any system or form is essential for progress brig retd bhim singh jamwal; Ref my Membership No. 001583L I tried to search my name through \ Maj Gen (Retd.) Srivastava Govind Swaroop; SIR,I WANTS TO SUBMIT ON LINE MEMBERSHIP FORM AND REMIT MEMBERSHIP FEE SO KINDLY GUIDE ME. EX NK s k singh; sir,have deposited Rs 1100(100+1000) cash in IESM a/c at HDFC bank,sector-17,vashi,navi mumbai on 13jan11 and have couriered my membership form alongwith cash deposit slip on14jan11.kindly confirm receipt. CDR N T KEKAN; Iam a life member of iesm. It is very sad that tis org. has done anything to put light on Maj & eqv. pension. iesm has shown as if they even dont know the rank Ihave attended the rally of Gen. Kadiyan in H P .Now it all of the days gone by.We have started to fight the system our own way and found officer like Lt Cdr Avtar Singh to take up the cause through various channels LtCdr.Retd. Kalidas; Sir I WOULD LIKE TO DRAW YOUR ATTENTION XSM FACE LOT OF PROBLEMS IN LUCKNOW STATION HEAD QTR. FIRST THEY WILL CALL US ON PARTICULAR DATE,LATER IT IS SAID CONCERNED OFFICER NOT SIGNED WHY SO MAN REACHING FROM 20-30KMS KINDLY DO NEEDFUL.Thanking You sgt s tiwari; Dear Sir, I retired from Core of Signals through invalided medical board out on 01/11/1981. I am interested to become life members of your prestegious organization IESM. kindly let me know about online registration and transferring the requisite membership amounts through internet banking on email as mentioned above. I would be , indeed, highly obliged for this act of kindness. Yours truely, DAYA RAM VERMA Ex-Signalman DAYA RAM; I retired from the army on 04 Aug 2010. I applied for membership of ECHS while in service.A few days back I received a letter from Regional Centre(ECHS) Delhi Cantt that I should collect my ECHS cards from Stn HQ Bangalore as they have been dispatched there. When I went to collect them, I was told I would have to pay Rs 60000-00 minus the amount I had paid(Rs 18000-00) when I joined the ECHS.The decision to increase the ECHS membership fee was taken vide letter No:B/49784/AG/ECHS dated 05 Oct 20 Col H B Lalwani; Sir Today i have joined with IESM meeting at Bhiwani. I belong to Distt Jind. i visited to bhiwani because i want to see You and listen to your voice, which moreover cover to ESM problems in our socialism.but it can not complete, as you can not attend the meeting, i will attend in future or delhi. plz guide us . thanks from Snjiv Kumar Ex Hav , VPO Shahpur, Distt JIND (HR). Reply soon Thanking you. Havildar Sanjiv Kumar; Rs 5000/ have been electronically transfered on 12 Feb 2011 to your bank.Kindly send me the receipt for the donation. Maj Gen (Retd) W S Chona; Sir,I received some calls from my friends regarding not getting pension arrears as per 6th pay commission till date.They also told that they are not getting pension as per 6th pay commission and orop wef 01/07/2009. I suggested them to become member of IESM and feed your complaint to them.I tried my best to guide them regarding their problem.I request you to guide me on this. Thank you sir. SGT S S BHARADWAJ; I have deposited Rs 500/- on 15/02/2011 by cheque no 141176 in the account No 06162000001330 as membership fee. Kindly have me registere me for membership Air Cmde K S Hundal; SIR, I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE DETAILS OF MEMBER NO 4879 AND 5164 SGT S S BHARADWAJ; Sir , I had requested that we adopt the link for on line payment through net banking/ debit card/ credit card as well as filling membership Form on line , this will help many overseas ESM to remit payments / donations and become members of the excellent org. Thanks & regards Jai Hind L/Nk Harish Kumar R; Is the organisation defunct? Not heard anything about it in the media or seen results of its effort. Lt Col Ranjit Barkakoty; Sir, kindly confirm whether sending of PPOs copies are mandatory with membership registration forms CDR POKAR RAM; Sir, My mobile phone number has been changed to 9414056782 (instead of 9435056782). I tried to update it online but could not succeed. It is requested that the same be updated online please CDR POKAR RAM; My date of retirement is 31 August 1993 and not 30 August 1993 . I tried to correct it but could not. wg cdr shanti kumar jain; Sir, I have been allotted membership number 9788L. But my personal details have not yet been updated. Kindly update the same at your earliest. Thanks CPO DUNGAR RAM; Sir, A consolidated cheque number 333810 dated 12 Oct 2010 was given towards registration/membership of 04 retired service personnel. However name of Ragunath Ram Bisnoi CH MECH is still not found registered on the website. kindly confirm CPO DUNGAR RAM; Sir, Pl improve the web site.The online registration does not open at all. It does not open up into 4 rows like Major K.L.Pannir Selvam; Some JCOs and ORs retired post 01 Jan 2006 are getting less pension to their counterparts retired on pre-2006. Has Govt improved the pension of these affected persons. Kindly give latest information on this subject. Sub Ravinder Kumar; 1. Contact us link should be on the home page and not nested ink the feedback section. 2. Email addresses for contacting each cell of IESM should be available on the Contact Us page. Col SK PARANJAPE; Please correct my address in donation column/records, it is B 1/114 and not B 11/114.Also Ihave not recd any ack/comn from you. Regards Brig Rajesh Kumar; I had sent Indian Bank, Defence Colony, New Delhi Chq No 973330 dt 08/02/2011 for Rs 1000.00 towards Life Membership Fees & donation. Have not received Membeship/registration as yet. Request please intimate the same. Lt Col Baljit Singh Gadhoke; Dear sir, I had sent a completed application form with all documents and a cheque for Rs. 500, towards life membership. Till now, not received any confirmation, membership number and ID card. Please look into the matter. Regards Major Rajesh Mittal; sir, forth coming Election duty as an ex serviceman can wear service uniform kindly confirm. EX HFL L ANTONY SWAMY; HON,BLE AFT CHANDIGARH JUDGEMENT IN FAVOUR OF HONORARY COMMISSIONED OFFICER,S-PRE 2006 RETIREES. I am happy to inform you all that Hony. LT,s & Hony. Capt,s have won the cases filed with Hon,ble AFT Chandigarh for correct revision of their Service Pension i.e.Hony.LT form 13500/-to 15465/-& Hony. Capt. from 13850/-to 16145/- There were 26 HCO,s from panipat distt.(Army-19 ,Navy-03 &Airforce-03) The Judgement was pronounced on 30-5-2011 in our favour. Hony.LT narsingh; correction to my statement dt29-5-2011 regarding good news for Hony. Nb.Subedar,s. Ir repective of length of service the service pension of these Hony. Naib Subdar,s who won the cases in AFT is fixed as per the Corr, PPO is as Follows:- A/X Group=8450 B,C,D&E/X&Y Group,s =7750. Hony.Lt narsingh; SIR, PLEASE TEL ME ABOUT PCDA CIR NO - 453 DATED 22/02/2011 IN DETAILED BENEFIT OF ESM/ REVISION OF PENSION PRE 2006 PENSIONERS. NK SUNIL KUMAR SINGH; Sir, I submitted Membership Form dated 04 April 2011 along with Bank of Baroda DD No 498817 for Life Membership.But no any confirmation received from the registration authority.Please intimate the above DD & Regn Form recd or not. Thanks & Regards. P Soman Pillai Hony Capt MIG 55, Kanha Kunj, Kolar, Bhopal JC 223770 H P Soman Pillai; Congratulations to "Indian Express" for a bold realistic lengthy feature yesterday(12 April--Page 3)on the shoddy treatment being meted to ex-servicemen. Sqn Ldr(Retd) Joseph D'silva; Req amend contact no to +919878641454 in my profile.I am unable to edit my profile.Also best wishes for the great job being done by IESM team.____Wg Cdr H C Vidyarthi Wg Cdr H C Vidyarthi; one rank one pension 7year service only gnr k subash; Dear Webmaster, Ref Membership No. 002643L. Complete data in my personal profile is missing. Kindly look into the matter.Thanks. Lt Col B V Shirali; Dear sir, I had sent a MO for Rs. 100, towards life membership. Till now, not received any confirmation, and ID card. Please inform me whether received my fee or not. Regards Sgt Kar Swadesh Dineshchandra; I had sent email to chairman on 25/4 re MH facilities for SSCO/ECO its circulation. What is the feedback. Regards CAPT KULDEEP KHERA; I have ECHS & CSD Smart Cards for me & my spouse separately. What kind of ID my spouse can use to get concession on airlines like Indigo/Jet/Spice. I have my ESM Card from DSSAB though my spouse does not have one like except the above MCPOII Vijoy K. Ambasta; DEAR ADMIRAL GHOSE AND CDR PATHAK SIR I RETD AS HONY LT (IN) ON 31/12/98.IHAVE BEEN GETTING PENSION OF RS 5425/-AFTER 6CPC THE PENSION IS INCREASED TO 13850/.AS PER GOVT OF INDIA LETTER DATED 08/03/10 THE PENSION OF ALL JCOs AND ORs WERE ENHANCED BUT NOT OF HONORARY RANKS,WHO ARE ALSO COUNTED AS JCOs FOR ALL PURPOSESHOWEVER VICEROYS COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ARE GIVEN INCREASED PENSION OF 16145 FOR CAPTAINS AND 15465 FOR LT . SECODLY THE FITMENT HAS NOT BEEN DONE CORRECTLY.AS PER GAZZET NOTIFICATION HONY LIEUTENANT (RET SUDESH KUMAR; I am a life member and regular reader of our IESM mails. I find the result of cases of mostly officers . Please publish the result of other Ranks problems also, so that the feelings of other Ranks - IESM is giving a step motherly treatment towards other ranks. Alos I find there is only officers in the committees which is not healthy. We are all veterans all should be included, the officers may head/ lead the team. This is my sincere feed back and which may be cinsidered in the right spirit. Sgt S.Kanthiah; Do you have a helpline tele no for the def pensioners to seek info/guidance mon pension matters. many ORs have yet to get revised pension and bankers are not behaving. Brig (Retd) S C Arora; A purely stepmother treatment has been metted out to the retired honorary commissioned officers of the defence services by various government agencies including the three wings of the defence services and various ex-servicemen organisatiions. It appears that the genuine problems of these categories of pensioners have not received due attention. We, the retired honorary commissioned officers, in Kozhikode District has formed an organisatiion titled Retired Honorary Commissioned Officers Associ Sub Maj & H/Capt K Velayudhan; MEM NO-003946 IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT PRE 1996 RETIREES ARE ENTITLED TO SOME ENHANCED GRATUITY. CAN I GET SOME DETAILS? SHALL BE MOST OBLIGED. COL R C SINGAL ; Dear sir I am life member keep reading all the IESM blogs and messages would like to bring this to the notice of all concerned that this IESM is only for commissioned officer not for other ranks or for jco/honourary rank most of the the messages/cases taken up is only for commissioned officer once retiered from services they all veteran all equal and when any problem they come take other rank for their benefit Hfl VV Kanthan; I had become a member of IESM. I had sent my application and membership fees of Rs 500-00 by ICICI bank cheque no: 159279 to the Gurgaon office of IESM. The cheque was debited to my account on 28 May 2011. I have not received any acknowledgement of the same . Please expedite. Col H B Lalwani; Editing of profile information is NOT being accepted by the system CDR LS SURENDRA; I find that my profile has not yet been updated. I also do not have details of my membership. I had paid a sum of Rs.5000 towards donation and Rs.500 towards membership on 18 Feb 2011. Col S.V.Ramachandran; I am unable to edit my profile with New Mobile No. Tried thrice & got an error message. do Help Cdr Jacob T Kunnenkeril; I am unable to change the address. New address: 401 C Central Park II Gurgaon 122102 Maj Gen Lilu Tahiliani; Thanks a Million CK Sir i managed to log in, but could Not find my wife's details nor our address. Though i have received my IESM Card on our correct address, quite some time ago. 1. i forgot my IESM membership no. 2. Where & how do i find my Pension details ? 3. Is there a war wound / injury Pay / pension ? i was wounded, but without disability. 4. Due a road aciident that has left me on Crutches, proves Mumbai roads are more dangerous than Pak ground Fire ! Best Regards Sqn. Ldr. Parvez Jamasji; Please let me know my membership No. if I have one. with regards. Lt Col Devinder Singh IC14880 EME Lt Col Devinder Singh; kindly post news about echs for ssc offrs major rakesh sharma; I am unable to edit my particulars/data. When I press "submit" at the end of corrections made to the page, it shows "ERROR" and the data returns to the old page. Please corrrect my contact number to 9980012071 & NOK is Grace Kuruvilla. Thank you Regards, KC Air Cmde KC Kuruvilla; A large number of queries are being raised. May I request all the guests to forward such correspondence to for necessary action. Thanks CDR POKAR RAM; SIR, I HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED ON DISCIPLINE GROUND AFTER SERVING 9YR 3MONTHS, FR 15.09.1983 TO 14.12.1992, GOT GRATUITY, NO OTHER BENEFITS FROM IAF, MY QUERY IS AM I TREATED AS EX SM? ELIGIBLE TO GET JOB IN PSU/CENTRAL STATE GOVT. UNDER RESERVED QUOTA OF EXSM? CAN AVAIL CANTEEN(CSD) FACILITY, MH FACILITY? PL GUIDE. EX CORPORAL SUNIL TANK; I tried to edit nmy profile, but on submitting, got an error message, repeatedly, and finally i gave up. Brig Prem Hejmadi; Visited newly built ECHS Clinic, Gurgaon on 8.6.2011. When the clinic opened at 0800 hrs there were about 100 patients waiting outside. I recorded my name in the officers' list placed outside the clinic at 0745 hrs. I was No. 10 on the list. When the clinic opened, there was a scramble for registration. Having arrived 15 minutes before the opening time, I was No 10 on Medical Specialist's waiting list.Officers's waiting room did not have adequate seating arrangement. Maj BBL Narang; Name written : Shah VVK Pl. correct as : Shah VV W O Shah V V; kindly post news about echs facility for ss offrs major rakesh sharma; kindly post news about echs facility for ss offrs major rakesh sharma; sir , you wanted me to fill data. but all my efforts incl fresh regn has failed SOS. THE DETAILS U WANTED DOB 04-03-1940 DOC 11-12-1962 REGIMENT - ASSAM REGT [INF] pl give me a new id and password for my membership no iesm - life- 002251L regards blessings dr ram brig v ramanan; After signing afresh, tried to log in immediately thereafter, but was unable to do so as the ID & password were not being accepted. The signing up was successful though. Would appreciate if the reasons for this aberration are informed to enable accessing the site. Maj Gen Maj Gen(Retd) Inderjit Kashyap; email ID has been corrected major rakesh sharma; I am staying at Mahim (Mumbai). why cant I make use of INHS Ashvini polyclinic which is nearest for me but concerned polyclinic restricts and ask me to use native place ECHS polyclinic (i.g. Distt Jalgaon, MH where my pmt address falls in the jurisdiction). At the time of retirement initially the nearest native place clinic was mentioned in ECHS smart card (Jalgaon)where I dose not reside after getting job in Mumbai. SO I would like to suggest that why can't the polyclinics restriction is lifted CHMECH(P) PATIL SURESH SNATOSH; Online registered.Membership No:000861L. MEMBERSHIP CARD not received jwo kt ravindran; SIR,Iam retired and have old parentand they are living with me but iam not getting ration like sugar from RIS I contacted to sub area lucknow and complained, Jawans and JCO are not entited for this but in case of officer servent getting sugar,I would like to ask what kind of SIN done by parent remenber over a period every body will retire from service. HAV DATA SINGH; Sir, I had done my registration quite some time ago,paying Rs 500 through Wg Cdr Dinesh Bhardwaj. I had brought this to the notice of Maj Gen Surjit Singh, at the time, who had confirmed the same. I do not expect him to have any recollection of the matter. However, I have not received any Regn No & as such am unable to register into IESM, on line. Should it be a problem, I will make the payment again. I regret to be troubling you for this small matter and would be grateful to get a reply to en Brig Prabir Goswami; I am anew member (012022L) Iam working as med officer in echs.I can try to answerAny querries regarding echs. Major Rakesh Sharma; I Paid Rs 500 for membership & Rs 4500 as donation vide receipt No 592 dt 16/04/11 thro Col Sekri(Noida)Kindly confirm my Membership No. Colonel S K Vaid; Dear Sir, 1.Even after logging IN, I could not view my profile. Can you please help. Rgds 2. No RMS being received for last 5-6 weeks. Hope all well Lt Col IS Gill; Sir, I am a member of IESM. Reg. No. 002199L but still I am not getting any kind of information on my akhileshrai24@gmail.account. PO Akhilesh Kumar Rai; Dear Sir, I received an application form copy from one of my friend regarding the additional gratuity for pre-2006 retirees. Is it true or fake. I was retired from Airforce on 30 Nov 2002. Looking forward for your reply and advice. Thanking you, Sincerely K.Anilkumar Ex JWO K Anil Kumar; Sir, I am a reired Bank officer, dealt with pension problems and still continuing the service through our Exwel trust. I can solve any kind of pension prolems. My srvice may be utilsied. sergrant s.kanthiah; 1. Can't Login. Already registered User ID & Password. Wg Cdr Ajay Sharma; My membership No is 001723L.My correct address is : 436, Sector 2, PANCHKULA AND NOT SECTOR 21 AS SHOWN BRIGADIER HC MALHOTRA; I,IC-28128F Lt Col Avtar Singh Nanda (Retd),sent draft of Rs.1000/- (membership fee- Rs.500/- and Rs.500/- as donation)but do not find my name in the list of members.Please reconcile. Lt Col Avtar Singh Nanda; We had sent 10 new membership forms. Pl.confirm receipt. Sgt S.Kanthiah; pl upload latest info.only2009 and 2010 news being response on clicking FEEDBACK Lt Col V S VARMA; Dear Sir PAY FIXATION OF REEMPLOYED EX SERVICEMEN IN BANKS I, Gulshan Chand Gandhi, am an Ex-serviceman retired from Indian Air Force on 30th Jun 2007 after putting in 20 years of glorious service. Now I am working in State Bank of Patiala (Hereafter referred to as “Bank”) in Clerical cadre since 10th Sep 2009. I would like to clear some doubts regarding my pay fixation. First of all let me know whether I am eligible for pay fixation in my Bank, if yes, then up to what scale/extent. My Ex Sgt Gulshan Chand Gandhi; Thanks for intimating Membership No.009800L.Somehow name is missing from List at Glance. Kindly include name accordingly Lt Col Nanda AS; i have sent cheque no 178552 of hdfc bank varca dated 02 mar 11.the amt has been deducted from my far i have not recd membership no nor receipt. please do the needful major devakumar rn; BoB cut my pension without due authority. I approached CDA(P) who said they have to issue a fresh PPO. Please let me know whose responsibility is it to obtain fresh PPOs, individual officer or the Bank? Maj. Gen. SCN Jatar; Sir i have all iesm message read as intrusted so kindly you are requested time to time fwd with me.what about OROP position i hope near about . Thanks Regards Naik S Ramachandran Naik S Ramachandran; Sir, I would like to join as new member of IESM after filling membership form to whom should I hand over along with Rs. 400/- in PUNE since I am residing there,Iam retired from Indian Navy 31 Mar 1992,kindly email me person address /Mob so that I can hand over. Thanks®ards, T Nagarjuna Rao Pune CHIEF PETTY OFFICER TITTY NAGARJUNA RAO; From Lt Col MM Sharma “ASHIRWAD”, B-164, (Veteran ) Priyadarshni Society Dumna Airport Road Tele 0761 2600052, 2601510 Jabalpur (MP) 482001 Mob 9425155222 Lt Col MM Sharma; w ant to know about present state of echs membership for short service offrs. major rakesh sharma; IESM SHOULD SUPPORT ANNA HAZARE MOVEMENT, HE IS AN EX SERVICEMAN AND FIGHTING AGAINST CORRUPTION. LT COL RS MODGIL; Sir, would you please let me know whether the application form is available on line to fill and submit the same on line for registration along with money transfer to your HDFC Bk account. This is an easy method and most are used. If aavailable please let me know. Thanks,With regards, H/Capt(Retd) KR Raja Reddy, Tirupati, A.P. Hony Capt/Retd. Raaja Reddy KR; Sir I have recently come to know that the Hon Members of AFT Kochi has upheld the right of the widow of reemployed exservimanin SBI to receive two family pensions one from SBI and another from Defence.Is it not agreat anomaly that when anexserviman who is reemployed and retired receive two pensions aand his widow has to run from piller to post so as to receive the same. U r humbley requested to take up the matter with the respective authorities .Famil Hav A V Talegaonkar; Dear Sirs, I had forwarded an application on 26/4/2011 with a crossed intercity cheque drawn on PNB Colaba,Mumbai for Rs 500/-.The cheque has been encashed from my account on 21/5/11 favouring IESM.I have so far not received any acknowledgement or my membership number despite sending emails. Would request you to kindly reply at the earliest Kind Regards Captain[Retd]Mahesh P.Nair CAPTAIN MAHESH P.NAIR; Sir, Pl made provision for on line transaction of membership fee, So,we can use very easily and more members should come forward to register their names. Hony.Sub.Maj Elangovan PS; I am a member of iesm. The org is doing a splendid job in uniting the veterans and fighting for their causes. But I regret to inform you that there are ex-serviceman exploiting the ex-serviceman itself by way of forming trust and asking them to subscribe in thousands. Is it legally correct. So is the case of Guides being published by them and sold in market, OPlease advise whether anybody can reprint the GOI letters and sell. I theink it is is judiciously not correct as GOI letters a H/capt K Velayudhan; sir I want to know abuot if I unknownly give option for family pension from civilside which one is less then army could I cacilled of my option and family pension from army. nk jasbir singh gandhi; Recently there is ajudgement by AFT KOCHI REGARDING TWO FAMILY PENSIONS to widows of reemployed exservicemen in nationalised banks as as also SBI it is humble request to take the matter to respective authorities so that all such cases may get the same There may be other cases reffered in this matter The number of beneficiries may not that big but the beneficiries are widows that is important Hav A V Talegaonkar; The AFT Kochi has upheld the right of the widow of an reemployed exserviceman in SBI to receive two pensions one from defence (PCDAP ALLD) and other from SBI Hav A V Talegaonkar; I retired on Nov 2005.I did not get rest-all recovery amount from January 2006 - Jun 2009.How/ When I will get it or What is the remedy. Kindly send me mail. Ex-Sgt/ No.-697125F S.K.Roymondal; Have tried several times to add my Date of Commissioning 02 Aug 1964 and date of retirement 31 Dec 2003, but the system is not accepting. Pl help Brig J K Nangpal; My membership No is 8970L. While viewing my profile I noticed the following information is missing: 1.Type of Membership which is individual. 2.Pincode Number of place of my Residence - 560038 3. Contact Phone No. which is 9449837423 4. Next of kin - Anuradha(my spouse) Kindly insert the above particulars in my profile Thanks Lt Col S Jagannathan; sir, kindly send me news of AFT cochi regarding two family pension for re-employed ex-servicemen in nationalised bank. immideat I will send memebership . rgards Ex nk jasbir singh, nk jasbir singh; On accessing 'View Your Profile' all the information is missing, ie every column is blank. I do not have my Membership Number either. AVM JS SISODIA; To Nk Jasbir singh. I have come to Know u require information on AFT kochi Judgement u may contact on my mobile 9422532595 or send me your e mail add Hav A V Talegaonkar; During recent meet with Col.Joshipura sir at Ahmedabad, I have joined as a life member of this movement. today I have visited this site, I have request that if Members phone nos can be made available against their names in "VIEW STATS" will be more usefull to this org. POR(TEL) DIVYANG MEHTA; Sir, I am aware of the yomen service the movement is doing for the ESM fraternity and beg to place my appreciation and best wishes on record. May the Almighty be with you in all your future efforts too. Regards. Maj(Retd) Jayakumar; I have written about the recent judgement by AFT Kochi in which plea of reemployed exserviceman widow was upheld for two family pensions one from defence and other from the bank where the exserviceman was reempoyed. I wish to know wheather the issue would be taken up by our esteemed organisation. Hav A V Talegaonkar; Dear Sir, Duri April, 2011 Anna Hazare fast at Jantar Mantar, a call was given by IESM to participate. I had participated and met leadership of IESM there. Now what is the role of IESM. I had visited Delhi and was present at Tihar Jail and thereafter at Ramlila grounds during 17-22 August. I am now in Hyderabad attending locally the movement centers. Regards. Suri Ex-LAC S. Suri; Respected Sir, CSD Depot has adviced the regional depots to suspend selling of passenger cars to all ranks through CSD Depot. The facility is not available throughout the country for about 8 months now. No signals as yet from Adelphy as to when the ban is going to be lifted. Do you know as to when the facility is going to be reopened for us? If so please mail me at your convenience. Regards. Maj(Retd) Jayakumar ; I had sent my Membership Form along with requisite amount (Cheque for Rs.500/-)about 15 days back.Please confirm receipt of the same and intimate my Membership No. Col Girdhari Singh; Please let me know the progress on the Hony.Lt & Capt case- judgement at Chandigarh Bench. Hony.Officers are approaching our Trust , whether other Hony Officers are also to file in the same line Kindly guide us. Sgt kanthiah; Dear Sir, I wish to join your organisation about which I came to know through my friend. But I am unable to find online form submission link on the site. Kindly help. thanks and regards onkar singh Sgt Onkar Singh; Sir, I have registered with rewari office in aug.2010 but my name is not in the NAVY PERSONEL LIST PLS.Investigate that why my name is not listed in the NAVY list. Thanks and regards Mahesh kumar EX-CPO S.NO.165026-K MOB-7206762319 CPO MAHESH KUMAR; Ref: membership details: membership no 01273L. Contact number is incorrect. The correct number is given above. Pse correct Lt Col Inderjit Singh; Any updates when CSD going to start the cars sell. PO virender singh; sir, I want to became member but I did not get the online path. Pls tell me the path. POME VIRENDER SINGH; in cochin the service is not available. please try to haVE AN OFFICE AT NAVAL BASE AS THIS CAN CATER FOR THE WHOLE STATE. MOST OF EXSERVICEMAN VISITS THE STATTON FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES. REGARDS . DEVADAS CHAA p devadas; My Service No. is IC20633P.Profile may please be corrected accordingly. Col Girdhari Singh; Sir, Please amend the following in respect of myself :- For - Sub Clk To - Sub Maj Clk Mobile No-09971199048 Sub Clk satpal dahiya; Dear sir, pls elaborate more about IESM. What kind of help being provided to pensioners and his/her families POELR Bir Chand ; From the long list of Members, how do we search our name? Lt Col GV Sreedhar.; Dear Sir, YOU KEEP ON TRY FOR ONE RANK ONE PENSION IS OUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT JAI HIND PO PTI ISHWARSINGH RANA; 1. Its the first time I visited the website, my congratulations to you ALL 2. Does IESM post Circulars to members? 3. Does IESM take up issues with local auth. for individual members problems? Best Wishes Lt. Col. (Retd.) AMARIA B E ; RESPECTED SIR, TO ADD TO YOUR HONOURABLE MOVEMENT I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST YOU TO GO FOR A NEW WEBSITE WITH NEW EFFECTIVE LOOK..BCOZ LOOKS MATTERS.. CPL SK SHARMA; Sir I have not at received the IESM life membership card My reg no 005669L so far. Hon Flt Lt Vallikanthan V; Sorry,it is all eye wash like exservice men leag.None of u doing anything for the ex-servicemen.I am member of both the org n found them doing no worth while activities for the ex-servicemen's welfare. CDA P allahabad circular no 429 is so comlicated that an OR /a Jco will never get his dues,Let me know if any body has got his claim so far.There is no meeting or discussion with all the members ever,Who is electing whome not understood when the election is taking place n how? How n when the prese Lt Col Jai Parkash Narain; Post 2006 retiree JCOs are getting less pension then their conterpart pre 2006 retiree. In this regard I have send you the scan copy of MOD letter 18 Aug 2010 and PCDA (P) Allahbad letter dt 18 Jan 2011 by E-mail. I want to know that have you take up any case with higher authority? What is latest on this issue? Hony Sub Maj Ravinder Kumar; Sir, ur latest news on AGM is not found on the site. pl let me know the location for the AGM on 13 nov 2011. Lt Col Jai Parkash Narain; Revision of pension Consolidated Method Rs 7327 x 2.26=16560.Modified Parity Method.Last pay scale Rs.14750 x1.86 =27435 (Page 22 S A I 2/S/2008 gives Rs.27440+Grade Pay 6600+M S P 6000=40040 and half Rs.20020 p.m. as pension.Dy Manager S B I C P P C PANCHKULA not adhering and replies P C D A Pension to issue fresh P P O. 5 months correspondence and on-line complaints result big egg (O).Why Govt maintain veterans by spending through E C H S & Pension let them die prematurely and Govt saves crore MAJOR NAZAR SINGH GILL; Sir, If a ex-serviceman, reemployed is unlowfully posted (By the recomendation of Union),can he get help from this organisation. SGT TANMAY KUMAR ROY; Hon,ble AFT Chandigarh bench in his landmark judgement allowed that all pre 2006 Honorary commissioned officers pensions should be revised wef.1-7-2009.judgement was annouced on 30-5-2011. Hony.Capt Mangal Singh; Hon,ble AFT court has asked the UoI to implement the judgement with in four months.Kindly let us know what is the delay.Revision rates HonyLt;15465/-hony.capt.16145/- Hony.Capt Mangal Singh; Do you know that faimly pensioners of PBOR gets less than 30% pension after the death of her husband, Example date of death of his late husband 24-10-2011, rank Subedar,Group Y, pension supposed to be Rs.7182/-,pension allowed Rs.4770/-,he was drawing basic pension at the rate of Rs.11970 on 24-10-2011.Her faimly pension is fixed only 19.89% as against 30%.As per rule faimily pension can not be fixed less than 30%. Why it is so? Hony Lt Narsingh; The widows of ex-servicemen re-employed in Banks are denied 2nd family pension in spite of a number of favourable AFT judgements. The Record offices are refusing even endorsement of family pension without an NOC. AFT judgements clearly says that the Bank pension is not paid from Govt. funds. It is equivalent to contributory scheme of 1995. Therefore, denial of 2nd family pension is not justified. I request the IESM should take up the matter with the Govt. MOD and with all record Offices to Sgt C.Muthukrishnan; Further to my comments dt.&time 24-10- 2011,1005 pm The faimly pension of NCO,s & JCO,s is not revised @ 30%Example HAV 24yrs-3500/-26.66% supposed to be 3939/-, Nb.Sub-26yrs 4650/-23.18 %supposed to be 6017/- Sub.-28yrs ,4770/-19.89%supposed to be 7182/- & Sub. maj.-28yrs,4830/-19.65 %supposed to be 7371/-, same way JCO granted rank of Hony. Lt & Hony CAPT rank should get the pension @ of 15465/- & 16145/- wef 1-1-2006 ,non of the officer spoke in any of the rally at Janthar Mantar,I happened t Hony.Lt. Narsingh; Respected Sir, This is Amarjeet Singh Son of late JWO Satnam Singh who has retired from IAF Begumpet in 92 and expired in 2007. I'm writing to seek information from you with regards to any such sites like your's for hyderabad ? If there is any such, would highly appreciate if you can email the same. Thanks and Regards Amarjeet Singh Wife of Late JWO Mohinder Kaur; Sir,Please confirm,if we ex servicemen can get pay protection in civil re employment. I have rejoined indian postal department as a Postal Assistant with basic 9910(incl gp 2400) and my last basic in navy was 9520+2800GP+2000MSP. As per my knoweledge,all reemplyees in LIC and Banks are getting pay protection as per last basic. However the same facility is not being provieded to us. Request your suggestion and feedback on the issue at the earliest. Thanks ex-POELAR KEDAR NATH SATAPATHY; TO Sgt Muthukrishanan This issu I have raised before couple of months but IESM did not reply I dont know why the matter did not find place with the committee members the matter if taken up the iesm members may kinly be intimated to the effect though a small group of exservicemen is affected it requird to be addressed since it had sanction of judiaciary Hav A V Talegaonkar; As per 6 cpc implementation Hony.LTs,Hony.Capts,LTs,Capts and Majors were placed in PB3 in the band of Rs. 15600-39100.With in PB3 these ranks were fixed at the following minimum pay as on 1-1-2006. Hony.LTs & LTs =30930. Hony. Capts & Capts=32290. Major=36410.The above minimum was based on the accepted and promulgated formula of old (5cpc)basic pay x 1.86 + GP + MSP. Hon,ble AFT Chandigarh in its judgement allowed the plea of Hony.LTs &HOny.Capts on 30-5-2011 that pensions of Hony. LTs to be Rs Hony. LT Narsingh; further to my comment:- Hon,able AFT Chandigarh Bench allowed that pensions of Hony. LTs & Hony. Capts to be revised for Rs. 15465/- & Rs. 16145/- wef 1-7-2009 it was supposed to be wef 1-1-2006.On the same matter some central Govt.pre 2006 pensioners also approched Principal Bench CAT Delhi mainly from old scale s-8 to s-15 now PB-2,thier plea was allowed by Hon,ble CAT delhi bench wef 1-1-2006. Based on this judgement some effected defence pensioners will also be benefited. Hony.LT Narsingh; Dear Sir, I received confirmation of my registration with IESM on 01 Aug 11 vide your mail appended below. But I am yet to get my Membership No. Please do fwd at the earliest. Thanking you On 1 August 2011 17:20, wrote: Dear Lt Col Sharma, MM, Thank you for registering with IESM. Your cooperation is essential for the success of the movement. With warm regards, Executive committee IESM Lt Col MM Sharma (Veteran); This is to thank IESM office bearers more particularly pension cell of IESM for getting my revised disability pension which is long over due. IESM did intervene in my case and foolowed it up with the concerned that helped me so much. good work. please keep it up. Best Regards. Suri.S Ex-LAC Suri. S; Greeting everyone. i apologise to post this message in this forum, but i guess it is for a noble cause. 109 Hu the knights is holding its reunion at yelahanka bangalore. we are trying to trace all the retired offciers posted to this unit. kindly let me know by mail or through telephone if anyone is keen to attend the reunion planned on 10 dec 11. wg cdr vs sri hari; Dear Chairman The IESM is doing a great and noble job for veterans and servicemen. My humble submission is why we have not brought Mr Anna Hazare(veteran) on Bd, he is a trump card for teething issue which need to be addresed such as OROP and rank degradation isuue after VI CPC. Lt Col Anil Uniyal; HON’BLE DEFENCE MINISTER 1.SIR,THANKS FOR ONE RANK ONE PENSION SANCTION FOR ARMED FORCES & OTHER ORGANISATIONS. 2.THE 50 % OF BAND PAY+GRADE PAY IS OK FOR FIXATION FOR OTHER THAN DEFENCE FORCES 3.MSP[MILITARY SERVICE PAY] WAS GRANTED IN 6th CPC TO THREE FORCES OVER & ABOVE GRADE PAY+BAND PAY, BUT IN ONE RANK ONE PAY MINISTRY OF FINANCE CIRCCULAR ON PAGE 16 STATES PAY OF DEFENCE FORCES WILL BE FIXED AS 50 % OF [BAND PAY +GRADE PAY+MSP[6000] 4.SIR, THIS IS UN-JUSTICE TO DEFENCE FORCES WHO WERE COL LAMBA; THE ARMY IS FINE MACHINERY. ALL THE FINGERS ARE NOT ALIKE. FEW BAD ELEMENTS HAVE SPOILED IMAGE OF ARMY IN RECENT PAST IN PAST IT WAS RULERS /KINGS CHOICE TO SEND PRINCES IN ARMY.TAKE CASE IN PRESENT TOO COL BHAWANI SINGH [MAHARAJA OF JAIPUR ,CAPT AMRINDER SINGH OF PATIALA. WE INHERITED ARMY FROM BRITISH EVEN TO DAY QUEEN SON/GRAND SON ARE SENT TO ARMY/NAVY THE ARMY HAS BEEN IN FORE FRONT IN PEACE & WAR YOU CALL ARMY IF A CHILD GOES TO WELL TRAIN ACCIDENT OCCURS EARTHQUAKE CLOUD BURST D COL LAMBA; In stats should be service No.also because more than two personnel having same name so it not possible to identify their registration no. PO subhash yadav; Respected Sir,Thanks for the daily flash news , If that news display on hindi version also it will help to educate all the ex Servicemen. Ex Nk P Suresh Chander Reddy; sc has uphold the judgement of AFT chandigarh regarding pension of honorary baib subedar pre 2006. But no action has been taken by MOD hony naib subedar JAGDISH KUMAR MEHTA; sc has uphold the judgement of AFT chandigarh regarding pension of honorary baib subedar pre 2006. But no action has been taken by MOD hony naib subedar JAGDISH KUMAR MEHTA; All Hony.Nb.Sub.those who have won the cases from Hon,ble AFT,many of them are already getting new revised pension at the rate of 8450/-(A/X)&7750/-(B,C,D,E/X,Y)wef.1-1-2006. Hony. LT N.singh; Sir, I, send the membership from along with DD RS 200/-RS 100/-FOR MEMBER SHIP & I00/-FOR DONATION TODAY ABOUT03 MONTH COMPLETE NOT GET ANY FEEDBACK REPORT FROM (IESM) OFFICE I HAVE FILL UP THE APLICATION ALL DETAILS PLEASE LOOK & DO THE NEEDFUL,THX/REGARDS EX. POPTI ( IN) ISHWAR SINGH RANA; Sir, I am new to this site. I will send my eontribution immly and I will get register my name in the IESM. Secondly all the clubs have got their own logo in their shirt, why not Ex-Servicemen wear the same in our shirt? Is there any restruction ? Please convey. If we can where such metal logo , where it is available . Please advise. Regards, S.Palaniyappan. Sergeant S.Palaniyappan; Sir, I am new to this site. I will send my eontribution immly and I will get register my name in the IESM. Secondly all the clubs have got their own logo in their shirt, why not Ex-Servicemen wear the same in our shirt? Is there any restruction ? Please convey. If we can where such metal logo , where it is available . Please advise. Regards, S.Palaniyappan. Sergeant S.Palaniyappan; Respected sir, What is this OROP? Is there any pension hike for those who retire after 2006. Or the government is just bridging the gap. And what about a demand of that our pension should be equal to the first time MP's pension 20000? LME R RAJKUMAR; Found in NP that OROP is sanctioned and will be beneficial to 12 lakhs veterans as told by Maj Gen Satbir Singh retd. How far it is true? No other paper reported it. H/Capt K Velayudhan; Sir, On 08nov11 I have send my membership form but not yet I received any confirmation of my membership.My DD.No.Was 201/886179 of Rs,100/ of SBI,RAJABAGAN DOCK YARD (CALCUTTA),drawn on SBI PALAM VIHAR GURGAON.Please Confirm my Registration with Proper ID details. Thanking you. SGT TANMAY KUMAR ROY; On 08 nov I have send my MEMBERSHIP FORM with all the details.But received a e-mail that you are not having my all details.My all details are given below . Please do the needful as early as possible. # Date of Birth :28 FEB 1968 # Service Number :686142-F # Date of Enrollment 09MAR 1986 # Date of Retirement :31 MAR 2006 # Name of wife/ Next of Kin :MRS.INDRANI ROY Ex Sgt TANMAY KUMAR ROY; In spite of Para 179 of Pention Regul 1961. Broad Bending of Disability Pension is being sanctioned for those ESM who approach AFT/ Courts, Need to take up with MOD / Govt on behalf of Thousands OR's/ JCO's who don't even know of this. Lt Col Madan Sharma Veteran; KINDLY UPDATE THIS WEBSITE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. NEWS IS OLD IN THIS SITE. IS ANY ADMINSTRATOR WORKING ?? Hav Kirpal Singh; Sirs, Please give the procedure for starting family pension in case of death of pensioner. Thanking you. Regards. Sgt S S Bharadwaj; This is regarding our prime demand of OROP. We cannot expect a better chance than now as the Petitions Committee of Rajya Sabha has very strongly endorsed our demand denying the oft repeated reasons by the Babujis. We should now forgetting the colour of our flags and associations unite as ONE - Veteran - and stage our strength, We are 20 lakhs and if the number of our family members are added it is 80 lakhs plus. We shouls muster the support of all associations irrespective of the fact wh H/Capt K Velayudhan; Dear Sir. I am having a copy of GOI < MOD letter Ex-Servicemen Welfaare/D(Pen/Policy) ID Note 13337/D(Pen/Policy)-2011 dt 09 June 2011 regarding some enhancement of pension in respect of Pre-2006 retiree but the same is not readable. Pl fwd a copy of same to me on my e mail address. Thanks. H/N/Sub RPL Baranwal; It is high time Government should improve the standard of family pension as its very very low for PBOR, a fair living standard cannot be maintained with today's inflation rate so high. This will ensure minimum standard of living for families of PBOR family pensioners Sub MaJ AUK Nair; SIR, THIS TO BRING TO YOUR NOTICE THAT WE AT CHANDIGARH HAVE FORMED AN ASSOCIATION NAMED"DEFENCE HONORARY COMMISSIONED OFFICER'S ASSOCIATION,CHANDIGARH (REGD)WITH CHANDIGARH ADMINISTRATION VIDE NO.4142/2011.PRESENTLY THERE ARE 305 MEMBERS FROM DIFFERENCE PARTS OF THE COUNTRY.I AM THE GENERAL SECRETARY.MY SINCEAR REQUEST IS THAT ANY MAJOR DECESION REGARDING EX-SERVICE MEN TAKEN MAY KINDLY BE INTIMATED TO US SO THAT WE CAN ALSO CONTRIBUTE OUR MIGHT IN WHATEVER YOU DECIDE.THANKS. H/FLT.LT DS BINDRA,VM(G); Dear Sir, I feel that the ex servicemen are a joint united team, but each rank is taking up the issue of their own rank and not worried about others, for example this Hon ranks off late there has been lot of separate organisations formed, Hon commission ranks should remember that they are very much PBOR and anything which will benefit PBOR will also benefit them, I urge to fight for united and common causes rather than going individual or taking up issues of individual ranks. In fact urging to a PO SK Nair; This has reference to PO SK Nair*s comment. I do agree that we have many organisations but none of them has studied the problems of Hony Officers so far and that is why we the Hony Officers have joined hands and formed an association. In fact I am the man who formed the association but dear Nair whatever we have done will be beneficial to one and all of our community. Also please remember the usage PBOR is not correct. aOnly Sepoys, Seaman and Airman and NCEs are comming under the term PBO H/Capt K Velayudhan; THIS FOR THE INFORMATION OF DEAR PO SK NAIR THAT FIRST OF ALL THE APEX COURT HAS CLEARLY STATED THAT USE OF WORD PBOR IS DEROGATORY AND SECONDLY WHAT ABOUT THE PCDA CIRCULAR 430 WHERE IN EVERY ONE SO CALLED PBOR ARE BENEFITED OTHER THAN HONORARY OFFICERS. HENCE THEY HAVE THE FULL RIGHT TO ASK FOR THEIR LEGITIMATE RIGHTS.AND IN CASE NO HONY. OFFR IS AGAINST LOWER RANKS.THANKS H/FLT.LT DS BINDRA, VM(G); This has ref to Sub Maj AUK Nairs post. We have an Indian Government. We must realise that unless s bamboo is shown, we the Indians will not work. That is why KI have posted a comment stating that we the ex-servicemen forgetting our rank and organisation should unitedly stage a dharna in front of thre Parliament on the day of opening of Budget session. I have sent a note to this effect to the Chairman IESM and President IESL. Both of them are yet to react. It appears the name of their H/Capt K Velayudhan; Dear Sir, With due respects to the Hon Ranks who reacted to my comment, there is nothing to take on heart regarding this Gentlemen, if anyone gets their due its well and good, I am not here to target any one rank, I only gave an example of Hon Ranks, what is bottom line that there is no use of making organisations namely sepoy orgranisation, naik organisation , subedar orgranisation, its always good to be united and under one umbrella. again nothing personal against any one rank. PO SK Nair; Sir, I agree with H/Cpt K Velayudhan, at the same I would like to add that during VI CPC the Basic of Hon officer was brought down at par with minimum of direct entry SLt/Flt Lt i.e 15600/- However all Hon. officers retired on or before 01 Sep 2009 were fixed to 19000 as the Hon officer's scale was 10500 pre VI CPC, but no arrears which is yet to be justified. Secondly do the personnel retired during Jan to Apr 2010 got the gratuity as per the 35% DA or as per 27% only as I have not seen any Cor Hon S/Lt Prem Singh Patwal; With reference to PCDA Circular 430. Pre2006 Hon Fg Offr's basic pension is fixed @ Rs.13500/- Where as Pre 2006 Gp "X" MWO's pension is fixed @ Rs.13590/-.Regards. Hon Fg Offr AR Sapre; Sir, Sgt SS Baradwaj*s post points towards setting up a machinery to help the veterans community and their widows to get their full rights and previleges. Non of the government agency or the sainink department is available now for this. For the name sake we may say that we have ZILA SAINIK WELFARE OFFICE but if you gothere with a request you will feel badly. I have in Kozhikode Kerala State an Organisation entitled Military Pensioners Associatiomn. I am the President of it. The role of H/Capt K Velayudhan; Sir, This has reference to PO SK Nair*s post. To-day in India there large number of ex-servicemen organisations both registered, unregistered, affiliated or unaffiliated. It is impossible to unite them all. I have tried to form a common platform of ex servicemen organisationas so that we could raise our voice unitedly from that platform. But the big brother attitude of some of our organisations has defeated me. I have again given a Notice to the local Poly clinic narrating the diff H/Capt K Velayudhan; Sir, In my profile my name has been correctly shown as A K Srivastava. Hoiwever, my log in user name has been shown as aksrivast. This needs to be corrected and a new log in ID be allotted to me eg aksrivastava Rgds Lt Col A K Srivastava (Retd) Lt Col A K Srivastava; Dear sirs, My IESM membership No is 011276L but my name doesn't reflect in the exhaustive IESM members list. Pl. make the necessary inclusion if there is no procedural hiccup.More over as far as my knowledge is concerned I have completed all the formalities wrt IESM Membership. Pl. do the needful. Thanks & regards. Yours Truly Ex.cfn VM/MV Dayadhar sharma Regtl No:14675387 contact details:08108557435 craftman dayadhar sharma; Respected Sir, 1. Is there any state or central government job is available for which direct recruitment is possible for ex-servicemen. 2. My qualification is B Sc(Maths) B Ed. What else qualification(Technical or non technical)that I have to avail so that I will get govt job as early as possible. Hav (AEC) M Satyanarayana Raju; Sir, A wonder is happening on 28 Feb 2012 wherein all the trade unions - those fought against each other during the last six and odd decades on principles - are joing hands to stage a harthal in our country. They forgetting the association whether registered, affiliated, unregistered , unaffiliated, big or small are joining hands to stage the harthal. Why not our Ex-servicemen organisation join hands to stage a dharna to demand our prime demand of OROP. Let our Ex-servicemen association H/Capt K Velayudhan; It is high time that our leaders must think of ways and means as to how to get our prime demand of OROP. If all of our ex-servicemen associations consist of POWER LOVING LEADERS AND COMFORT LOVING CADRES, we are not going to get it for which our leaders only have to answer. H/Capt K Velayudhan; Sir, CAT has ordered for hike in pension of Centaral Govt employees as per orders of VI Pay Commission on 7 Nov 2011. It seems that Government have not given any Orders in this regard.Implementation of this Order will benifit EXSM also(I hope so).If not otherwise it will Cotempt of the court. Pl look in to the matter. Yours faithfully RK MENON JC 176182F SUBEDAR RK MENON; I at the outset congratulate the efforts of IESM for fighting for OROP. Though it is our deserved rights, but your true efforts should be appreciated. Our Salutes to you. I wish to bring one another point on Ex-servicemen welfare. Wards of ex-servicemen are not allowed to transport to Kendriya Vidyalaya. This is a very shame issue. All ex-servicemen are one day Soldiers, and irrespectively, they have contributed a lot while considering with the present Jawans. If we look at the present we Ex-Hav Clerk Natesan M; Sir, I my opinion the IESM being the front-line fighter for OROP since long, should issue a call to all Veterans Organisations whether small,medium or big, registered or unregistered, affiliated or unaffiliated to come forward to create a common platform to voice the common demands of veterans. This is the apt opportunity to form sucha set up. The ego of the leaders is the main hurdle which can be over come if thre activities of such a platform is timed properly. The Central Goverment H/Capt K Velayudhan; Dear Sir, In Aug/Sep 2011, our Presidet IESM, has written a letter to the Defence Minister regarding the verdict of SC in pension case of Hony Nb Sub wheren is was decided that the benefit of enhanced pension at par with that of regular Nb Sub should to to only those Hony Nb Sub who were granted tha rank while in service. I request Defence Mnister be reminded on the matter. Hony Nb Sub RPL Baranwal; The news flash on top left corner is running fast and should have provision for clicking and opening the hyperlink of the news of interest to the viewers. Regards Sub Maj & Hony Lt PK Sharma; I have seen in the reply given by IESM that Hony Sub Maj Ravinder Kumar; Ref MOD Letter No 19189/DG/AFMS/ DG-2-C/ECHS dated 25 Aug 2009. 2. A list of 67 Medicines that are to be issued to ECHS has been hanged by MH Jabalpur in ECHS Polyclinic Jabalpur, Further as per version of OiC Polyclinic, MH Jabalpur has refused any other Medicines not listed in this list. this has created grave situation as supplies are drying up and list of NA's is getting longer by day adding to the difficulties of ESM in station. Lt Col MM Sharma (Veteran); Major S K De; Please refer UESL's email of this morning. Issue of my membership card is still pending. Kindly look into. Regards Air Cmde Amul Kapoor VM (Retd) Air Cmde Amul Kapoor; my sister LT g j hemalatha (rtd)served in mns ( ssc ).she took volunteer retirement after five years fulfilling terms and conditions as per ssc. is she eligible for iesm member .pl inform me i will send enrollment ment applicaton for my sister and me immdtly. sub maj /hony capt g d naidu; Sir , i was informed that iam member of this orgenisation by ex. direct entery artifisers assosiation. but i am not able to find my name in the list. my registration no. is 5095 in your organisation. MY problem is this that after leaving the Indian navy in 1981 after completion of my ten year bond i joined rajasthan govt. services in 1993 and retiered in 2010. in rajasthan govt. there is rule that previous military sevices can be considered for pension benifit if earlier mili EX. CH. E. R. A. PURANSINGH CHHINPA; I have transferred Rs. 100/- to join IESM through HDFC Bank last week. I tried to send the membership form through mail. But, the mails are bounced. Please let me confirm whether you have got the amount and provided membership to me. Havildar Natesan.M; The central budget has been introduced but as usual there was not sign of relief for the veterans. H/Capt K Velayudhan; with due regards i would like to know will it be helpful for ex servicemen candidates who joined recently in nationalised banks in large numbers to take up the issues like payfixation,promotion disparities and posting etc.kindly advise me Ex Sgt Arvind kumar pathak; I would like to bring to the notice that wards of Ex-servicemen are not allowed to board Army vehicle while studing in Kendriya Vidyalayas. We find lot of problems in sending our children due to non-availability of service transporters. We have to depend on the Army Transports. Can IESM take up a case for transporting wards of ex-servicemen with some fees. Hav Natesan M; Dear sir, here is something concerning jobs in corporate sector i need your help on. As you know post hanging the boots, best of the skills of Ex-Servicemen don't get effectively conveyed to the head honchos in the corporate sector. Reasons- the standard route that faujis take through HR channels simply typecasts them for standard jobs. In routine you don't come face to face with the boss who actually needs your kind of talents. Meeting them informally helps discover your true worth and yo Lt Col ( Retd) Bijender Khokhar; Unable to correct my mobile number Lt Col S K Roy; Dear Friends, It is an honor to join the IESM and take on the responsibility of Convener in USA. It will be my endeavor to contribute meaningfully to the cause of India in general and IESM in particular. I host a radio show at the EBC radio in NJ, USA every Saturday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, New York Time. Kindly listen to it at internet at We have also started a non profit organization to help the children of our fallen colleagues (other ranks in particular) The name of the org Col (Retd.) Virendra Tavathia; what are the benefits/ welfare/ reliefs provided through iesm to its members. I want to become life member of the iesm L/NAIK P.RAJARAO; Respected sir After my discharge from 20 years of service, i am serving as professor and Dean in Engineering college.Is there any solution for civil case. In 2007,I purchased home at Jodhpur,taking loan from HDFC, after 10 days of purchase, One person named Sohan Lal Bishnoi has forcebly captured half portion by making false registry from the brothers and sister of the Hari Singh from whom I purchased. Although they have proved guilty even by High court, but Sohan Lal Bishnoi is not disposses Sgt Rai B; what are the benefits/ welfare/ reliefs provided through iesm to its members. I want to become life member of the iesm. iam a ex sergeant of IAF discharged on 31 dec 2009. SGT MAKKHAN LAL RAIGER; I have retired from IAF on 28.02.1990 after completion of Initial Engagement of 15 years. Whether if I have been discharged from Service on Completion of my term, the service pension payable to me is taxable or otherwise under Indian Income Tax Act? Ex-SGT Tukaram V. Manerajurikar; The IESM should primarily fight against the big-brother attitude of some of the ESM organisations which is our real enemy. We should learn to respect ourselves. H/Capt K Velayudhan; The COAS at a rally in Haryana,mentioned about retirement homes in cantonments. Which are the places where these are working? lt col gn rao; Sir, I retired from IAF in January 2001 and settled in South Delhi at Sangam Vihar, New Delhi - 110062. Today morning i wanted to buy some items from Army Canteen near Sainik Farm, New Delhi-110062. But today (i.e. 28.04.2012) i was declined to go to the Army Canteen (Kumaon Regiment & Punjab and Mahar regiment) saying that my Camp Commander has told that \"NO Ex-service men should enter the premises and they should be deprived for purchasing the canteen\'s item from this area. The gate me sgt virendra prasad; Can any body highlight as to where we stand on the issue of OROP H/Capt K Velayudhan; 2nd FAMILY PENSION TO THE WIDOWS 2nd FAMILY PENSION TO THE WIDOWS OF THE RE-EMPLOYED EX-SERVICEMEN. Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Department of Pension and Pensioner’s Welfare through its Office Memorandum No. 1/19/96-P&PW(E) dt.19/7/2002 allowed family pension under the EPF Scheme 1995 and the FPS 1971 in addition to the Family Pension under Rule 54 of the CCS (Pension) Rules 1972. This benefit is available from 27.7.2001. It mean EX. SGT. Tukaram V Manerajurikar; Sir, I am a member of IESM vide membership number 014855L. Till date I didn\'t receive any mail as not included in the mail group. Kindly add my mail ID in the google group of iesm. Maj C M Pillai thanks Major C M Pillai; Respected sir i permanand Ex Indian Navy, 440,st no 8, chanderlok colony,delhi-93 submitted my membership form during anna hazare movement in Delhi,still i not received any information regarding my name is added in this Indian Ex Servicemen movement,i am now out of India, pl give me feedback regarding my registration. LEADING SEAMEN PERMANAND; Saturday, November 12, 2011 Central Administrative Tribunal - Principal Bench - Order for Refixation of Pensions under 6th Central Pay Commission - of personnel retiring prior to 1.1.2006.Is this order applicable to Armed Forces personnel; if not is IESM TAKING UP THIS CASE BRIG HC MALHOTRA; test jwo hg singh; Testing the Guest Book Col RN Ghosh; I would like to know the status of One Rank and pension.My membership No. is 019434L. Hony. Lt Sham Lal; Sir,Please check all the functionalities. JWO H G Singh; Code modified and she would not receive the mail any more. JWO H G Singh; sir, problem check JWO H G Singh; PLEASE CHECK THAT NO MAIL TO KAMINI SHARMA JWO HG SINGH; Thanks for your response. Hony. Lt Sham Lal; Checking if this has been rectified to send emails to the Chairman, Secretary, treasurer and to common email ID. If not kindly notify me. Col Ramendra Narayan Ghosh; i want to join your organization , can you briefly explain about the organization.And i h ave seen your work in a net relay impressive sgt ragunath ; I am looking for Brig PK Bhandari, ex 13 Dogra.I wonder if anyone has his contact number. Capt Varun Misra; Please Correct my PMT address2/311, Ruchi Khand, Sharda Nagar, Lucknow, UP.Membership No. - 003044LI am not from Mumbai. Please Correct PO SK Singh; Respected Sir, On the issue of One Rank One Pay. Why we can not keep our rally as well strike which ever is possible to show our protest on govt at PM residence. Ex-Chief Petty Offic Suryanarayana Immani; Dear Sir, Namaskar, Thanks for sending a letter informing about forthcoming AGM at pune. being IESM member also i love this organisation, am planning to attend. Regards. suri Ex-LAC S. Suri; Sir,I would like to be a member of our esteemed organization,My doubt is, if I send the donation and fee by NEFT and application by e mail,how I will send a receipt,KINDLY CLARIFY. Cpl Gangadharan T K; Ref ID 6119 GuestbookDear Sir, As desired by you, i would like to try and convince other members of IESM to attend the AGM. But I do not have any telephone numbers or address. if you can supply i would try. also i am prepared to sponsor costs of one IESM member who can accompany me in 3rd AC Train+The hotel+ local transport and meals.if the person can stay with me in Pune. I am healthy to travel alone but this is a gesture to get company too. LAC. Suri. S; The AGM on 16-11-2014 in Pune held in democratic way and in peaceful conditions. congratulations to the unanmously elcted members of the new committee of IESM. I was very happy to be present. LAC. S. Suri; First time I browse your site. It is a honest and great effort made by you. But I am afraid of getting same treatment from officer like in service. My another suggestion regarding web site is it is not modern design which is also important. Being a web developer I like to contribute to enhance the existing site as per requirement. Ex Sgt Parthasarathi Ghoshal; Sir,IESM Life Member No.012472L1) Name to changed as NAGARJUNA RAO TITTY2) Contact No. 8956686433) N O K:- CHANDRAVATHI TITTYThanksNagarjuna Rao Titty CPO NAGARJUNA RAO TITTY; The membership list is not user friendly. It should be made in MS Excel and should show all members in one go. It should have facility for search and also sorting on personal no basis or rank basis or name basis or service basis like in MS Excel.Request to kindly consider this suggestion. BRIG CS VIDYASAGAR; Sir,would request u to update all ur info on your web site, Non of the messagges reg,pension,court cases, flash news are updted atleast for a year now.We get info from others like GConnect ancges or Railways ,they publish news on defence pensions etc,Thanks and regards.sudesh kumar HON LIEUTENANT I.N SUDESH KUMAR; The membership list is not user friendly. It should be made in MS Excel and should show all members in one go. It should have facility for search and also sorting on personal no basis or rank basis or name basis or service basis like in MS Excel.Request to kindly consider this suggestion Sgt Jagdish Chandra Pareek; I submitted my application for membership of IESM through speedpost No. EV507097838IN on 03.12.2014 (delivered on 05.12.2014). Subscription duly paid through net-banking. Please convey the status of membership. Sincerely, Praveen Kumar Thakur Email: Sergeant Praveen Kumar Thakur; Massage to Govt " If you feel it is too expensive to look after the veterans then "Do not send them to war" Lt Col MM Sharma; I feel rallies should be organised all over India on 01 Feb 15 Gp Capt ON Bhargava; I had applied for a PL against my Pension Account with SBI, Bagaha Bazar Branch (Code - 02905) on 5th December 14. I received a message from SBILOS on 15th stating that my application has been received by the District Main Branch, Bettiah on 11th Dec 14 and taken for processing on 15th Dec 14. Thereafter there is no response. I had once taken loan against my pension which was cleared in 2 days. My Pension A/C with SBI Bagaha Bazar Branch (02905) - 11598878834 and my PPO No. 09/97/B/S/00208/19 PO KAMLESH MANI TIWARI; In think the rally on 01 Feb is ill advised and should be called off.Veterans should wait till the budget.I think the rally has more to do with the struggle within the IESM for leadership amongst the two rivals than OROP. COL T R BHATIA; I am seeing your mails regularly and should appreciate your efforts being in Capital.When we are ready to accept the fruit of OROP if given, then we should also do something for IESM. But, people belong to states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc may not be able to attend in whole due to distance involved and also the organisation where they are working. Because, Tamil Nadu and Kerala does not know the importance of Army as they never come under any enemy stress. So, kindly let us inform whether a Havildar Clerk Natesan M; Sir,Please make arrangement to pay the Membership fee, donation etc. through Debit/Credit cards. Sergeant VISWANATHAN M; I will arrange donation for the better strike against the GOVT still close the file since 60 years. Hony/Sub/Major PRASANNAN PILLAI G; Please check the emails. The message is too large, but effective. Lt Col Ramesh K Pathak; Good work done by IESM. Sgt V K Bhatt; Dear Sir, Happy to know about your Good work done. Also the coming event on 01 Feb 2015 Rally at Jantar Mantar. We at Sainik Darpan wish you all the best and do let's know how could we contribute to this noble cause. Regards Editor Sainik Darpan . Sainik Darpan; During our last meeting at Jantar Mantar I had contributed Rs 500/- I am yet to hear the details of membership. Unfortunately I donot have the receipt.Please tell me if I am a member of the movement or this is new. Sqn Ldr M L Bhargava; Ours is a small family and list of sons/grandsons include Late Capt,Air Cdre,Sqn Ldr,Hav Clk, Col,WgCdr,Sqn Ldr,.First 5 are Ex while the two are still serving.A product of Pataudi,family. Sqn Ldr M L Bhargava; Is OROP really so complicated that the PM and two successive RMs find it confusing to implement. Should it not be projected in one single voice in following unambiguous terms so that authorities have no excuses for further delay? So far OROP has been projected to mean: 1. Equal pension irrespective of the date of retirement. 2. Future enhancements in Pension to maintain quality of life Index. 3. Addl Compensation as age advances. And also higher pension [60% to 7 COL[RETD] DSPARAB; Sir, I am very impressed with the aim and objectivity of the IESM. I was retired from service in Apr 2013 and was not aware of the IESM. I think most of the veterans are not fully aware of this org in Odisha due to lack of information. I shall be grateful if anybody can give me mob number of any leading veteran belongs to Odisha state so that a large number of Exsm can be motivated to join this forum. The proposed rally for 1 Feb 15 is a very well considered decision and I am very thankful to th SUBEDAR/CLK (SD) Akshaya Kumar Sahoo; Sir, All Honorary Commissioned Officers are not in favour of OROP tables projected for Honorary Commissioned Officers,s by Armed Forces HQ,although the charts for other Ranks are the best. If this DGL is implemented all HCO,s will be great loser. For example the diff.between Sub.Maj.of Group-X of 31 and Hony.Lt of same QS-31 years is only Rs.140/-,where as it should be of Rs.2300/-(Grade Pay + MSP of Hony.Lt minus Grade Pay + MSP of Sub.Maj. Hony.Lt Narsingh; Sir, I am very impressed with the aim and objectivity of the IESM. I am a president of ESM Distt.Nowshera J&K I shall be grateful if anybody can give me mob number of any leading veteran belongs to J&K state so that a large number of Exsm can be motivated to join this forum. The proposed rally It is a very well considered decision and I am very thankful to this Ex-Hav V k Sharma SM; Sir,I thing Govt. is not in mood to give OROP now,one can not trust on the statements of Hon,ble DM, some time he admits that OROP before 28 Feb, now as per his statement it will not be behond 31 Jul 2015.Now Service Hq,s handed over the demand of fixation of Service Pension as per last pay drawn for 7th per my thinking Service HQ,s & Main ESM organisation are confusing the Govt. Hony.Lt Narsingh; Any govt job requires dist purba medinipur in state of wb. hav dhirendra nath jana; Now that Delhi election is on, can the Govt issue OROP notification before it is over?? Why not postpone Feb/01 rally by 2 weeks ??? Wg Cdr A.Sankaran; Dear Sir,I have transferred Rs 1000.00 as donation for forthcoming event as per details below;Date Narration Cheque/Ref. No. Value Date Withdrawal Deposit Closing Balance13 Jan 2015 06162000001330 -TPT-Donation 531302898A1 13 Jan 2015 1,000.00Request confirm,Regards, IESM membership No 002175L Lt Col Shakti Kumar Roy; Sir would request to keep this blog upto date . Honorary LIEUT.(I N) Sudesh Kumar; Sir further to my last comment .The info provided under varrious head are as follow. Pension Help last info 28/05/2013 CSD 16/12/2009 ECHS 01/10/2013 Photo Gallery 26/10/2009 Honorary LIEUT.(I N) Sudesh Kumar; Respected Sir, My Last service in 27 AD Regt and Pension date is 01 Dec 2014. I Recd My Full Pension Amount through SBI Bank.I Want to thanks all Depot Staff's. My First pension Amount also Recd on 01 Jan 2015. Thank you. 15768060M Dasarathan.R; I join IAF 10-06-1961.I got release on 1970 after completion of 9 years regular and I was on reserve for 6 years which I signed for. 1976 I got my final discharge.IAF send me reservist pension forms to fill up with discharge letter.I filled up forms with all my service particulars and require documents along with aplication and send to pension Dept.Air HQ.During reserve period I came to Canada.I requested NOC letter from IAF HQ to Immigrate to Canada which IAF send me with NOC letter. For my re Ex-CPL.237021 Ganpatbhai C.Patel; I wrote regarding my reservist pension on 21-01-15 but my whole message not gone through.It has cut off in the message guest book.I hope you might have got message your side. I wrote regarding my reservist pension which was denied by Air HQ.My pension due since 1976. I need help.This web is good for veterans to solve the problems.Thanks Ex-CPL.237021 Met/As Ganpatbhai C.Patel; ; My registration No is 001959L. I sent a donation of Rs 2000 by NEFT on 10-01-2015. The transaction No is 15011080048341. Please confirm the receipt. Brig kola Mohana rao; Sir, Iam an Ex Sgt of IAF. My two daughters are studying in ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL RAMAKRISHNAPURAM SECUNDERABAD HYDERABAD. Please provide assistance regarding Transport Facility for ex serviceman school going children on payment basis. This matter needs to be taken up at appropriate level for timely redressal of this problem . Thank YOU sir EX SGT SATISH KUMAR; I am a member of IESM. Bur forgot the membership number. Service No. RC948X. Please help to know membership No. Major Balakrishnan TK; Sir, Thanks for good work. This is the only ESM association which is active for welfare of ESM in the country. Kindly update CSD and ECHS division. LP fund for LP of medicine at ECHS Polyclinic Gorakhpur is NOT available wef Jan 15. Kindly help Maj RM Pandey; Very Happy to learn about the grand success of the Maha Rally organised at Jantar Mantar. Heartiest Congratulations. Hope you will carry on with the good work of looking after the welfare of the ESM and their families. Brig A K Pait; I have donated Rs1000/-by NEFT transfer in Jan 2015 which is not reflected and also not received the certificate under IT 80D to claim rebate in incometax. Please expedite Lt Col Rao GKM; As advised during IESM meeting at Hyderabad on 31 Jan 2015, I have submitted two copies of Form A (Nomination for Life time arrears) to pension drawing bank (SBI Trimulgherry) and obtained acknowledgment today. The dealing official was ignorant about the form, but accepted on my insistence. How can I ensure those documentation done by them. Kindly advise. Maj Balakrishnan TK; Kudos to IESM GB to take decision for conducting maha rally on 01 Feb. A salute to all the members of GB of IESM and specialyy to Maj Gen Satbir. Jai Hind JWO Harish Datta; Sir I can't Edit my profile details. How can i do this. When i Clik the View your profile this displays blank. My Membership No is 015661L. Please send me reply to my mail. Thanking You Sir S Murugan L/Nk S Murugan; Dear Sir,Pl. Guide me where to send the cheque for registration.Thanking you.Best Regards. Sgt Hitesh I Bhatt; Sir, I had sent the membership form and copy of NEFT receipt dated 02/02/2015 of SBI SEC-31, NOIDA for Registration Amount through Email. I have not received confirmaion of my email and also the Membership No till date. Hoe to get response from you at the earliest. Major Gurbux lal B-110 , Sec-36 , NOIDA 9873790681 Major GurbuxLal; Respected Chairman, I visited your in n gone through in details. Some new welfare means/activities by your forum will be very helpful to many a retired soldier's with meagre pension. Regards, Ex1464514Sapper Dr.Rabindra Prasad; OROP is being divided in Grp X and Y which is highly objectionable. It should be fought tooth and nail. Pl initiate action on this front as this will divide the movement and dilute the definition of OROP. It is going to have great disadvantageous repercussion. Ex Sgt SANJAY KUMAR; Sir my wife is on insulin since 2010.My echs Nagpur is not providing insulin to me since Aug 2014 & I m buying it from outside each month. I m very upset. Pl suggest me what to do now.Nobody is listening here in echs Nagpur. Thanks. Sgt CP Singh; Dear sir, We need upto date development, progress in our IESM be published in the Web site under Flash News- When we click on flash news , we receive a very old news only. It is suggested that , the latest news like OROP. Rally may please be published so that we can view daily and come to know the activities of our IESM. My suggestion may be looked in to . thanking you, sir. With regards. Sergeant S.KaNTHIAH; At last after waiting for 3.5 DECADES we have been cheated by the successive governments very badly. Is there any remedy for it. 25 laksh ex servicemen. Let us multiply it with average 5(self wife two children MOTHER AND FATHER) it will come 125 lakhs. Our vote balance is 125 lakhs sufficient for defeating any candidate if we could not get any body elected. SM & H/Capt K Velayudhan; Sirs thank you all for the excellent work IESM is doing.I have become a veteran on 28 feb 15,and will soon send in my membership application as soon as i settle at kolkata,my small suggestion on demise of a life member his membership should be transferred in name of NOK because that is the time when they need support from IESM, about family pension etc.if any member desires such life membership for the NOK you may double the joining fee to 1000/- or as decided by the IESM committee.Than col retd debashish ray; Sirs thank you all for the excellent work IESM is doing.I have become a veteran on 28 feb 15,and will soon send in my membership application as soon as i settle at kolkata,my small suggestion on demise of a life member his membership should be transferred in name of NOK because that is the time when they need support from IESM, about family pension etc.if any member desires such life membership for the NOK you may double the joining fee to 1000/- or as decided by the IESM committee.Than col retd debashish ray; Respected Sir It is intimated with great concern and disappointment that present Govt is trying to dilute the definition of same rank same pension in any condition IESM must not accept the different pension for group X and Y separately for PBOR of three services because after retirement all are to be given same pension based on their length of total service in armed forces.I hope this point will be given immediate attention by our great leader Maj. Gen. Satbir Singh in the interest Ex-seargent S K Kaushik; Sir kindly let us not accept the govt. proposal of seprate pension for x and y groups in the larger interest of PBOR of three services as it will dilute the approved definition of OROP by ex-subedar vijender saini and dedicated member of IESM haryana region. Jai Hind EX-SUBEDAR VIJENDER SAINI; Pls update your site. Flash news says TV show of 2013. No mention of OROP. Thank you. CPO F Pereira; I have not received my card yet.Please forward the same. SGT Dilip Kumar Aich; how to sent cheque to iesm for fresh membership .kindly intimate me. Ex.Sgt Ajeet Kumar Verma; Pl update the Website with latest news. Hav Clk NATESAN MAHADEVAN; As the MOD is in full swing to despatch OROP orders there must be an latest table on X & Y group of veterans which they working on.Do you have any idea of how they working on latest table.Further more the verdict of SC on arrears going to cover all central government pensioners or it is only for armed forces pensioners. Havildar M.Mohanraj; Sir Good Afternoon Kindly intimate the postal details for sending Cheque for registration/contribution and also like to know if the cheque of SBI Durgapur Branch admissible or not thanks & Regards Sgt Pradip Kumar Mondal; Dear Team, Congratulations and PROUD to know in detail about IesM... BRAVO ZULU to One and ALL who are involved in the development of this Group. FYI, My Rank CHELR expansion is Chief Petty Officer Electrial (Radio) alias I am a Radio Fitter CHELR VP Murali; Sir,I have been allotted membership of IESM,when my identity card will be made available? HonFlgOffr B K Dwivedi; Sir, in my profile state has been shown as Himanchal Pradesh where as it should be as UTTRAKHAND,may be ammended.Secondly name should be reflected as B.K.Dwivedi not as Dwivedi Bk. Pl ammend. With Due Regards. Hony Flg Offr B K Dwivedi; My Dad served in Indian Army for more than 30years and retired as Major in 1983. My mother is currently drawing a family pension of 17900. Are we really going to get pension on OROP basis and the first instalment in the first week of May? Major S.K. Bhattacharjee; R/sir, I am very glad to find this iesm site. A wide publicity is require to let know the exservicemen that such a beautiful platform is available for us. I am an ex sgt took vrs on 01 oct 2006 and presently reemployed in public sector bank. Shortly I will fulfill all the formalities to become a member. Now may I clear one doubt sir-whether our pension has got any examption in income tax. Kindly if you through any light over the matter. Thanking you.Sincerely,Utpal das sgt utpal das; Sir,Ihave submitted my canteen cards in ambala cantt air force canteen for upgradition on 11 April 2015 and it will take minimum 03 months for upgradition.Till that time Ican,t take any grocery/liquor as told by canteen manager.Sir is it justices for veterans Sgt basant kumar; Thank You for this Kind information about IESM organisation I will send shortly My Life Membership Form HAV (EME) KONDRU APPALA SWAMY; I wish to know my subscription, as it isnot mentioned about Hony ranks, Thanks Hony Ganesh Dutt Misra; The iesm went into hibernation since 01 Oct 2013. But why? Major AM Manohar; I have executed a Donation of INR 0.5k on 22 Apr through NEFT from HdfC Ref. 06162000001330 - TPT-Donation /190669355A1. Request Confirm this amount has got credited ..RegardsVpM CHELR VP Murali; I had become a member few years back by sending the required amount through bank transfer.May i know my membership Nowith best wishesVenkatesh Col Venkatesh VT; Sir, Please make our slogan. No one from our families will join the armed forces. sergeant s v s rao; I would like to know my membership number as IESM I AM From Ahmednagar Maharashtra414002 POR(Tel) VAMAN ATTAL; Respected SirPlease send the NHAI's letter for exemption of toll to Exserviceman & their families.RegardsArmy No 15762933WEx L/Nk S MuruganMob : 7418695480Note : I also want to donate for this org through online what is the procedure pl send the bank a/c no, IFSC Code, Bank Name, Br Name & A/c Name of all details. I am also the MEMBER of IESM.Thanking You L/Nk S Murugan; Sir, Ihave been the member of IESM since two months,as i was informed that your identity card will be posted at my residential address,the same has not been received till near furure it will be required.please suggest. HFO Brajesh Kumar Dwivedi; LET ME KNOW MY MEMBERSHIP NUMBER POR(Tel) ATTAL VAMAN; Dear sir I can't down load donation or registration form from your sight. Ch. ERA Surendra Singh; We must apply what we've learned all our service lives - POWER/FORCE. Would pleading with enemy ever make him vacate our areas? Learn from Lt Col Bainsla ( Gujjar agitation). Sad to see proud warriors and strategists of yesterday, wasting their blood to sign letters no one reads. We've lowered ourselves so much that no one now even asks us to stop the fast. Doing everything 'respectfully' is what has got us in this mess. Col Alok Asthana; Sir,I witnessed one PBOR speaking for meagre pension to JCOs and below compared to OFFICERS. At planned ralley it seems to be planned by...? This is to be discussed in our group meetings only.Unless both interests are grouped together and pressurised we cannot succeed.Complexion as esm(off/pbor)will never help us. Hav and below has to be focussed and basic salary increased reasonably. I all the three Chief of Staffs to look into it to boost the unity and MORALE of service as a whole. Regards, D EX MCPO II DAYA SHANKER LAL SRIVASTAVA; Sir,I witnessed one PBOR speaking for meagre pension to JCOs and below compared to OFFICERS. At planned ralley it seems to be planned by...? This is to be discussed in our group meetings only.Unless both interests are grouped together and pressurised we cannot succeed.Complexion as esm(off/pbor)will never help us. Hav and below has to be focussed and basic salary increased reasonably. I all the three Chief of Staffs to look into it to boost the unity and MORALE of service as a whole. Regards, D EX MCPO II DAYA SHANKER LAL SRIVASTAVA; Respected all elected executive members of the Indian Ex Service Men Movement I first forward my deepest respect and regards for making All India level Ex Service Men Organization for the welfare of the grieved soldiers. Hony Sub Maj AS Rathore ; Sir,Seeking One Rank One Pension is what Fellow Ex Service Men are seeking. I request to Know why Short Service Commissioned Officers are discriminated against by own Fallow Officers.We are Not considered for ECHS. Our Children are denied admission in institutes of AWES, (despite our having Ex Service Man Status) Some other facilities too are denied to Short Service Officers. All this is NOT done by Govt. but by own Brother Officers. Request you to please throw some light on this matter. Capt. Ravi Sehgal; Dear Sirs, Can I have the contact # of Mr Charles X Ravi, CPO who is my batchmate.. CPO VP Murali; The actions taken by you for the early implementation of OROP is appreciable. I do join to support you to protest the delay. MCPO 1 (Retd) Tom Jose Celestian K F; Har exman Ku josh ke sath is really men samil hona chiya.Ganga Kaai cords ruppy se saap karsaktha Haito,hamlonko theme men is sarkar konsi taklip hai. LD Jahir hussain; Sir Recently I made online donation of Rs 2500/- through my bank HDFC, to your HDFC account. This was acknowledged at your end but I find no mention of name under Indian Navy doners.Kindly reconcile.rgds- Babu Cdr C R BABU; Sir,I witnessed one PBOR speaking for meagre pension to JCOs and below compared to OFFICERS. At planned ralley it seems to be planned by...? This is to be discussed in our group meetings only.Unless both interests are grouped together and pressurised we cannot succeed.Complexion as esm(off/pbor)will never help us. Hav and below has to be focussed and basic salary increased reasonably. I all the three Chief of Staffs to look into it to boost the unity and MORALE of service as a whole. Regards, D EX MCPO II DAYA SHANKER LAL SRIVASTAVA; A lot of Ex-servicemen officials are openly telling the media that 'let the govt announce a fixed date, ANY date, for implementing OROP and we'll keep quiet, waiting for it'. This is an unnecessary weakening of our position. What if they announce ' 3 years, now shut up'? In any case, sitting on a protest dharna, when no once cares enough to ask you to end it, is a great weakening for the position. Why not press only Maj Gen Vains' petition to the HC once it reopens or use methods of Lt Col Bai Col Alok Asthana; A cheque no 642461 dated 14-06-2015 of Rs 5000/-(Rupees Five Thousand only) in favour of IESM has been deosited in HDFC bank at NOIDA on 22 Jun 2015. Pl include my name in Doation Airforce abnd acknowledge GP CAPT Subhash C Saxena; SirI request you to make an effort to bring all ex servicemen organizations under one umbrella so that our voice could be heard and we may be more effective. Lt Col A K Nigam; is a site which is very active and can be included Lt Col A K Nigam; I have sent the donation form duly filled by courrier at IESM address indicating details of donation but my name does not figure in IAF donation list.Also acknowledgement slip not yet received. Pl forward the same and add my name in donation list of IAF GP CAPT subhash chandra saxena; I did not see Bank Details for electronic deposit of donations on your website. I want to donate one days water supply for RHS in response to Gp Capt Gandhi's appeal. Kindly post the same prominently on the website. Colonel Sharad K Paranjape; Ref my earlier mail Re Donation. I found the bank details under the Registration Tab. These should be available on Donation Tab also because an Old member of IESM will seldom think of visiting the registration tab. colonel sharad k paranjape; Dear Executive Comittee, I have notice that My Membership # 021645L is not listed in the Navy catagory nor list .Also please amend by name as V Suresh instead of Vardhineedi.sThanks PO vardhineedi.s; 1. Having served with Gens Kadian and Satbir Sigh and known them personally, I have been following the activities of the IESM and have been publically applauding and praising the work done by IESM vis a vis IEL (despite once again knowing their President and Senior VP more intimately)because I am convinced that only the IESM can get us our dues.2. Recently I read in the Papers that Anna Hazare is planing to come to Delhi on 26 July (Vijay Diwas) and join the OROP Movement / Dharna. As you pe Colonel Krishan Yadava; Dear Sir, My Membership No. is 004159L [R] 004159L. Except realizing it from here I have not received the Card please.Can you Kindly see to it please? JWO C ARAVINDAKSHAN; 1. Further to my last email on the subject, I am sending you the URL of First Post and some extracts from this News Story which substantiates my point. Please keep this man away because HE CAN'T HELP OUR CAUSE - we don't need his Blessings (to quote Gen Satbir's reply to a jounalist at Raj Path) as he has NO CLOUT WITH THE PRESENT GOVT AT ALL. URL - Colonel Krishan Yadava; Sir Now Govt orders for arrears from 01/01/2006 has been issued for CG Employees .Any idea when orders for defence pensioners will be issued.FOR CG EMPLOYEES ORDERS NO 38/37/08-P & PW(A) Mini of Personnael,PG & pensions ,Dept Of Pensions and pensioners welfare dated 30/07/2015 Hon LT (IN) Sudesh Kumar; Respected Satbir Singh Sahab, I Got My Identity card No.021457L today.. Thank you so much. Hope the bright future ahead...with you. Sepoy Ankush Shejal; Sir, ID No.6229 Hony LT (IN)Sudesh Kumar had sent his comments to IESM on 30 Jul 2015 which are as under :- "Govt orders for arrears from 01/01/2006 has been issued for CG Employees .Any idea when orders for defence pensioners will be issued.FOR CG EMPLOYEES ORDERS NO 38/37/08-P & PW(A) Mini of Personnael,PG & pensions ,Dept Of Pensions and pensioners dated 30 Jul 2015". On the other hand Hindustan Times,Chandigarh has Updated on Jul 31,2015 Sub Maj Clk (Hony Lt Sham Lal; I have remitted a sum of Rs. 2000 in your acctt no. HDFC 06162000001330 Micr Code 110240109 on 01 Aug credited on 03 Aug.Please confirm receipt and include in donation list. Thanx. Col Suresh prayed Gu Col Suresh prayed Gupta; Dear Executive Members, My membership #021645L. I am trying to edit my profile for Membership type as Individual. But some error is showing. Please do need ful. Also I havn't recieved card. Thanks PO Suresh V; Sir It is nice that we are pressing our OROP. I suggest that we must pressurise GOI for 73%Basic too as it was pre1973. This is the time we have to put all our long pending demands. ALL THE BEST and support you. Regards Commander KK Kshirsàgar ( Rtd ) Commander KK KSHIRSÀGAR ; Hello Sir, Though little can we do to support you directly but as a measure of our moral support, I have spoken to my coursemates and trying to collect funds of 1 Lac plus for the cause. Same will be submitted to you shortly. Regards Maj Ajesh Kumar; When meeting PM on 25th August2015 or when ever request please that he should atleast give orop upto Retired subedar major. We officers can wait for next four years till PM is in office major retired jc mehra; Dear Sir, I made a donation of Rs500/- Only( In Cash), on 23 Aug 2015 at the Empress Garden. It has NOT been reflected in the donation made column as yet. Kindly reconcile. Lt Col S D Pant (Retd). Lt Col shiv datt pant; Dear Sir, I made a donation of Rs500/- Only( In Cash), on 23 Aug 2015 at the Empress Garden. It has NOT been reflected in the donation made column as yet. Kindly reconcile. Lt Col S D Pant (Retd). Lt Col shiv datt pant; Just saw the pgme on PROP on CNN IBN, it was wonderfully covered. My compliments to Col Kaul for good comments, I also retired in Jun 2005 at the age of 56 and had I been civilian retiring at 60, I would have got all the benefits of 6th CPC ie 10 lakhs Gratuity and higher pension Brig Ranbir Kumar Bhatia; SIR, ONE SIDE GOVT SAYS THEY ARE PROVIDING BENEFITS OF RE-FIXATION OF PAY TO VETERANS ON RE-EMPLOYMENT IN CENTRAL GOVT JOBS. I.E. 5000 IGNORABLE PENSION IN CASE OF OFFICERS AND 100% PENSION IGNORED IN CASE OF JCO/ORs TO GIVE THEM MORE FINANCIAL AID AS PENSION OF OR VARY 7000 TO 8000 PM. HOWEVER, THIS BENEFIT IS DENIED TO JCO/OR BY SAYING WHERE EVER PENSION IS FULLY IGNORED ON RE-EMPLOYMENT, PAY WILL BE FIXED IN MINIMUM OF THE SCALE. FURTHER BANKS AND PSUs GIVING BENEFIT OF RE-FIXATION OF PAY SGT V KUMAR; Todays talk show on TV by Mr.Arun Jethly's out burst over OROP has sent wrong vibes among the general public particularly with regard to yearly increase.This needs to be cleared by the IESM before it goes viral and an anti-veterans wave is created in the country.Request IESM to kindly act fast Cdr C R BABU; Dear Sir The draft OROP accepted that was aired by the media mentioned personnel who retired prematurely were out of the scope of OROP Now the govt seeks to create another category of ec servicemen I request you to kindly examine the proposal and intercede on behalf of such personnel if indeed the govt plans on those lines Yours faithfully PR Arvind Gp capt PR Arvind; Today at around 1730 hrs I watched the to the point interview of Chairman Maj Gen satbir singh with with one of the prominent TV anchor Karan of India today group. I was really impressed with the interview and decided to join IESM. I hope there will be many more in queue . Congratulations for giving such a great and enthusiastic interview. My small suggestion is that in this digital era it is very esy to expand the wings of IESM throughout india and abroad. Open centres in all parts of country Junior warrant Offic Sunil Kumar Thakur; Please do not accept different treatment to veterans who have taken voluntary retirement Wg Cdr Basudev Mukherji; The media reports indicate that the ESM who took voluntary retirement are excluded to OROP. Kindly correct this anomaly if it applies to the past/present veterans of this category Majot AM Manohar; I left the Indian Navy after completing 10 years. Can I be a member? Thanks & regards, CM Jacob Leading Seaman Chakenchira Mathew Jacob; Keep all veterans posted with developments on OROP issue. The media is confusing us with varied information. Major AM MANOHAR; Dear IESM Thank you for your commendable efforts which resulted in some movement forward though it does fall short of the definition of OROP. As it is their petty interests that we vets are are divided they will endeavour to drive a wedge amongst the vets by introducing irritents. Gaining something at the cost of the lives of the vets on fast will weigh heavily on us We should get them to relent. Our struggle will still continue. Once again a big thank you to you all jai Hind PR Gp Capt PR Arvind; I am a new member and just completing the formalities. Please keep up the good work. 'military' is our DNA now. Can the office bearers use mail ID of the IESM to provide better credence. Lt Col Paramesh Sarma; hearty congrats to all esm brothers and thanks to all veterans who have taken part in the movement and achieved orop.I would like to thank, particularly majGen. Satbir singh sir for his leadership in the movement and to those who sat on hunger strike on our behalf. We are grateful to all our veterans who have participated in the movement irrespective of their ages and hats off to those ladies who are taking equal part in the movement. A big Salute to all of you and a big thanks. regards. ex-sgt pavan.p; Congrtulation and may almighty cherish more laurels in our future endeavours. A person retire with 15 years service under premature retirement(medically fit) is elegible for the definition or OROP SIGNALMAN SHERIF A; With the base year as 2013 for implementation of OROP, and review once in five years will take the next review to the year 2018. But the 7th CPC will come into force in 2016 and will now be applicable to veterans till 2018. Am I correct? Please clarify. Major AM MANOHAR; OROP may have been announced, it has really not been sanctioned. So called one man commission which will be constituted by the government is to workout all the details and examine interests of retirees of different periods and different ranks and inter-service issues with the mandate to give its report in six months. That means the finality of this decision is more than a year away as the commissions report requires vetting by the Defence and Finance Ministries for approval. Why these were not s Major AM MANOHAR; Sir, I joined IESM around 4 years back not received the card so far. And today while log in I had given correct USER ID and Password, still asking to retry. JWO C ARAVINDAKSHAN; Four out of nine male members in my family have served in various forces in India. I appreciate the way IESM is fighting for the welfare for the ESMs and their dependents. I thank & wish you all the best on behalf of my entire family. Sergeant Ravindra Kumar; I am very grateful of IESM who fights for OROP. Thanks Sir. sub jaisingh rathore; Sir, Ref to my earlier email on the same subject. No reply received so far. Around, 8 XSM had joined with me. None of the recd the Membership Card or any information. They are FLT LT SS NAIR Mem No. 004157L, MWO PRABHAKARAN Mem No. 004158L, JWO C ARAVINDAKSHAN Mem NO. 04159L, SASIDHARAN V Mem No. 00461L, SGT JAYAPRAKASH Mem No. 4164L, SGT IF VINCENT Meb No. 004165L,HAV PARTHASARATHY Mem No. 004167 and SGT JANARDANAN Mem No. 0328L. Please verify and kindly send the card to us immediately. We ar JWO C .ARAVINDAKSHAN; I am at Secunderabd not receving e mail, kindly help me. Thanks. Lt Col T G RAJA ; I am member of IESM my Mem No020496L Staying at Secunderabad. request IESM info by E mail. Thanks Lt Col T G RAJA ; Sir, The link to download rules has a problem. The zip file does not open, seems to be corrupted. Please refresh the link and the upload. Col Abhishek; Gen Secy. Sir Iam Member of IESM. my Mem Sec underabad.kindly mail info on our IESM activites. Thanks Lt Col T G RAJA ; Sir, I am an expatriate Ex serviceman, would like to donate humbly for the noble cause of OROP. Please let me know if online transfer to your account is permitted and if so bank details JWO Suresh Kumar; Sir, How do we donate to IESM? Could you pl give me bank acct No. Thanks and regards Col SP Chaudhary; Please acknoledge a receipt for Rs.10000/=as donation from ex servicemen commitee,PALAKKAD unit credited to HDFC a/c 06162000001330..on 29.08.2015 SGT balakrishnan; HiI am hurt. I came to Jantar Mantar with old limping Mom to show solidarity but when Satbir ji came to Patna every other politician was invited but we were not. Why ? Defacto Commander in Arman Raza; sir, I did not member ship card as i have sent the membership for thru mail and by post. Fees sent on line to a/c. SGT BALAKLRISHNAN K V; You guys are doing yeomen service for ESMs. My age and physical condition prevents me from joining you at JM. Keep up the good work. Jai Hind LT COL K K NAIR; Sir,Its my humble request to make efforts for online payment facility for IESM membership, so that most of the veterans can be easily become a member by paying/donating online. Ex Subedar G.Gopal Reddy; A few suggestion.1. Can we have online application and online payment for membership as well as contribution.2. Incase any credentials are needed for verification purpose, there should be an upload facility.3.Personal number could be used for some validations.4. Don't discontinue the paper based process as the may be many people who are not familiar with the online proces.I think that this will help in increasing the membership drive Cdr A Thomas Baby; DearSir, CSD covered under RTI act 2005 or not ? NAIK SURINDER SINGH; It is come to know that 10 Nov 2015 will be observed as Black Diwali Day at Jantar Mantar.Is this a confirmed NEWS ? Sub Maj (Hony Lt) Sham Lal; I find in your governing body you do not give place to qualified and experienced JCO/ORs, hence I wonder EX SM below officers ranks have no representation implies that they are not worth any thing in Officers eyes.Very Sad...and very bad.There are many qualified management experts and consultants having worked in Industry having worked in Senior Management Cadres donot find place in your council. How can we trust you.Sorry for being blunt, and this is what is increasing the trust de PO SS JARYAL; Please confirm HDFC bank transfer is still on for donations. Lt Col S K Roy; sir i have sent two emails on sunday 8 nov 2015 one rti is regarding amendment of laws for unemployed ex serviceman,s boys and second rti is regarding pension lifetime for umeployed boys we want orop for unemployed boys kindly ply our opinion is jantar mantar railly lansnayak smt pushpapandey; sir i have sent the mail to major satbir singh on 8 nov 2015 sir we want orop for unemployed ex serviceman,s boys and lifetime pension for unemployed ex serviceman,s boys sir my brother girish chandra joshi is unemployed he is bsc in 80 percent marks in pcm group from mjpru and he is bed and he is unemployed sir my father late shri jagdish chandra take part on 1965 and 1962 battles his army no is 1408531 and his rank is lansnayak and he is enroll on 14 10 1940 and his service is from 14 11 194 lansnayak smt pushpa pandey; Dear Sir, I had submitted my details in your standard format, applying for membership in IESM. Along with a State Bank Of Mysore Cheque #559504 for Rs 500/-, this was sent by SpeedPost on 06/10/2015. This is to report that, to date I have not received any acknowledgement or my IESM Membership Card. The post Office confirms delivery and the Bank has debited my SB A/C of Rs 500. This letter is to request you to ascertain the above. I look forward to my Membership Card and presume the Ex-Cpl E H Leonhard; Retired from IAF on 30 Nov,2012. Presently working in Allahabad Bank.I want to clarify about Professional Tax exemption for Exsm reemployed in PSUs vide MOD Letter No A/25502/PC/ACPS(d)3673/D(Pay Services) dated 24/09 1979. I am not a member of IESM. Is it possible to get the copy of said letter through my e-mail. Our Bank has asked for said letter copy for exemption of said Tax. If not possible, then please advice me the alternatives. Sergeant Subhasis Kar; DearSir,l am submitting the following proposal for the consideration of all Veterans & Veterans Organisations.In our country the Power is vested in the ballot box&the polititions who control and manipulate the citizens.If we can make use of our strength, Reputation &standing in the country at large and local communities,we can take care of Veterans interest and Welfare with out the mercy of Politian/BABU nexus.If we analyze the future senerio of our country, unlike the last general election,in CHEL(R) G.K.PILLAI;