bullet Membership: Membership of IESM is open to all Ex-servicemen Organisations of Army, Navy& Air Force, Widows of Ex-servicemen and also to individual Ex-servicemen who fulfill the terms and conditions
of the IESM and subject to the aproval of the Governing Body of the IESM.
Note: If the membership is not aproved by the Governing Body of the IESM, the reasons of refusal shall be communicated to the veteran organisation/ applicant concerned.

bullet Admission Fee and Subscription: The Admission Fee and the Subscription shall be as decided by the Governing Body of the IESM from time to time.
bullet Sources of Income:
1. Subscription from members.
2. Donations/ Contributions from volunteer individuals/organisations duly approved by the Governing Body.
3. Lawful and authorized profit from any venture.
4. Loans from authorized sources for any approved activity.

bullet Termination or Cessation of Membership:
The Governing Body of IESM shall have the power to expel/ terminate a member or/ and member/ veteran organisation from the membership of the above IESM, on any of the following grounds:

1. On death.
2. On written resignation.
3. If found to be involved in any anti-activities.
4. If judged by any court of law to be a criminal offender.
5. If found guilty by means of anti propaganda of the Aims and Objectives of the IESM


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